Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My 3 mile run was 27:36! I was DRAGGED by my crazy little dog. She is so fast. The first half I spent the whole time pulling her in and the second half she was much better and stayed by my side unless she was chasing squirrels. I was productive and I think she's getting the hang of the leash (thanks to the chain) and finally got tired of choking herself. I was hoping that 3 miles would wear her out and keep her from chewing every thing in sight but no luck. during my shower she found a pair of ipod headphones (I hate them they don't fit in my ears) and Blondy thought they were his and went off in a fit because if he can't listen to his Video Killed the Radio Star the world would end.

So 3 miles today and I'm hoping for 3-4 miles on Thursday to bring in the new year the right way. Maybe the tree farm? Sounds good to me. Saturday starts the half marathon program but I'm going to stick to the transition miles into the marathon program even though I'm not doing a marathon this spring because I do better the longer I go... It takes me a while to warm up. LOL I will be so ready for that Shamrock'n in March for my birthday, so so so ready.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chrismtas blessings

So thankful we are all together.

left to right, top then bottom: Hubby, Me Mom, Princess Nani, Daddy, Tyler, GI Bri , Hollywood, Blondy, JJ and Sista.
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Blow Up

I totally have the COLD. It hit last night about 11pm. I wish I could say I really want to go for a run but all that on my mind right now is giong to buy some Adv*l Cold and Sinus. Although tomorrow I will take Cindi out for a stroll when the hubby gets home. I would love to get together with some running friends and hit the pavement or the trails for a little jog. Its on my mind and in my heart but the rest of my body? yea, not so into it.

When my head stops exploding with (sorry for the word visual) SNOT then maybe the rest of my body will follow in that running desire. You know what will make me feel better? A trip to the Fleet Feet to pay for my half marathon program. Yea I think thats it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Running in Circles

I love the holidays but ... I don't like all the stress and the lack of time for taking care of that stress. I really, really, really need to go for a run but just don't see the time. The hubby is at work and we still have at least one family get together so tomorrow is out too. This makes me sad.
Upside... I see the light. January 3rd is the first day of the new half marathon program and I am SO going to be there, with bells on and a drop in athletic ability but hopefully not for long. Do you think a helping of Guitar Hero will make up for not running?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back to running and to life

The computer was on the fritz again but I got a lot done in the off the computer time. Nearly all the Christmas presents are done and a few more stocking stuffers to go. Cindi is getting better every day and needs less of mommy freaking out and more of mommy guiding her. The boys are driving me a bit bonkers but this weather is not good for their little boy needs or running around and getting their energy out either.

Today I ran with the Hash House Harriers Chico group called the Flying Monkeys. Ill explain what I can of that on a later post since its all still so new to me but I look forward to meeting up and running with Ed and the gang again soon. Added bonus? Vicki and Liz ran today too. Another added bonus? Susan and Alan down at Fleet feet sent me a Christmas card with a little surprise in it! My second official Christmas present! Cindi is of course my first.

I ran about 6 miles today. Not sure of the pace since I want to take this month to run what I feel instead of looking at the numbers. I can run, not look at my watch, and wait til I get back to check it out. I'm an instant gratification kinda girl you know? We did get to stop when we were almost back to the start and ate at a cute little restaurant for brunch. Brunch with the running group, a good run, and I got to go to Paradise and visit with my Dad for his birthday and spend the evening with my sista, niece, nephews and BIL. I can't believe I haven't seen them since August!

On the table for this week? Kettlebells tomorrow night. Run on Tuesday (if Hubby gets back at a decent time), Christmas eve with the in-laws, Christmas morning with my little family, Christmas night with My extended family, Saturday with the whole crazy Riggins family. Crazy crazy crazy....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ready to run again

I did a whole half mile today. WAHOO! I was afraid to take Cindi out on the streets so I stuck close to home today to see how it felt and to see how out of control she was, and it was FREAKIN' COLD TODAY! Yea, she's pretty crazy but I've had her on a leash at home so she goes with me everywhere and she's getting used to being on it and sticking close. I think tomorrow I'll take her in the car to the kettle bell information thingy at Fleet Feet and then to the park for a two mile run. See how she really does. My legs are getting itchy for some miles let me tell you. I'm ready and willing. I'm not sure if this will be an especially fast or slow couple of miles but I'll tell you when we get back (and after the hubby heads out hunting without the fat dog). I would invite others to run with us but it may be TOO embarrassing to watch me and Cindi working together for awhile .

Cindi Lu Who

My sweet new running partner. We picked her up at the shelter last night. She was a stray but not anymore. Her new forever home is here with us! I took her (umm... she took me) for a "jog" around the block this morning but when Gma comes to pick up the boys we are off to the park for a proper easy recovery run and to test out her manners. She has never been in a house that we know of. She was brought to the humane society as a young pup and was waiting patiently for a home. She is as sweet as can be took turns sleeping in each of our beds last night. Every time she came in from outside she had to check on us all and give us all kisses. Since she is NOT house trained, and didn't even know sit when she came, mommy has her work cut out for her.But this Aussie mix is a beauty (I think she has some pointer in her too) and a sweetie and her official name is Cinnamon Dulce Latte since she's spicy and sweet with a touch of cream. We call her Cindi Lou Who after the little girl on the Grinch.

I have already taught her consistently how to sit and we are working on lay down, stay, bed and outside. Her table manners are awful and I have to put her out when I'm cooking or the kids are eating for now. She's a pretty mellow pup considering she's only about 5 months old. We are blessed to have found each other. She was a perfect Christmas present.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Journey has led me to you

I posted a little more about my feelings over at my other blog mostly because when I started this amazing journey my writings started over there. That's where my goals and aspirations started to set in the concrete so to speak. Thank you all for being so generous with your advise and wisdom. Without you today I might not be the MARATHONER I am. I have a lot to improve on but I'm good with that, just more goals to set, more bridges to cross and more frontiers to explore. On the upcoming agenda? A half mary to break an amazing PR. Who's in for my Birthday weekend (March 14th, 15th) in Sac? Let's do a little Shamrock'n!

Monday, December 8, 2008

California International Marathon report

WOW what a weekend. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet up with some of you. I love my purse... but my phone totally gets lost in there sometimes and with so many people squeezed into that room I had trouble finding it! I guess that means I'll have to do another run where all you guys are there right?

We (Liz, Vicki and I) took off around 10:30am to head to Sac and eat lunch, check out the expo, eat dinner as Lucca and be back to our very cute hotel room by a decent time. We did see a lot of our training program group about town and enjoyed the company of some of them at dinner. Liz, Vicki and I headed back to the hotel but stopped by a convenience room to grab some dessert (ice cream and donuts) and a quart of milk for Liz and my breakfast in the morning. We headed to bed, ate our desserts, watched the Guardian and turned off the lights just before 10pm.

I tossed and turned and worried about the race and my knee and whether I was doing the right thing or not. Finally the wake up call came even though it was about 10 minutes early. We took our time getting up and around and finally Liz decided she should eat something. She poured the milk into the container that had her cereal in it and thought it smelled kind of sweet, like strawberry milk. she tried a little more and decided she probably shouldn't eat it. Looking at the expiration date we realized that we grabbed milk that was a week over its sell by date. Good thing we had extra bagels and bananas. We got ready and headed out to meet the extraordinary line of buses that would take us to the start line.

We got there hit the pottys early and got in line in the 4:30 group. It was cold and it stayed cold. Vicki had given me one of those pacetats to wear with our times in mile and 5k increments to keep us on track. The first few miles were tough. My knee gave out on me several times and it hurt like the dickens. I was really starting to doubt myself and my ability to finish. My gloves came on and off as my body warmed up then cooled down again. By mile 5 I just hurt but no more giving out... those were the tedious miles. At mile 10 or so I had to stop for a quick potty break and it took me a long time to catch up, like almost 3 miles at 9:30 or faster pace on a sore leg. Vicki's hubby and In-laws were there waiting for us! They brought bananas for us and took jackets and sent us off for a great second half. Let me tell you having real food in my system really helped to curb that hunger that was inching up on me. I took some Advil just after the banana and by mile 15 my leg didn't hurt at all. I really don't think it was ALL the Advil but partly that it just takes a LONG time for my body to get warmed and loosened up.

Those last 11 mile sailed by. I was all smiles and feeling so good. At mile 18 or so we lost Liz but she had the rest of her Relay team to hang with so we felt OK taking off and pushing those last few miles. At mile 20 I had this surge of endorphins from the knowledge that we were in uncharted territory. Vicki and I were running our FIRST marathon ever and that elation was showing through. My hubby and the boys met us at mile 21 and again at mile 26. That really helped me push through to the end. We were making great time and by mile 25 my energy stores were pretty tapped. I just thought... I have to stay with Vicki for that last mile. The tears welled up on several occasions on those last few miles but didn't fall. When we made the last corner and I took inventory of my body... nothing really hurt, not my feet, legs, hips, back, head, arms... nothing. I really just felt exhaustion. I just kept saying "Wow...." over and over again. Crossing that finish line was amazing though. Just like in Clarksburg Vicki came in a second a head of me! YEAH VICKI! My time was 4hours 26 minutes and 15 seconds. thats 3 minutes and 45 seconds faster than my projected time. I was so tired that I couldn't even cry. I felt feelings I had never felt before and that I can't even describe. WOW...

Me, Vicki and Liz post race

We met Terry by the capitol and checked to see how he was doing, he took 20 minutes off his last marathon! He and his wife headed around the post race party so we went up to meet with the family and then back to catch up with Liz and her relay team who ran in with her. We met up with Vicki's hubby and in-laws too. We got pictures and celebrated together before heading back to the hotel to clean up.

We had a 2pm check out for the marathon runners. When we got to the hotel apparently our key didn't work because it had gotten too cold. Management sent up someone to open and give us the new key and they also sent up two big ziplock bags of ice for us. What a great place to stay! We took turns taking showers, icing and rolling with the foam roller. I took the first shower but my poor lips were blue from the cold. After a 10 minute shower at as hot as I possibly could I was "less blue". We all cleaned up and headed out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant then came home. The kiddos stayed with a friend so we could head for Sierra Nevada for appetizers and met with many of the fleet feet group who ran. It was fun finding out who did well. It seemed that everyone did well and most reached PR's.

January 3rd starts the half marathon program for the Shamrock'n in Sac and I can't wait!

Friday, December 5, 2008

On the Road

Well this is my last post before my first marathon. Tomorrow morning I head out with my friends for Sacramento to attend the CIM. I'm excited and nervous. I'm anxious and exhilarated. I'm worried and I'm elated. So many emotions that its almost to the point that I need to step back and examine them from a fresh perspective because it all seems like a daze, or a mirage or a hallucination. So we will see how I feel Sunday. I will try to get on and give out a race report ASAP but with the hubby home on bereavement because he lost his Grandpa Mike this last week, its hard to find the time to get on and type.

I hope to see some of you Bloggers over at the EXPO! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE RACING THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


On the agenda for this Tuesday is various important matters to attend to.

first of all chocolate chip cookie dough from Papa Murphy's is clearly not for baking but for eating with a spoon out of the tub. Don't forget that. Cookies are nice, Cookie Dough is better. I need to get carbs in this week right.

Second thing is that Tonight is Biggest Loser. Don't forget. My friends down at Fleet Feet don't even know who Jillian is! Aren't you appalled! They asked what "The Biggest Loser" was. I know, I know, I feel for them too. BUT tonight we are having our LAST meeting before the marathon and there is NO run tonight. We are supposed to run tomorrow but I can't remember how far. I think I will do it for time not distance, and do some 2 to 3 minute pickups dispersed in the middle. Sounds good to me. BUT that leaves time for me to get the kiddos in bed tonight so I can cuddle up with some peppermint ice cream and watch Michelle and Renee kick VICKI and HEBA and ED's butts. that's what I'm hoping for anyway.

third is that my leg is feeling so good that I'm having phantom pains elsewhere in mental preparation for Sunday. Isn't that great! I'm still icing and rolling and rolling and icing and stretching and S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G some more but I feel good and don't want to loose that, ya know?

So that's my day! Pizza for dinner since Hannah is coming to take over kiddo duty while I'm at my meting, ice cream for dessert, cookie dough for lunch and my after school snack is a big old bowl of broccoli salad. YUMM-O! I did have some fruit salad and a chai tea for breakfast so I'm not doing too bad. I'll be better for the rest of the week though. OHHH tonight I need to buy enough GU and Luna Moons to get me through the marathon and some gloves since its going to be cold cold cold Sunday morning!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tale of the Cursed Nikes

Ya'll know I run with the Fleet Feet Marathon Training group right? Well let me tell you that the owners of this fine establishment ROCK! Not only are they the ONLY running store locally but they have the BEST business practices around.

My Nikes are cursed... I discussed this with you guys on my last post and may of you (thanks guys) gave your input and were pretty spot on. Since I've bought the Nikes (like 3 weeks or so ago) my foot tends to roll out on any uneven and even some even surfaces. Its been doing that so much that ***ding ding ding*** my ITBand got a bit pissed and started acting up.It went from acting up to hurting like hell. I have been icing and rolling like crazy and my 10 mile run yesterday was almost perfect. I went back to my trusty Brooks (that are OK but not great) since they only have 200 or so miles on them and put my new Super Feet in them. I used the ITBand wrap that really seems to work and then jumped into the FREEZING COLD CREEK but that only lasted about two minutes before we couldn't stand it any more.

I got an email from Alan at Fleet feet (he's also our lead coach for the marathon program) and he asked me to stop by and bring in my shoes. He also said if I didn't feel up to it I should pass on the CIM and try the Redding marathon in January. That really disappointed me... it made me think I shouldn't even try this weekend. But since I'm feeling so much better...! I will keep icing. I will see my chiropractor to see if an adjustment is in order before the race. I will continue to ice and roll on the trusty foam roller.

I headed to Fleet feet with the hubby and kids in tow and talked to Alan. He checked out the shoes and we talked about them. He offered to trade them out for equivalent (not Nikes) shoes but I passed. I said I would use these for everyday run around town shoes and get some new ones after the marathon since it was too late to brake new ones in anyway. But the offer was great and Alan and Susan are Great and I'm so glad I'm part of this running community, on line and in this wonderful little town. How lucky am I? Well I guess we'll see on Sunday when I finish my race. I did change my goal from 4:20 to just finishing. Hard to change that in my head though you know?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mind over Matter

Because no matter what my leg still hurts. It hurts so bad that my 3.5 mile run yesterday was littered with walking breaks and tears. I went to Fleet Feet to buy a knee brace and Susan pointed me in the direction of the ITBand straps so I'll try that tomorrow and see how it goes.

I'm frustrated and scared... I really want to run next Sunday but I fear that my running has suffered so much these last two weeks that I won't hit my goal. I didn't even make it to the end of the street on Tuesday, there was so much pain every time my foot hit the pavement. Shooting stinging surging pain down my thigh to my knee.

Thursday was the Thanksgiving "Run for Food". I took the kiddos and walked ran through it with them. Of course there was a lot of running in the beginning and lots of walking at the end but that's OK. We had fun. I didn't hurt but then again I didn't run any farther than a few hundred yards at a time.

I've been super good about icing and I'll continue that this week. I usually run around the block a few times get warmed up, roll out both legs very well then ice my sore side.

I think one of two things occurred causing this malady to surface"

1. The long run post creek dip hasn't happened in like a month due to different routes and sick kiddos. I lived for those freezing dips in the local creek/pool to do my icing for me because if I don't get in I won't ice immediately after I run. Life just gets in the way you know.

2. My new Nike Pegasus shoes are cursed. My foot "rolls" in them ... A LOT. Let me tell you that this is my biggest culprit when it comes to instigating the ITBand pain. I may only wear my Brooks this week, wear the Nike's to short speed workouts and buy Mizunos again for my long dedicated runs. The hubby is going to be happy happy happy to be buying new shoes again just two months after buying me these.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mental Marathon

These last 14 or so weeks have been a whirl wind. There have been more wonderful and exciting achievements in a short amount of time then any other time in my life. I had a few falters even a few weeks a short time back where I wondered "why the Hell are you doing this to yourself". It had all to do with the head and nothing to do with what my body could actually do.

I got over that lately. I have been so pumped and ready for this marathon that I could scream at the top of my lungs how good I feel. I am so excited that my body now decided to fight against me. I've got this cold. I've got this nagging aching leg from the hip down, I've got such a sore lower back that it hurts to touch. I'm worried about my 12 mile run this Sunday. I want to feel good. I want to keep that high I've been on. I want to love this entire experience, all the people I've met at the store, on line and at the club. I want to savor it and have only happy memories of my FIRST MARATHON. I want it to be perfect. I know that's not how life works. I know. But You can't help but wish for it. I wish for a great first marathon.

Is it Friday yet?

At this moment my 6 year old is crying like a baby because he can't find his Leapster that he can't even play because its after lights out time. What is up with that? My 8 year old won't turn off the light because he's reading. Not that I want him to stop reading but without a full nights sleep tomorrow is going to be hell for me. I need some mommy time. I need some recoup from this week time. I need a new body and a new brain because mine is falling apart... and fast.

Tuesday I was supposed to go do speedwork with the Fleet Feet Marathon group. I spend all night sitting up while trying to sleep because my head was so stuffy and my ears hurt and body ached. Full blown cold came to visit. I was so exhausted that I slept on and off on Tuesday and decided not to run that night since I was pretty blah from the Advil Cold and Sinus (which is my go to drug for any head cold let me tell you). I watched Biggest Loser and ate Peppermint Ice Cream while everyone else was running their tahookies off on TV and at the track. I tried to hit the hay but to no avail. Sometime after midnight the sandman finally came to visit. I woke up several times through out the night but not for very long at a time.

Wednesday we took both the 3rd and 1st graders to the farmers market. They each got $2 worth of Market cash to spend on fruits and veggies. They brought home a feast. Its amazing what $40 a classroom can bring back. They tried Bock Choy and Persimmons, peppers, lemongrass and squash. They bought things to make a soup in class with fresh herbs and local veggies. Both Classes came home with locally grown sugar pumpkins for our families to cook. I'm very excited and they all seemed to have a great day.

I for one was feeling great. Like the cold just blew on by. I went out with the Fleet Feet Flyers on their Wednesday night speed workout. I felt pretty good in general but felt held back by this nagging tightness and ache in my left leg from my hip to to ankle. I had to keep slowing down. It was really like I never got warmed up in the whole 5.6 mile workout. It makes me so mad that you are not even breathing hard, your heart rate is still low but you can't give it your all. Apparently I did get a work out though because I hurt like hell this morning. Worse than I have ALL of the marathon program. Enough that I think I may need to make an appointment with Dr. John. I need to nip this in the bud before it becomes an "injury" instead of some tensed up muscles.

I felt better overall today. I was really tired and still feeling the recovery mode from last night and this cold. I took it easy. I had a hard time straightening out my leg then a hard time bending it once it felt good straight. I've been eating OK the last few days. Elk for dinner in Spaghetti last night. YUMMY Hunny Thank you. It was ready for me to warm up when I got home and the kiddos were all ready for bed at 7:30pm. RIGHT ON!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Funday

Today the hubby got up early and left to go Turkey hunting which means his lab went crazy... camo + gun = a day out for Sprig... but not today. No doggies turkey hunting so she kept me up whiny and sad because she was left behind. I finally got up took a shower, got the boys ready for school and out the door in time to ride our bikes. My tire was flat so into the car we went. I did get to go to coffee with a friend I used to work with. It was nice to see her now that she's a SAHM and loving it. Its a different world and she went through some depression after leaving but she's doing a good job of coming out of it and feeling her way through this new appreciation for a NEW kind of job. Coffee and Kayla to love on made the day.

Hubby and I went to the landscape place and debated over rock. I made my decision we brought it home then he griped about it the whole time. Of course. Oh well.

Hollywood had Guitar lessons then we went to Food Maxx to go shopping. Hubby is TOO GOOD to shop there so I have to go alone. Of course I got only what was on my list and filled the whole back of my car for little over $100! The Lord knows we don't need meat so the rest of the food is pretty reasonable in comparison. We buzzed home where hubby had started dinner. Round Steak (elk) in cream of mushroom and cream of celery soup at 300 degrees for 2 hours. Then the gravy poured over white rice and corn bread on the side. Scratch the yams that I put in the oven. Oh well, I'll save them for tomorrow when he's gone and I eat healthy again. LOL

I totally could have ran today. I felt so good after my 16 mile progressive run yesterday. We finished so strong in the low 9 min mile range. It was a great day! Three weeks from yesterday is the CIM! I need to blog about my mental shifting gears and I hope to get to it tomorrow. I work in the boys classrooms and still need to find a sitter. Night night! I'm out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fortune Cookie

Hubby still wasn't home from Fill The Boot yet to I took the kiddos to chineese food at Panda Express. We had never been there, got way too much food and it was only OK. Bummer. If I'm going to spend a butt load of money on chineese food (although it was cheep if I figure it will feed us for like two weeks) it had better be delish... thats all I'm saying.

Anyhow I ate WAY TOO MUCH! enough sodium to tomorrows 16 mile progressive run? check!

This does nothing for my Fat Ass....

I know this because I got a stupid fortune cookie who tells me:


I am positive that my butt is growing... I told ya'll about it, I act fat... eating a ginormous amount of food tonight. Oh and feeling... I now feel increadibly fat. I expressed all of that in my blog. LOL


Well... when I started running last winter Liz told me I may gain a few pounds... you know some of it is muscle. But what the heck. I jumped on the scale this morning and it read 110.6. HUH? When I started the marathon program I was shuffling well... not 110 but pretty standard number on my scale was 107. I mean I didn't budge too far either way. Its been two months since I've seen anything UNDER 110.

Anyway, I went to put my FAVORITE jeans on and pulled them up to my hips... and what? ...they just stopped. No easy slide on over the hips I'm used to. I actually had to muscle them over my hips. GRRRRrrrr...... So first the damn scale now the damn jeans. I can't deny it any more. Its not just muscle. I have an ass. I mean I always thought I wanted an ass. I dreamed about having shape, having a difference between my hips and my waist. I did lunges and squats to aquire AN ASS. Now that apparently my jeans and scale think I have one? I'm not sure what to do with it.

I've always joked that I had ASPRIN ASS. Flat on either side and a line down the middle. There was no difference between my back and my butt but then stupid saggy skin linking my but to my upper thighs. Not cute I swear. It only got worse after each child. Then it was plagued by celulite and stretch marks. I know you're all puking a little right now and I'm sorry. So anyway the asprin ass isn't really GONE just a little more shapely but still realivily flat. The scale doesn't move unless its going up (I've seen a 112 lately too).

I sent the hubby this text message while he's down doing "FILL THE BOOT" for Muscular Distrophy Association (if you're in Vacaville swing on by Nut Tree Rd and give them some dough will ya).

Did u wash my jeans on hot or is all this training giving me a fat ass?

Needless to say that is a loaded question and he laughed ... a lot. But did not actually answer. Smart man I got there hu? I could use a new pair of jeans though.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't just run... walk

Not only do I run but I walk in efforts to raise $$$ to find a cure cancer... especially Breast Cancer. My hope is that finding a cure for Breast Cancer will be the key to unlock other cancers too. I got this from Good Neighbor and thought I would pass it on. Running has been a great preperation for my 39.3 mile walk in SF in July. I can't wait to walk in my 6th Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!


Things were feeling a bit repeditive so I thought I would change things up a bit for the day.

I took a rest day on Monday after Clarksburg and boy did I need it. It just took everything out of me, emotionally and physically I think. I needed a recharge. We had an easier run on Tuesday. We ran from the shop to one of the local High Schools tracks since the one at the University was dark and locked up. We did 15 minutes of easy pace 10 minutes of Marathon to Threshold pace then 15 minutes of easy pace again. I just never felt good though. We ran back to the store for a total of about 6 miles for the night. Stretched really good then headed home for some Ice Cream and Biggest Loser Action.

Wednesday I ran the 3mile loop with Good Neighbor. She is doing so good. I don't time myself or even take a watch on Wednesdays because Tuesday night workouts are usually so crazy and our run only starts 12 or so hours after our speed work is done that I just take a very easy pace with GN to get my miles in. I've been running in the park so much that I dread it though. I almost just want to run up to the airport and that has ALWAYS been my least favorite place to run to because of the even steady upward path it takes for 2 miles to the baseball field and the wind that never lets up. ... oh and its ugly. But there is a dedicated path so you aren't in danger (hopefully) of being hit by a car or truck, but maybe a bicyclist who thinks the paths belong to them.

Thursday: Today. I did to a different run. I started at 5mile which is part of Bidwell park but links lower and upper parks together. I did the 2 mile Centenial loop with offers up another steady long .75 mile long hill. I wanted to break up the run by taking the second half of my run to upper park and hitting a bit of trail. First I stopped to see Margo who is a friend of the hubby's family and lives across from the entrance to the park, lucky girl hu? She has a new Minnie Aussie who is BEAUTIFUL she's a blue merle and has crystal blue eyes and I want her. Sorry Margo... I do! When its time for us to get a new dog I'm so looking into mini aussies. Margo says there is a breeder in Vina... I'm off to scour the internet for it... just to see if her puppies are as cute as Shelby. After taking a 10 minute break I drank some water, took off the long sleeved shirt and headed to upper park. I took the trail up to Horseshoe lake then looped back down. I was crossing the bridge back to 5mile when my 2 mile alarm went of. It was perfect timing. I had a great run(s) today. I felt good for the first time in a long time. I don't think I had a negative thought about running the whole time. I love days like this. OK I'm off to shower, eat and pick up the little guys!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clarksburg 20 mile race

This weekend many of us from the Marathon Training program ran in the Paul Reese Memorial Country Run. Some of us ran 20 miles, some ran 30k, some ran the half marathon. We all had a pretty good time. Clarksburg is a beautiful little town on the delta near Sacramento. There are lots of winerys and agricultural along the route.

The first 10 miles when off pretty good. My feet kind of hurt from the new shoes and figuring out the lacing situation. I had a GU 15 minutes before start, Cliff Shots at mile 6, GU at mile 10 and Luna Miles at 15 miles. I made too many potty breaks, perhaps because I took two waters at each stop or one water one Power aide. I had stomach cramping from about mile 12 on. Not a good feeling to have, let me tell you. All in all I was sore but about to keep moving. The last mile we were moving at close to 8:30/mile and the last 100 yards Vicki, myself and Liz kicked it into gear and pushed that finish line hard. I held back for just a moment so the photographer could actually get my picture instead of completely missing it like at Cowtown where I have NO pics to choose from.

I had a pretty good day all in all, 6am pick up at Vickis, picking Liz up along the way, 3 1/2 to run and talk, lunch with the girls, shopping at Fleet Feet in Sacrmento and a drive home to my boys who I missed ALL DAY! It was a pretty good day. My youngest really loved my finishers medal and when I get the chance I'll get a pic of it to post.

I do have questions for you though. Do you think I should forgo the drink of choice at the CIM, just drink water and perhaps use sodium caplets or will GU, Shot Blocks or Luna Moons be enough? Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Dropping by

Today its about the whole... about the body and mind. Today I'm staying hydrated, eating well, stretching. We're taking Gma Margie out to dinner. We are nurishing our bodies, spirits, souls, relationships, minds.

Hubby is home so posting will be sparse. Hello out there to blogs world, have a great day!

I'm off to mentally prepare for Clarksburg this weekend. 20 mile race. I'm a little nervous.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its not just me

No its not. Everyone tonight was like... when the heck is this OVER! I'm so freakin' done. I'm not really. I'm actually scared. Scared that this thing I found that I'm good at will be over, that these friends that I've made will disappear and this routine I've found to make me a healthier, happier person will come undone. I'm not ready to lose those things.

The eating. ugh. I'm tired of eating all the same things over and over. I'm tired of the time lines and the pressure. I lied, I love the pressure. I hate the pressure I put on my kids and the sitters. I'm not so worried about the hubby, he gets hunting... I get running. So there.

So I'm conflicted but so is everyone else. That makes me feel better, I'm not alone. Lets celebrate! Who's making mimosas tomorrow? anyone? ... hu?

Tonight was speed work. We ran to the track but the lights were off so we ran in the dark like we did in January and February in the Half Marathon Program. It was cold, dark and wet. Totally brought back memories. So we had a two mile warm up, the loop was almost exactly 2/3 of a mile so we did threshold pace around then a one minute rest then again then a one minute rest then again. We did 2 miles back. We totaled 6 miles even tonight. Everything has felt so good for so long I'm getting worried but my hamstrings are so tight. I'm off to shower and to roll out the hams.

Later gaters.

Quickly approaching

I must stay inspired. I bought new shoes. I bought Mint Chocolate GU. I'm getting excited or I'm trying too. Its hard though. I'm so sick of eating. I know I'm crazy. I'm especially tired of eating the SAME things over and over again for fear of trying something new and sabotaging my runs or my GI tract in general. I'm trying to get my runs in. I'm hitting that time when my life is taking over my running the way my running took over my life 10 months ago. I need to stay on track just a little longer. This weekend? 20 mile race on Sunday in Clarksburg. CIM is just 4 weeks and 4 days left.

I'm also posting over at my bookclub (that hasn't gotten off the ground yet) blog and my "the rest of my life" blog. Since I'm posting EVERY DAY for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month). I hope to get my computer up and rolling for downloading the boys pics from Halloween and the pumpkin patch I may even post on their blogs since its been so long. You can check out my profile for those sites.

Tonight my papa is coming down to watch the kiddos while I run. I'm feeding him at 5:30 after Hollywoods guitar practice. I need to drink plenty of water this week to say hydrated and fueled for this weekend. I did update some pix on my photography blog too if any of you are interested. My hope is that on days the hubby is gone (he took overtime today) I can get my longer posts in and just little updates when he's home so we can spend more one on one time together and with the kids.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today will change history. Get out there and vote... your voice counts.

I just had lunch (cashew chicken, pork fried rice, chow mien that I didn't eat, an egg roll and yummy soup) with Good Neighbor who is pretty Liberal... I'm pretty heavy Conservative. Glad to say that most things we talked about were pretty spot on the same. OK, not who we voted for president but all the California ballot measures anyway. Funny thing is the things we agree on are for different reasons. LOL~ It was nice to get a different perspective though. No going back now... my ballot went out in the mail over two weeks ago.

I'm off for a run although I would much rather be shopping. Mervyn's is going out of business and they are having a huge sale. I don't want to take the kiddos so I guess I'll have to go through whatever is still there tomorrow.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Post 100

I can't believe that its been 100 posts already! It seems like yesterday that my first post was making me laugh because my other blog was taken OVER by running and eating. I guess this is fitting that my 100th post since it is National Blog Posting Month meaning and I will be trying to post on one of my blogs every day. I will be trying to post here on heavy running days or on days that have a particularly interesting topic about running. I'll try to leave links here to those posts if I can remember or have time to do that.

Today I feel better. I am sore. I should have stood in the creek (so very very cold) before I left the park but I was in a hurry to get the boys. I am tired, physically and emotionally right now but I'm hoping that changes soon. Its been so hard to be positive, during a run, while thinking about my goals, about my schedule, about eating healthy. I've actually had more bad days then good lately and we are so close to the Marathon... just less than 5 weeks away.

My goal this week is to get back on the horse, run when and how far I'm supposed to, drink lots of water, eat healthy and enough that I don't crash like I did yesterday. I'm going to re-read Performance Nutrition for Runners again and the Paleo Diet for Athletes since I've been fudging on my Non-bread diet a lot lately because I've been so tired of potatoes and rice. Me and wheat? We just don't get along. Its showing.

*** Congratulations to everyone who ran races this weekend! The New York Marathon was Sunday and wahhoooo Paula Radcliff and Marilson Gomes dos Santos for passing the finish lines first in New York. More applause for my running buddy Vicki who took 4th in her age group at our local 10K this weekend AFTER running 10 miles with me. She is a machine! More applause and confetti for those of you who raced! Congratulations everyone***

I guess this is the week for Re-form. Don't forget to get out there and EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE tomorrow. Don't complain about laws or who's representing us if you don't play your part and vote. I hate that, your voice DOES matter.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Run outta steam

I don't know what happened today. The first 10 mile warm up before the race was so good. I really felt REALLY GOOD! Then I ran the Almond Bowl 10K and I struggled all the way through it. I just didn't feel good then my thighs and calves started cramping. I must have not eaten enough and I ... I just don't know. My last 18 miles was great. My 20 mile run was good too. We finished off with almost 2 mile cool down and I struggled through that even though Vicki and Liz put up with me the whole way. I literally thought I was going to throw up after the 10k.

10.1 miles 1:40:38 or so... then a nice jog to the REAL restrooms put us at 1:44:35 overall and 10.43 miles. We ate a half of a PB&J so I guess I won't be doing that again. Stretched then headed to the start line of the 10K. The race started and I stayed with Liz through the first 4 miles then I shuffled through the last 2 miles. It was SO HARD, to stay focused, not to walk, to slow enough to keep my heart rate down. It was a miserable race. I finished in about 58m and change. Not to hot for me but oh well.

Good Neighbor ran her first 5K today and Rocked it at 34:25! GREAT JOB GN! thats an 11:05 pace. I wish I could have been there to take pictures of you. Next 5K, maybe Fost or Fog?

I'm hoping next weekends Clarksburg run is better. 20 miles again. I'm going with Vicki and Liz and I'll try to keep up.

Friday, October 31, 2008

6th pic

Posted by PicasaI stole this TAG from Jessica, find the 6th pic in the 6th picture folder and post it! and thought, "What a great idea". This pic was taken out at the Grant where the Hubby, his cousins, Dad, uncles, Brother used to go fishing with Gpa Derril. There were very few people allowed to fish on the Grant but Gpa Derril had a lifetime pass and was eager to share with his family. These pics were taken when the hubby, his brother and the boys went to go get the boat about a month after Gpa Derril passed away from Cancer. I personally have never been out to the grant and I'm sad about that. What a beautiful piece of land with wonderful lifelong memories for my husband, his family and my boys to have.
RAIN TODAY and not feeling well. Its halloween though so I will brave the weather to take the kiddos trick or treating this afternoon downtown then through the neighborhood tonight. Tomorrow I should get 4 miles in if I get a break in the rain and 18 miles scheduled for Sunday. Vicki and I are going to try for 10 early break for PB&J's then 6 for the Almond bowl 10K then 2 cool down.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Loop De Loop

Yesterday we ran our BIDWELL CLASSIC route in the park. This was the same as my first half marathon in March. I can't believe it. Most of our group was running in Healdsburg this weekend with the half marathon group. I haven't heard how they've done yet. So since they were all doing a half marathon "time trial" Paul set us up to do one too. So familiar was the key. We've all run a thousand (or so) times around this same park and know it inside and out. The hard part was running past our cars the first loop!

We started out taking the street along the outside as a warm up and to show those who hadn't run the BC the little extra jog we needed to make it 13.1 miles. We then did 4 sets of strides to get our body ready then headed out. My original pace was supposed to be around 9:58/mile but that was like 7 weeks or so ago and we've come along way since then. My first few miles were too fast. I could tell. Mile 1 was like 9:02 or so. OUCH! I wouldn't get too far in a marathon going that pace. I might not get too far in a half going that fast. Usually takes me like 5 (or ten) miles to get warmed up. So we slowed down. About mile 3 I noticed that one of the girls wasn't feeling to hot. I asked her what was up and she said her ankle was bothering her after twisting it yesterday. I told her that if it hurt worse or continued the same but didn't get better she had better take a breather at the car and make up her mileage later but to rest, ice and elevate it (see my first aid teaching days are coming in handy) so she could actually DO the marathon in 6 weeks. She decided at mile 6 that was a good idea. We stopped, signed her out, took a potty break, drank some electrolyte stuff Paul set out for us, at a few moons and headed out for the second loop. Pretty good for a 2.5 minute stop hu?

The second loop we hit our times more strategically. between 9:35 and 9:50 which is where we wanted to be. We ended up averaging about 9:36/mile for the half marathon coming in at just over 2h5m. We did a cool down and stretched. I was in a hurry to get home so I didn't jump in the creek, my usual routine. Bad idea. I hurt today. totally sore and tight. BUMMER. I even wanted to go for a two mile run but the hubby went fishing with my dad so that's not going to happen. Tomorrow is speed work. Speed work. Speed work.

Less than 6 weeks to the marathon. I can't believe it!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tagging is lame... just kidding

Steve over at Running Away with my Thoughts tagged me a million or so years ago... (like 9 days but who's counting) and since the hubby is going to be home TOMORROW I had better do it now. I don't think I'll be seeing the computer for the next week anyhow. Okie dokie... so I need to tell you something about myself.

I'm 30 this year, I have two beautiful children who drive me bonkers, a very handsome firefighter/paramedic husband who drives me bonkers, two dogs who drive me bonkers so I run. Actually that was just a great side effect of the running... the whole break from the testosterone filled home and all.

I have anxiety and panic attacks. I don't have them as bad as I used to. I haven't had to be sedated for one in years. But now I live with a low level of anxiety all the time instead of them just hitting me out of no where. I'm not sure what is worse, them coming on... then going away or me living with this tight squeezing feeling in your chest all the time. The running seems to be helping me with that.

I'm a flake, or a procrastinator. Right now I need to be doing laundry. REALLY NEED to be doing laundry. I should also be vacuuming and mopping the floors. BUT the bathrooms are clean, the living room and the kitchen is clean and the freezer is cleaned out. I really need to go through our linen closet today though.
I avoid things that have big potential to disappoint me or may lead to me failing at them. HMmm.... like how I should be going to school but I can't seem to make an appointment to see the councilor because I don't want him to say I have to take a million classes since I've been out of school forever, or that I have to take remedial classes since its been so freaking long. I'm especially afraid of not having the time to study and finish my assignments or getting a bad grade on a test that I poured my heart and soul into. So I just don't do it. Stupid I know. Gotta get over that one.
I love photography. I take pix part time for some side $. This is truly my passion and hopefully some day I can get my arse in gear and make it more of a career.
That's that. I'm not tagging anyone in particular. But lets get to know one another better K? if you do write a little diddy about yourself please link me in so I can see what you wrote. Thanks for putting up with me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

P.S. I love you

You on a diet? Here's some fat free calorie free EYE Candy for ya!

Nothin' like sitting around with a girl friend watching a sappy movie, drinking Mike's hard lemonade, swooning over really HOT Irish guys (actually Gerard Butler is Scottish and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was born in Seattle Washington but whatever) to make you wanna "appreciate" your husband...

And where that said husband...?

In another effing state!

and by Friday when he gets home? Yea I'll be over the "appreciation" by then. I'll be wondering if that husband is ever gonna shave again.

Oh I ran over 5 miles with my movie buddy this morning. She's getting quicker and taking less stops to walk and stretch. I'm so proud of her.

Tomorrow. I'm watching Run, Fat boy, Run

I'm off do download some irish pub music then head to bed... by my lonesome... AGAIN! I'll just have to channel that frustration into my speed work out that I SHOULD do tomorrow morning. LOL we'll just see about that.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A bummer, sad, very bad day

I haven't slept much, about 3-5 hours a night for the last 5 nights in a row. Hubby's gone and I've had anxiety about it I've never had before. I don't like it. I'm not especially good at being a single mommy. My kids see the frustration on my face even though I'm trying my best and keeping my tone and demands under control. It doesn't help that my youngest son is sick with the cold my oldest gave him when he was sick last week. It doesn't help that I'm not eating enough or drinking enough water.

I didn't run tonight. Speedwork was supposed to be a mile warm up 4 miles progressive run (increase speed with each mile with no breaks between) and a mile cool down. I couldn't, I'm not sure if I'm getting sick or if the stress is just wearing on me. I laid in bed trying to sleep all day because I just felt like I was a carrying around a thousand pound boulder on my back. My head was in a fog and the thought of eating ANYTHING just made my stomach turn. I watched the clock til I finally fell asleep at 2am and the youngest little man woke up coughing at 2:30. I layed in the most uncomfortable bed with him til 6:30am when the alarm went off. I slept... but not sure how much of it was quality.

but tomorrow is another day. A day to get up and eat a good breakfast, go for a 5 mile run with my friend, eat a good snack a good lunch, clean the house and spend a nice afternoon with my boys. Tomorrow will be better today. I'm putting it out there into the universe. TOMORROW WILL BE A GOOD DAY! Did you hear me? ...

I can't wait for the hubby to get home.....


The clock says 1:16. I'm going to go try AGAIN to go to sleep. I get to wake up in 5 1/2 hours and get the kiddos ready for school. I hope to not have those crazy dreams tonight. I hope to get my schedule back when the hubby returns. That may be as long as a week away still. The insomia, the dreams that leave me feeling exhaused. I'm so over them... wish my body and my head would agree. hmmmmmm......

stretch..... ok off to hit the hay.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

20 miles today

It was crazy, that really it felt good. That is the crazy part.

I was tired and I'm hungry, but really? I could keep going. Its 7 weeks to the marathon. That means I've been training for with this group for 9 weeks. I've been training for THIS for over 9 MONTHS.

So I'm on the downhill swing. I have 6 more long runs before the CIM. ONLY 6! Can you believe it? I can't. It has not been easy. The miles themselves have been the easy part. It's the rest of the package that makes this a tough journey. Its been hard on the kids, on the hubby, on our babysitters and parents who have watched the kids so I can get my miles, speedwork and long runs in. I've been sore tired hungry and a bit cranky at times.

I am amazed how far this year has brought me. How FAR! I've run more than 500 miles! I walked in TWO Avon Walks for Breast Cancer and raised almost $3,600 for Breast Cancer. I've become a stronger person on this journey and I've made lots of unline friends who have been such a great support. You all amaze me every day. Thank you.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Into the Wild Wild West

Tomorrow I run 20 miles.

I've never run 20 miles in one day before. I thought I would be nervous but really? I'm just excited to see what my body can do. How it holds up. how much GU and Luna Moons I'll need to consume to make it. How I feel tomorrow and the next day. How I feel when I look at my Garmin and it says 20 miles, am I beat? Can I go on?

Next week is a 13.1 time trial and since I already did mine (Cowtown Half Mary) I'm going to shoot for what I think I want my marathon pace to be. I'm hoping for around 9:30-9:45 minute miles for the marathon. That Marathon is just 7 weeks from today.


The hubby and his Big Brother B killed an Elk today. I'm happy they killed something opening day but not quite sure where they are going to put it all when they drive back. Guess what? That's not MY problem.... LOL.

I guess I need to clean out the freezer before they get home too. That, my friends, IS my problem.

Back on Track

That feeling I had at my old school? The one where I felt like I was actually a part of the big picture... where I actually felt a part of something at all? That how I feel running with this group. It's all very natural, the Tuesday night speed runs and the Sunday morning long runs. The "NORM" factor when I walk into the store... an acceptance I have unlike anywhere else. I love running, how it makes me feel, how I've found a community of like minded people, how I'm really sad when a training program is over and look forward to a new one. What am I going to do when this marathon is over? I've found my comfort zone and I'm afraid to lose it again. I guess when its time to move on... or I just sign up for more. LOL.

I wonder if I can drop my half mary time below 1:57?.... I guess I need to think about if this training keeps going or if it slows down or if one marathon and two half marathons is enough for me. Its like a compulsion now though. This need to beat my last time, better myself, push that envelope. That competitive edge I had lost for the last 15 years is back and sort of intimidating. I'm not sure if I'll know when too much is too much.

Friday, October 17, 2008

On track

When I ran in High School (not quite a gazillion years ago but about 15 or so) I was blessed to be a part of a progressive school that had a GREAT Sports program. We not only had a great all weather track but our school was one of the only in the area that had Water Polo and a swim team. Let me tell you it was always nice to leave the track a little early and walk s-l-o-w-l-y past the hot and wet water polo team. Ahhh the days. That was my freshman year when I was one of the fasted girls in my class. 3 of us girls made the Varsity Track team. Of course it helped that the track looped around the soccer field where the BOYS PRACTICED during our practice. Yea, I had a great school my freshman year.

Then my parents decided to MOVE!

I had been with the same kids for 10 or more years if you include pre-school. I knew almost everyone. I had palls in all different groups, Preppies, Jocks, drama, skaters, stoners, dorks, etc. I didn't' really fit in to any of these and the group I did hang out with most of the time were older than I was by about two years and consisted of Really HOT (who I enjoyed kissing) to really dorky (No I didnt' kiss the really dorky ones here). I was in Drama, I was VP of the schools Business Club, I ran track and field. I was somewhere in the middle of it all and LOVING IT! I couldn't have asked for a better freshman year.

Then My PARENTS decided to MOVE!

I had lived in the same house for 10 years. I knew how long it would take to get from one side of town to the other by bike. I knew where all the boys I had my eye on lived and had NO problem stopping by to say a very inocent "hello". I had 30 kids on my block that we would play hide and go seek til midnight up and down the street. Although I never did, I knew where to get pot or coke if I wanted it. This was my town.


That Spring (actually it was March 10th) I had a mole removed from my back. It turns out that at (a week short of) 15 years old.. I had Stage II Malignant Melanoma. I had a huge scar and I was told to stop running.

OK, not so much not running but don't go outside in the sun and don't stretch which is exactly like saying... Stop running. My parents decided it was time to move to a place where she could see us settling down when we met someone, somewhere more quaint and tight knit. So we moved.

Actually I moved to a SHITTY school with a even worse track and field program. I stayed with Drama and became the sports editor for the school paper which was really cool but not quite cool enough for this po-dunk school where everyone has literally known each other their whole lives. They were me when I was at MY school. Now I'm at their school.

I did make some friends. Actually I made more friends with those I went to High School in the last year or so then I did when I was actually in school with them. One of them is running in the CIM with me in December.

I can't fault my parents. They did do what was best. I met the man of my dreams. I have two beautiful children. I met my best friend at that awful school. I still have a great love and affection for my drama and my biology teachers. I learned a lot at that school, it just NEVER felt like it was my school. I never ran there, I never lettered there, I never raced my friends down that track... the one made of dirt with rocks embedded into the path that would cause us all to trip and fall.

So that's pretty much how I stopped running... then decided enough was enough and I started running again and I haven't stopped. Not sure if I ever will. I've got 20 miles on the books for Sunday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not Knocked Up

No I'm not preggo but the symptoms I think are worse than they were when I was. This marathon training is doing a number on my body. Let me tell you I weighed exactly 106.4lbs when I started running January 5th of this year. Lately I've been hovering around 110lbs consistently. I know I went up to 107.5 in just a few weeks and haven't fallen under that line yet. I attribute this to muscle gain at that first half marathon kick my butt into gear program.

These last 8 weeks though. PHEWWW... I swear its kinda scary. If I don't eat about every 2-3 hours I'm GRUMPY like stay outta my way cranky. Not good. I'm actually hungry which I have only ever felt as an adult when I was pregnant with the boys. I crave beer. I know weird cause I don't even LIKE BEER! But let me tell you I loved the smell of it when I was preggo with Blondy and if I had one handed to me after a run I would SO DRINK IT! I'm eating like a maniac. Seriously, I eat all the time. I am eating healthy for the most part. I ate salad two nights in a row for dinner but of course I finished Hollywood's half of a Chicken Parmesan sandwich after I ate my family size Greek Salad... and could have still eaten more if I hadn't stopped myself. I am hungry all the freakin time... you know like you are when you have "the dreaded PENIS POISONING!(que girls horror scream)".

OK so it also makes me tired (or that was the yummy huge glass of Cab I had after dinner tonight). Whatever I'm hitting the hay so I can have the energy to get my ass up and go running in the morning. Later gaters... Hey good luck to all you who are running the Amazing Nike Women's Marathon in SF this weekend (I wonder if Paul on of the coaches from our group will be wearing a skirt? I'll post embarrassing pix of my coach and you know that will score big points). You will be in my thoughts and prayers! I know you will all do great things out there.

Speaking of the Nike! Liz and Linda will be down there this weekend while Vicki and I are up here peddling our way through 20 miles on Sunday. I did start a blog for the thought we had to start a Runners Book club. Its called 10 minute miles (that's about all of our pace). We would spend one Saturday or Sunday a month doing our long run and talking about the book of our choice. Haven't yet got feedback from the other three but we will see!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A change of clothes

for my blog anyhow. Let me know if you like it or not. Honestly please. If its too hard to read let me know and I'll find a new (or go back to the old one) background. I guess changing my background on my blog is better then me going out and spending money on new real clothes... this economy thing is kicking my pocketbook in the keaster.

Ran almost 6 miles simulated hill run at the track yesterday and 5 mile easy run today. 4 miles at race pace (9:45/mile) I hope tomorrow with one mile warm up and one mile cool down. We will see.

I promise to find (accidentally closed the link) and post the wonderful background artist ASAP and post it with HIGH REGARDS and many THANK YOU'S

Found it! This Football loving Arkie sweetie pie led me to Simply Chic Blog Backgrounds and Now I'm so in love with her designs. This new make over is just what I needed. Do you think she'll come re-do my wardrobe too? ahhhhh wishful thinking.

Monday, October 13, 2008

No Way Jose

I got no run in today. The biggest little man is sick, fever, chills, cough, stomach ache... etc. That equals at least two days of NO SCHOOL. Bummer for him to be sick. Bummer for me to not get anything I needed to get done done. I could have used a 4 mile run today too. I felt a bit out of sorts myself. I'm a little worried about being a single mommy for 13 days. I hate it when he's gone that long. I don't think I could stand to be away for almost two weeks. Away from him, away from my boys. He is totally digging into my running schedule too. Doesn't he know this Marathon is upon us. It is less than 2 months away and I am going a bit crazy just thinking about it. Of course he doesn't get it. This big prep for me is like waiting on an elk for him. But I have a hell of a lot more work to do first. He realized last weekend that he was a bit out of shape. WHAT? You are going to go traipsing around rugged mountainous terrain and not even be IN SHAPE? Are you trying to kill yourself? Apparently yes. One more reason for me to be all freaked out. I know, I have issues. Issues that I can't seem to get over. Issues that loom in my subconscious waiting to erupt in anxiety and panic over something I have no control over. See didn't I tell you I needed a run?

Tomorrow night is speed work. That should make me hurt... and feel better

Saturday, October 11, 2008


OMG! Today was exactly half way through Marathon Training program #1 for me! Thats 8 weeks BABY! Here are some of my STATS since I started running at the beginning of the year. My New Years Resolution has been a productive one this year!

  • Since August 18th (Day 1 of Marathon Training) I have run 223.8 miles.

  • I have run 39 times since that day

  • I have run 1 Half Marathon UNDER 2 hours (1:57:47) since Marathon training

  • I have made 3 LONGEST RUN EVER milestones since that day, 14+, 16 and 18+

  • I went from 11:30/miles to 8:20/miles (or faster) since January 1st

  • My first LONG run was 6 miles on January 5th and I thought I was going to die

  • Today that is a regular run for me

  • 529.3 miles is my milage to date since January 1st
  • My Goal for 2008 was 500

  • 88 1/2 hours on my feet running since the beginning of the year

  • Three 5K's,Two 10K's and Two half marathons all progressively faster than the last

  • I have spent an ENORMOUS amount of $$$ at Fleet Feet including a $350 GPS watch and 3 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of socks and endless amounts of other things (i.e. stuff the hubby doesn't know about) oh and he bought 2 pairs of socks and one pair of shoes, because you know that matters in the grand scheam of things, like when the $25 credit comes for every $250 you spend... yea thats ALL mine BABY!

  • Running has made me a bit crazy, but my body is looking better! Its all a trade off I know.

New Frontiers

This was a big week for me. I ran my half marathon on Sunday, 5+ miles on Wednesday (after nursing battle wounds... er that would be fun fun fun chaffing in my inner thighs), 3 miles on Thursday, 6 miles on Friday and 18.15 miles today. That Ends up equating to over 45 miles in 7 days and my biggest week yet.
Last night I got a My Space comment to come run with a few of the Marathon Training group Saturday instead of Sunday and I took them up on it. I went 15 miles with NO music and have to say those 3 miles I did, I hardly listened. Its amazing how I can talk to other girls who I'm not particularly close to for 3 1/2 hours straight. Today was my longest run ever and let me tell you, IT WAS GREAT! I felt so good those last few miles I could have easily kept going. I swear it took 15 miles for me to warm up. I wore my green nike capri tights and they were awsome, I wore a campi with a built in bra that fits PERFECT and my pull over green jacket with the long sleeves and the thumb hole. I love it. Not only is it SOO STINKIN' CUTE, it does do its job and keeps me warm against the biting cold wind and wicks the sweat away. They felt so good but I have some issues with the pockets. Obviously since I did my long run today I won't be running tomorrow and giving my body a break. I will be running Monday, Tuesday night for speed work, Wednesday with Good Neighbor, Thursday for hills or more speed and Friday easy 6+ run. I won't be running Saturday because the hubby will be in CO hunting and there won't be child care but after 5 days straight of running and probably 25+ miles without a long run I can afford a day off so I will be in tip top shape for Sundays 20 mile run.
When we got back to the park and did our little loop to make sure we did a full 18 (Thank you Garmin, I bow to you), we stretched then jumped, er... slowly eased is more like it, into the FREEZING COLD CREEK! I was just in there after a long run a few weeks ago and it was not close to that cold. Let me tell you it worked though. I am sore in my hips but not so sore I feel immobile or incompasitated in any way. A little Advil and some more water and I should be fine. It is amazing how good I feel. I have a feeling I am better at the long distances since it really does take my body several miles to warm up.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

NO Time Like the Present

Its Wednesday, you know, run with Good Neighbor Day. She and I met at one mile (the spot everyone starts at) and did the dreaded loop. I swear, I could run those 5.2 miles in my sleep forward and backwards. But its so nice to not have to think about if you turned left or right here, if the bridge you took actually looped back where you wanted, that you won't get lost, that I can talk to GN to my hearts content. We talk a lot about parenting and the difference between her girls and my boys who are the same age. We talk about our other friends and our goals; hers is to run the Almond Bowl 5K in a few weeks! YEAH!. We talk about getting together to do girly things like watch chick flicks and drink margaritas or Mikes Hard Lemonade (yumm-o). 5 miles sure does go by quick. Before you know it we're at the kiddie park and its time to part ways. But there is always next Wednesday, Bidwell Park and a running partner waiting.

Yea, I didn't run yesterdays speed work out. The hubby was gone for 3 days and I was gone ALL day at a field trip and didn't think it was right for me to be home for 3 hours then leave again. He had to go to bed early anyway so he could leave the house by 5am to get to work early. So the tentative plan is to do that work out tomorrow morning after I drop the kids. Now I just have to let Laura in on that little jem because I know she's gonna love the plans... not.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Ok so I did the math and figured out my last 3.1 miles of my half marathon is 1 minute FASTER than my last 5K time. Isn't that amazing? Ok now I'm proud of myself.

4th of July 5K 27:06
Last 3.1 Cowtown: 26:07


I can't believe that two months ago I was dying during my 5K and yesterday... well yesterday was 9 months of hard work payed off... 2 more months to go til the CIM

I guess the speed work is working

sweet as pie

I didn't run today after that crazy half mary I did yesterday... phew! Rest days are GOOD. I am still so surprised at myself. Not sure if I'm proud yet but surprised is enough for now. I did get a good belly laugh in today. That's exercise right? Of course I did it in my room with the door closed on the phone with my friend Tiff over a conversation OUR ELDEST children had at school in line today...
Apparently this is what happened (T-Rex is her 8yr old, Hollywood is mine)
T-Rex- You are a big trash can full of CR-@-P
Hollywood- Well you're a big swimming pool full of SH*T
Nice hu? Then do they keep it to themselves? NO! They tell K, then swear her to secrecy. YEA RIGHT! K tells Mrs. N and then they get a nice long conversation about what happened, about not telling the truth, about using that kind of language and how they get to tell their parents what really happened. If the truth does not come out... pink slip home.
I'm not proud of him. I'm really irritated at him at the moment. But, there is my son having to bring out the bigger badder words to not be outdone. How much is he like his father? WAY TOO MUCH! its kinda scary. What scares Hollywood the most? His Daddy knowing and even worse, Hollywood gets to tell him.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sacramento Cowtown Half Marathon Report

Today was a special day. Not just another half marathon for me, not this one is special. What a perfect day! The High temp was supposed to be 77*F and the temp at the start of the race was a blistfully perfect 48*F. I got to the park with 45minutes to spare before the race and high tailed it to checkin to get my bib and chip. I checked my sweat bag and found my way among the other runners to the 2h5m pace group. I figured this was perfect since I ran a 2:11:40 or so last half marathon. We were supposed to be running about 9:35 but the first mile was about 10 minutes due to runner traffic congestion. As it thinned out we sped up. We ran through some great neighborhoods and dreamed of living in such sweet houses then remembered where we were. Nope no living in Sac for me thank you very much. There were water and Cytomax stations every two miles. First stop I took one cup of each to see how it tasted. Not bad... not really good either. At mile 4 I took two Cytomax and almost to 5 I thought I should have taken a GU and water there. Too late. We ran along the levy and through parks. I actually gradually got a little faster except for the couple of little hills that slowed me down a bit. At about mile 3 I got in front of the 2:05 pace group but already couldn't see the 2hour pace group. It took me all the way til mile 11 to catch up with them. By then I had been playing leap frog with a really hot guy from mile 7 or so on. He would follow me for a while then I would follow him for a while. By the time we got back to the park I was about spent. I had run the last three miles at nearly my threshold pace and the last half mile it showed. I was dragging. No matter how much I willed my legs and body to go they just kept slowing down. I did get to the point where I saw the finish line and just kept going... no more slowing down. Lets finish this right! I did cross the line with the clock running under 2 hours above me. My Garmin said 1:58:16 and I was both surprised and excited to see the results showed my chip time even better than that, 1:57:46. I was so excited! In looking for the bag check I got cold! So cold. I stretched really good, ate an orange, ate a piece of bread, ate some rice chips, stretched somemore, still cold. So I bought a really cute green sweatshirt that says COWTOWN marathon on it. yep, even though I didnt run THE marathon I still bought me some warmth.

this was the first time I've run in a race with a finishing medal. It was so cool, but not really a medal. It was a cowbell. I loved it though. It really sounds like a cowbell to! The kids are already tired of hearing it. I stretched again when I got home then took an ice bath to sooth the muscles and the CRAZY chaffing I got on my inner thieghs (got any ideas how to fix that? you know ... now that its done and all?) They are so sore, they look more like scratches then chaffing. All I have to say is OUCH and I won't be running anything longer than a 5k in those anymore. I wore my brookds today and my feet felt GREAT! The more I wear them the more I like them, go figure. So BodyGlide is the Shit, although not the shit on the places you don't use it. GU lemon/lime was better than the chocolate I'm been using. The strawberry luna moons are ok but not great. Sacramento Cowtown, overall ROCKED!

Here are the stats

Tina Mickelson Chico CA
Bib #1377
Age 30 39/228 F 30-34 group
Chip time 1:57:47.0
Gun time 1:58:41.4
difference 0:54.3
Pace 8:59/Mile

Saturday, October 4, 2008

From the mouth of Babes

I dropped the boys at my parents so I can leave at 5am to make it to my Cowtown Half Marathon in Sacramento on time. I'm about to leave tonight so I do the Mommy thing and I give them kisses and tell them to be good for their Grandparents. My mom reminds them to tell me "Good Luck" on my race tomorrow.

Blondy, the younger one, yells from the floor where he is consumed with the TV already,
"Good luck Mommy!"

My older son, well he is his fathers son.
He said, "Good luck Mom, Break a Leg!"
then he falls over laughing.
Ha Ha Ha.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sunday Runs

I love my long runs, being outside watching the world change week to week, feeling my body change, pushed to limit its never been, listening to the sounds of people talking, cars going by, the sounds of the park and the neighborhoods and getting to know my running group better. I love my long runs... but I miss my Sundays at church. I've been listening to the sermons online (you know when my computer has been working) but my new adventure is to see if I can download them onto my ipod so I can listen to them while I run. I do a lot of soul searching and praying on my runs. I spend a lot of time counting my blessings and working things through in my head especially on the runs where I'm by myself. I just miss that congregation of God's Love I get from going to Church. This week I run a Half Mary in Sac. There will be no time to go to Church even if I fly home. I hope that I can sneak my ipod (I know bad bad bad) and listen to the last few weeks sermons if I can figure it out.

OMG, I ran 16 miles, my longest ever so far last Sunday. I can't believe I forgot my Superfeet Insoles, no wonder my feet have hurt ALL week. We went to Upper Park along the fire road but there are so many rocks that my ankle kept turning. I'm glad I ran with Vicki so we could take the levy together and cut 2 miles off the bumpy part of the route. Of course we missed out on 1 mile of up hill and one mile of down hills that we got flack for from one of the coaches. I felt pretty good, you know tired but that's OK. I consumed about 50oz of water, one lemon lime GU packet and 1 bag of Luna moons on that run. I don't think I consumed enough food throughout the day though. By Tuesday I still didn't feel like me. During that run I did great the first two sets of 10 minute runs at threshold then lost it during the third. I got dizzy and nauseated to the point I was afraid I was going to throw up on the football players in the middle of the field. Not that they aren't used to it I mean they do go to Chico State! Puking is a requirement practically but that's usually at the parties not the middle of the football field you know. I noticed even when I stopped my heart rate stayed high... too high for too long. Although I thought I was staying hydrated I'm afraid I might have just had some residual dehydration for that long run. I need to be more aware of what I'm drinking too because I think my electrolytes were off too. Usually I'm caked in salt after a hard run, but not Tuesday night. So I drank a G2 I got from Safeway and had another 16oz of Gatorade in the morning and I've felt so much better since then. Still tired but better.

Sunday I'm running a half mary in Sac by myself. I don't know anyone who's going to run it so this will be a fun solo run for me. Problem is I don't know how I want to run it. Do I do marathon pace through out so I know how it feels or do I push it and try for 9:30's or better for my miles? Should I start at marathon pace and ease into a faster pace working on negative splits? I don't know! I guess it depends on how I feel when I get there hu?

Got a 3 mile run lined up for today and 3 miles for tomorrow that should put me in at 32 miles or so this week. I hope that's enough. Am I running enough? I don't want to be too tired on Sunday. I wish I had someone to just tell me what I should be and shouldn't be doing. That and I need somebody to make my food and feed it to me too. Ahhh the dreams you have of hitting the lottery. Shouldn't I be dreaming of mansions and fast cars? No I dream of someone telling me how to run and eat... oh and someone washing my hair and making it cute everyday. That sounds like heaven to me. I'm going to try to download those sermons now that we're back to Heaven again. lol

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall is coming

You wouldn't know it today. It was so warm. But its in the air. On my 6 mile run the other day along the path the colors of the trees were already changing. I can't wait to head out to the tree farm to take some family pix, before the first storm knocks the colors from the trees. I can't wait to have my first FALL running season. I can't believe that I'm actually GIDDY about that. I am, it gives my butterflies just thinking about it. I'm looking forward to the brisk mornings and warmer afternoons. I'm looking forward to jeans and hoodies, my favorite attire, during the day. Of course mornings will consist of running garb as I inch my way toward my first marathon in December. It still seems so surreal. When will it feel REAL?

Actually I'm pretty much in denial that I'll even be running 16 miles tomorrow. 16 miles? Who the heck would even want to do that? WHY would anyone want to do that? Apparently ME, although I haven't decided if that's a smart thing or not. LOL

This month I logged over 100 miles. Actually I've logged about 107 miles before my long run tomorrow and my speed workout on Tuesday that will push me into 130 miles for this month. 130 miles in a month... yea, me. I know your appalled and amazed all at the same time. That's with a Breast Cancer walk in there too. Of course I did run half of that.

Next Sunday is my Sacramento Cowtown Half Marathon. I'm so excited and scared at the same time. I will be going... SOLO. I will be running my own race, driving back home via Yuba City for a baby shower present drop home for an evening with the fam. I'm trembling just thinking about it. Part of that excitement is over receiving my very first finishers metal, a cowbell! I'll need to find a way to hang them. I can't wait for all this FALL brings, new adventures, new achomplishments, a new view of life. I can't wait.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Super Supper

Should of taken a pic but I'm not Kai and I forgot. (and it wouldn't look as pretty as hers anyway) but I made a YUMM-O dinner for the hubs and the kiddos and for the most part they liked it. Blondy, my picky eater, won't eat eggs unless they are hard boiled and potatoes unless they are french fried.
Last night I made Pumpkin Waffles and a fritatta with left over wild pig sausage (leaner then regular pork from the store) and potatoes O'Brien sprinkled with a little cheese. I mixed a little bit of milk into the eggs to help with the fluffiness. It turned out SO GOOD. The waffles turned out so good that NO ONE even knew that they had pumpkin in them, apparently they all tasted the cinnamon but they didn't even notice that the waffles were ORANGE! They were yummy last night and not sure how but even more YUMM-O this morning with a big glass of milk before my run. No butter and no syrup for me.
So my yummy dinner went off like a hit. I loved eating breakfast for dinner when I was a kid and need to remember to do it for my kids more often than once every 6 months or so.
I wish my running was better today. I ran on Tuesday night with group and we did a warm up for a couple miles over the the University Track then did 3 sets of 10 minute at threshold with three minutes of rest between. It was pretty grueling but looking back at the last few months my threshold and my race pace don't seem to be getting better. I'm not quite sure how that can be.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I promise to get to the Walk Report: Pleas humor me

First things first. Lets get the little things out of the way so I can concentrate on the BIG important suff like my 5th walk report.
The Tuesday after the walk we have speed work. I head over to WW park to run the loop since the lights are on til the soccer practice and games are over, supposedly long after we are done with our workouts. Today on the ballot is 2 mile warm up (that I totally need) then 3 miles at threshold with one minute rest between each mile. As discussed before Liz and I thought that the 9:20/mile was a bit too slow so this week we went on how we felt (too hard to talk but still can run) instead of watching the pace so closely. Out we go and my only goal is to keep up with Liz and Vicki unless I just couldn't do it. I did pretty good. The first mile we hit at 8:20 or so Mile 2 was 8:13 and mile 3 was 8:30. Not too good at keeping a steady pace but we did what our bodies felt comfortable with and that was good. That was a minute or so faster than our perceived threshold time and that made me excited. Of course Alan said that means we aren't running our shorter races fast enough. LOL OK I get the picture... I'm just so afraid of dying at the end. We then were supposed to do about 2 mile cool down but the storm clouds moved in and the lightning and thunder started so we decided to cut our cool down one lap short and finished 1.87 miles for our cool down instead. It was a good day. I got two more good runs in this week and then a long run scheduled for Sunday.... 14 miles the longest I had ever done!
Today we ran a different route and I had NO IDEA where I was going to I followed some of the other gals (guys were being speedy ahead of us) and headed out. I did pretty good. I tried to keep my heart rate in a good range and let that dictate my run. I'm not sure if it was the right range or not but I felt decent there so I held steady. Some mile were obviously better than others and its so funny how staying in one heart rate your pace can differ depending on how many hills you have to climb or if there is a decent or if there is cars you have to dodge all the time. Of course getting lost (not really but I didn't know how to get BACK to down town) didn't help. So I added a nice .68 miles onto my route today. I ate one shot block at mile 5, a GU at mile 7 another two at mile 9 (about the area I got lost) then shared two with the girls at mile 11 and I sucked on one til mile 12. I think that helped me get in. I felt a lot of tightness on the way back in my hips and knees (reminds me I need to take some ibuprofen and get some Ice for me knees) but even that dissipated after eating the shot blocks. I can't believe that next weekend is a scheduled 16 miles! That's only 4 less then the longest run we'll have this training program. That is 6 weeks away. We'll have an 18 miler and a bunch of runs with Race Pace slid in the middle. We got back in one piece (I think I have blisters but I was afraid to look) and hungry so I'm off to eat AGAIN. Later I'll work some more on my Walk Report (because the walk (er jog day 2) rocked!