Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New(s) to Me

In getting into the holiday spirit I bought myself (an my mama) a new toy with lots of fun features to help us track our movement. Because sitting on our toosh does nothing good for our bodies or minds! Merry Christmas to me! What else gets me into the Christmas spirit? Christmas MUSIC. I'm a nut... I love it. Even the BAD not so good ;-) stuff.

 Go ahead and watch. It's a hoot and a half. I love Ray Stevens. I have a picture of me with him from when I was about 15. I won't post it. I'm a geek. Here's more about me being a geek.

I did it. Jumped in feet first. Got me a FitBit. Love it. It might be a little like Santa... "it knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you're awake". I wouldn't go as far as saying its creepy but... It also knows when you haven't been out on a run. OOPS! I'm hoping to rectify that today. I do have to say if you are interested I may be able to help you out with that. Stay tuned and I'll dish more when I know more.
24 hours into FitBit life that I should wash my hair more vigorously in the shower to register more "steps". Gotta love accelerometers!  I like the ability of recording how much water and food I consume... although I don't see this as a constant. I just don't like logging that sort of thing but it is a good reminder and a valuable tool when I feel like I'm off track. More to come but I am excited and  nervous and you'll be seeing FITBIT on here more as I am documenting my progress and testing its features.
Do you have a fitness devise/application that measures your movements, sets goals, helps you keep track of your food or hydration? I want to know how you do it, what you think, if you would recommend that product to friends or family.
Now go get your Holiday spirit on that's an order! If you need a present idea I do suggest Fitbit!

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