Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back to running and to life

The computer was on the fritz again but I got a lot done in the off the computer time. Nearly all the Christmas presents are done and a few more stocking stuffers to go. Cindi is getting better every day and needs less of mommy freaking out and more of mommy guiding her. The boys are driving me a bit bonkers but this weather is not good for their little boy needs or running around and getting their energy out either.

Today I ran with the Hash House Harriers Chico group called the Flying Monkeys. Ill explain what I can of that on a later post since its all still so new to me but I look forward to meeting up and running with Ed and the gang again soon. Added bonus? Vicki and Liz ran today too. Another added bonus? Susan and Alan down at Fleet feet sent me a Christmas card with a little surprise in it! My second official Christmas present! Cindi is of course my first.

I ran about 6 miles today. Not sure of the pace since I want to take this month to run what I feel instead of looking at the numbers. I can run, not look at my watch, and wait til I get back to check it out. I'm an instant gratification kinda girl you know? We did get to stop when we were almost back to the start and ate at a cute little restaurant for brunch. Brunch with the running group, a good run, and I got to go to Paradise and visit with my Dad for his birthday and spend the evening with my sista, niece, nephews and BIL. I can't believe I haven't seen them since August!

On the table for this week? Kettlebells tomorrow night. Run on Tuesday (if Hubby gets back at a decent time), Christmas eve with the in-laws, Christmas morning with my little family, Christmas night with My extended family, Saturday with the whole crazy Riggins family. Crazy crazy crazy....


girlrunningaround said...

Happy Holidays! Enjoy it!

SuperDave said...

Hope you, your husband and your great kids have a wonderful Christmas!