Thursday, November 13, 2008


Things were feeling a bit repeditive so I thought I would change things up a bit for the day.

I took a rest day on Monday after Clarksburg and boy did I need it. It just took everything out of me, emotionally and physically I think. I needed a recharge. We had an easier run on Tuesday. We ran from the shop to one of the local High Schools tracks since the one at the University was dark and locked up. We did 15 minutes of easy pace 10 minutes of Marathon to Threshold pace then 15 minutes of easy pace again. I just never felt good though. We ran back to the store for a total of about 6 miles for the night. Stretched really good then headed home for some Ice Cream and Biggest Loser Action.

Wednesday I ran the 3mile loop with Good Neighbor. She is doing so good. I don't time myself or even take a watch on Wednesdays because Tuesday night workouts are usually so crazy and our run only starts 12 or so hours after our speed work is done that I just take a very easy pace with GN to get my miles in. I've been running in the park so much that I dread it though. I almost just want to run up to the airport and that has ALWAYS been my least favorite place to run to because of the even steady upward path it takes for 2 miles to the baseball field and the wind that never lets up. ... oh and its ugly. But there is a dedicated path so you aren't in danger (hopefully) of being hit by a car or truck, but maybe a bicyclist who thinks the paths belong to them.

Thursday: Today. I did to a different run. I started at 5mile which is part of Bidwell park but links lower and upper parks together. I did the 2 mile Centenial loop with offers up another steady long .75 mile long hill. I wanted to break up the run by taking the second half of my run to upper park and hitting a bit of trail. First I stopped to see Margo who is a friend of the hubby's family and lives across from the entrance to the park, lucky girl hu? She has a new Minnie Aussie who is BEAUTIFUL she's a blue merle and has crystal blue eyes and I want her. Sorry Margo... I do! When its time for us to get a new dog I'm so looking into mini aussies. Margo says there is a breeder in Vina... I'm off to scour the internet for it... just to see if her puppies are as cute as Shelby. After taking a 10 minute break I drank some water, took off the long sleeved shirt and headed to upper park. I took the trail up to Horseshoe lake then looped back down. I was crossing the bridge back to 5mile when my 2 mile alarm went of. It was perfect timing. I had a great run(s) today. I felt good for the first time in a long time. I don't think I had a negative thought about running the whole time. I love days like this. OK I'm off to shower, eat and pick up the little guys!


Steven Cohen said...

it's so great to get in a different route and shake up the routine! Glad you enjoyed it so much, and keep it up!

ShirleyPerly said...

Glad you had a good run! I, too, like dogs with blue eyes. Alaskan huskies often have then and if it weren't for the fact that I travel too much and live in a hot climate, I'd probably have one. Instead, I have a little stuffed husky named Lucky :-)