Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

At this moment my 6 year old is crying like a baby because he can't find his Leapster that he can't even play because its after lights out time. What is up with that? My 8 year old won't turn off the light because he's reading. Not that I want him to stop reading but without a full nights sleep tomorrow is going to be hell for me. I need some mommy time. I need some recoup from this week time. I need a new body and a new brain because mine is falling apart... and fast.

Tuesday I was supposed to go do speedwork with the Fleet Feet Marathon group. I spend all night sitting up while trying to sleep because my head was so stuffy and my ears hurt and body ached. Full blown cold came to visit. I was so exhausted that I slept on and off on Tuesday and decided not to run that night since I was pretty blah from the Advil Cold and Sinus (which is my go to drug for any head cold let me tell you). I watched Biggest Loser and ate Peppermint Ice Cream while everyone else was running their tahookies off on TV and at the track. I tried to hit the hay but to no avail. Sometime after midnight the sandman finally came to visit. I woke up several times through out the night but not for very long at a time.

Wednesday we took both the 3rd and 1st graders to the farmers market. They each got $2 worth of Market cash to spend on fruits and veggies. They brought home a feast. Its amazing what $40 a classroom can bring back. They tried Bock Choy and Persimmons, peppers, lemongrass and squash. They bought things to make a soup in class with fresh herbs and local veggies. Both Classes came home with locally grown sugar pumpkins for our families to cook. I'm very excited and they all seemed to have a great day.

I for one was feeling great. Like the cold just blew on by. I went out with the Fleet Feet Flyers on their Wednesday night speed workout. I felt pretty good in general but felt held back by this nagging tightness and ache in my left leg from my hip to to ankle. I had to keep slowing down. It was really like I never got warmed up in the whole 5.6 mile workout. It makes me so mad that you are not even breathing hard, your heart rate is still low but you can't give it your all. Apparently I did get a work out though because I hurt like hell this morning. Worse than I have ALL of the marathon program. Enough that I think I may need to make an appointment with Dr. John. I need to nip this in the bud before it becomes an "injury" instead of some tensed up muscles.

I felt better overall today. I was really tired and still feeling the recovery mode from last night and this cold. I took it easy. I had a hard time straightening out my leg then a hard time bending it once it felt good straight. I've been eating OK the last few days. Elk for dinner in Spaghetti last night. YUMMY Hunny Thank you. It was ready for me to warm up when I got home and the kiddos were all ready for bed at 7:30pm. RIGHT ON!

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Willie said...

That is so cool that you took the kids to a farmer's market. What a great idea.

Sorry you're feeling sick. Take it easy and get some rest, even drug induced rest.

I've had those runs where you feel like you're trying so hard just to go slow! I've never understood it either. Oh well, it's a workout and that's better than sitting on the couch.

You're doing great and will be so ready for your marathon. Keep up the good work