Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My 3 mile run was 27:36! I was DRAGGED by my crazy little dog. She is so fast. The first half I spent the whole time pulling her in and the second half she was much better and stayed by my side unless she was chasing squirrels. I was productive and I think she's getting the hang of the leash (thanks to the chain) and finally got tired of choking herself. I was hoping that 3 miles would wear her out and keep her from chewing every thing in sight but no luck. during my shower she found a pair of ipod headphones (I hate them they don't fit in my ears) and Blondy thought they were his and went off in a fit because if he can't listen to his Video Killed the Radio Star the world would end.

So 3 miles today and I'm hoping for 3-4 miles on Thursday to bring in the new year the right way. Maybe the tree farm? Sounds good to me. Saturday starts the half marathon program but I'm going to stick to the transition miles into the marathon program even though I'm not doing a marathon this spring because I do better the longer I go... It takes me a while to warm up. LOL I will be so ready for that Shamrock'n in March for my birthday, so so so ready.


Steven Cohen said...

Crazy, silly dog! Doesn't it wear you out to constantly try to control her? Good luck on the new training program! It's good to have structure like that.

Karen said...

Good for you running! Happy New Year!

SuperDave said...

Maybe you can let me borrow your dog. I think he can make me faster.
You are the only person that I know that it takes a half marathon before they warm up..hahaha
Hey I got it, you can run a half before your half. ;)

RBR said...

Happy New Year! Looks you and the fam fam had a great Christmas. Great job getting out there for your run. My first run of 2009 su-uucked!

Happy training!