Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jack Frost 10K race (and a week in) review

Tomorrow will be two weeks after the marathon and I got in three short runs before today. All of them hard. Apparently i didn't go far enough because by the 5 mile mark today I felt great. I also got two strength training sessions (and a couple blisters on my hands to match the blisters on my feet!) at KOR that rocked my world. Not sure if it was in a good way or not. I still have trouble sitting down to go pee and then getting up again. LOL

This week in review~
I managed to get all those workouts in despite working in the classrooms this week, endless loads of laundry to wash and fold, doing dishes that refuse to do themselves, going out to eat because I'm too lazy too cook and Christmas shopping but I still don't know where I found the time. I did manage to address and mail out Christmas cards and I'll post a pic of that on here too. Yes the picture was taken in March of this year, yes the children look like it was 5 years ago instead of 8 months ago. They grew a ton while I was out training for a marathon and didn't take any good pictures during that time. I did manage to help out during the Blondy's pizza party on Thursday and Nurse Tammy brought her daughter (who is gluten free [GF] ) a pizza from the local pizza joint and it was super yummy... most important, I could eat it and not pay the ultimate price. Win win for me! I also made a not GF baked french toast casserole for Hollywood's class. I didn't eat it because Nurse Tammy's other daughter is in this class and she is GF too so she made a yummy egg casserole with potatoes and cheese. I feel spoiled. Can I request that these girls are always in my boys classes???? I did hear that the casserole was pretty darn tasty though.

Jack Frost 10k today~
I had an easy run today right around 10 minute miles I think. I ran with my friend Patty who right after CIM with me last year was diagnosed with RA. Its affecting her hip joints a lot and running far doesn't feel the best but she trained for this race and by golly she was going to do it. We both forgot our music so we chit chatted and caught up. I also ran with Teri who was supposed to run with us at CIM but she was hurt. I felt so blessed to get to catch up with them both! The miles and the mud from the trail portion flew by, we had to modify the course a little because the creek was up and the trails were slick and before we knew it we were at the 5 mile mark. I finally felt like I had gotten warmed up and I sped up a little to run Patty in strong for her target race. Although we came in at just over 1 hour I know I could have pushed it harder but wouldn't have had nearly as much fun. I love our little running community and I was so glad I got a little time with my old training buddies.

Jack Frost Rocked... and we got jingle bells and a cute t shirt too! Fleet Feet Chico did it again.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CIM 2010 review

I've started several posts and they all end up so long winded. Here is the short(er) and not so sweet version.

I had signed up for the relay when I was still injured and had a "back up plan" in place in case i didn't get better soon enough to run the full. My friend TD and Bernie were running it with me. Both of them made their relay legs into 2 legs so they could get about a half in. TD the first half, Bernie the second. I also ran with Liz who was trying to get a PR since she seems to always come in right around the same time.  4:25-4:30 mark haunts her... 

We went to the the expo and got our stuff then headed to Lucca for dinner. They didn't have on the menu what I've eaten the last two years and instead of asking I went with the spaghetti and meatballs. Since gluten is not my friend I should have known this was a disaster in the making. My tummy was in shambles the rest of the night. BIG FAIL #1. I drank Nuun the day before to make sure my electrolytes were balanced even thought my tummy is not the biggest fan. BIG FAIL #2. I went to bed early! That's a good thing... but sleep eluded me. Good thing I slept well all week. At least something was going right.

Sunday morning:
We got up at 4:30am and ate... I had a bagel... BIG FAIL #3. Bagels have gluten hu? yea... I know this but they are easy and I was afraid the Hyatt's breakfast would just be more bagel type foods anyway. So I ate it. Good for fuel, bad for the tummy.

We met Liz at the Sheridan and boarded the buses in a breeze. The ride was uneventful while I ate breakfast and drank some more water. We expected the weather to be wet and planned accordingly. Liz stripped out of one layer of her clothes and should have left our jackets in the sweat check too. The weather was not warm yet but the streets were wet and the air was balmy even at 6:15am. We met the group at the #1 pump at Chevron station after our first bathroom stop and got a group picture. When I get it I'll post it. We did a little warm up and headed out.

I had little to no expectations for this race. The longest I had run was 16 miles and hadn't felt my best through a lot of the program. My speed workouts were modified for various reasons but mostly to keep from throwing myself back onto the injured list where I lived in boredom the whole first half of the year.

The race started and off we went. Less than a mile in it was too hot to tote the jacket... first unzipped and by mile marker two it was around my waist. I felt OK and Liz and TD kept up a decent pace. We hung in close to the 9:30 pace once we cleared the cluster of of slower paced runners and kept up good time. Liz was feeling it early though and she had some inner hip/groin pain. She thought if she ran faster or slower it would help... then she ran faster so it would be done with sooner. Sometimes it was hard to keep up. BUT for me miles 1-15 were hard but fun. I thought this was going to be a breeze and I took my GU chomps at mile 4 at mile 8 and mile 12... but by the time we got to 15 my GI track was done with it...We did say goodbye to TD and our Jackets at mile 13.8 or so and we were on our own. It never rained and in fact it got really warm, not good for long tights but that's what I had so that's what I used.

Miles 15-19 were close to tragic and 3 potty stops to boot.I lost Liz in there somewhere and I don't even remember. It was not pretty and I'm not fond of reliving those miles at all. Miles 20-23 weren't as bad but they weren't good either... actually I can't tell you much except that I don't remember much other than I saw coach Paul and he told me where the next port-o-potty was, I saw his wife, little girl and Tiffany from our group and I saw my husband who had little to no sympathy other than "you better get going"... I looked as bad as I felt and he didn't want me to stick around long enough to go jump in the truck and give up. Those miles were just putting one foot in front of another. At mile 22 they were giving out GU packets. I do remember asking for a vanilla and eating it but I didn't remember eating it or I would have realized it was orange not vanilla, but I did find the wrapper in my little pocket thingy later.

At the mile 23 marker I felt a little more like me. I wasn't shuffling anymore and my feet weren't killing me they were finally numb. It did hurt more to walk than run so running was an easy choice.I passed several of my running friends and touched base with Julie and Donna for a mile or so in there. I gave Kimmy a little pep talk and waved and cheered on Beth and Ellen from those last few good miles. I went from shuffling at an 11+ minute pace to a 9:30 minute pace that felt like I was flying. I came in at 4:39:14 and although I didn't have high expectations I was pretty disappointed at first. Then I realized that no matter what the time, a marathon is more than 26.2 and running the perfect race.Its more about giving more than your all and getting it done. I definitely did that... and I got lots of new blisters for the effort.

I do have to say my hubby (FFP) and Liz's and my kids met us at various places along the route and gave us great inspiration and met us at the finish line with beautiful flowers. That made all the pain, all the potty breaks and the crampy tummy, made the endless miles and the one foot in front of each other to just the next street mentality, the super negative self talk, the blisters and sore feet and tight hip all worth it. Because if they see that I can overcome these things and still cross the finish line. That I can start and finish something so hard even with all the adversity... that I will set an example of the thing that they can try and not give up on too. I'm a lucky mommy, a lucky wife and a dedicated runner. That warm December day it all showed.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've got the fever

Three years ago I started on this journey... first by half marathon then on to run the full. I logged so many miles and bought so many shoes and gels and socks and running clothes that my wardrobe looked more like I lived at my local running store. Since then I've run several half marathons, a 20 mile race, 10k's, quarter marathons, a few 5k's and one more marathon until Sunday when I run my 3rd. My plans include harder races for the Winter and Spring and the RTO for early Summer.

I can't count how much running is like being pregnant. The starvation, the cravings, the eating everything in site, the exhaustion, the vivid dreams, going pee every half hour because I drank so much water and the falling asleep at parties or going home early and not drinking during training. Of course I don't blow up like a balloon and if I do my core work, cross training and go to KOR I get a rock hard body instead of gaining 50lbs like I did with my first pregnancy. But sometimes the running is not even enough to starve off that baby fever.

I run because it makes me feel good.... but I also run because I want a baby and we are SO done having babies. I need an extreme outlet to get me through... training for a marathon does that for me, or at least it helps.

My name is Tina Mickelson,  I have baby fever... so I run .

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful and Blessed

Tuesday the Firefighter Provider (FFP) and Hollywood set out to shop the old fashioned way for the perfect Turkey for our at home bird since we were going to my in-laws for Tday and didn't think there would be sufficient left overs for the essentials like Turkey Sandwiches and Turkey Soup.

I took Blondy to see the Harry Potter movie and checked me phone as we were leaving thinking the boys wouldn't even be close to coming home at 3pm. I was wrong! There was a picture of Hollywood with two wild turkeys! FFP breasted out one and gave it to a friend and the other he tediously plucked so I could cook it the old fashioned way. We then soaked it in brine all night and cooked it Wednesday afternoon with wild pig sausage stuffing, yams and roasted veggies. YUMMO!

Thursday I made the clan get up early and head out to the Run For Food our local "turkey trot" 5k to benefit the shelter here in town. There were close to 4000 people at our little local race. I was pretty amazing. Hollywood and I ran ahead (because we had been training) but waited to run with FFP and Blondy the last 1/4 mile so. This is the second year the boys and I have run this and I hope its a tradition we hold onto. We got home and watched a movie before Hollywood and I headed back out for another 3 mile run (him by bike) with Cindi too.

Thanksgiving evening we spent the evening with my in-laws and enjoyed my nephew. He's growing so fast and had a great time making laps around the living room and kitchen the way my kids did when they were so little. I can't believe that went so fast. We had a good time with my nephew, Brother and sister in law, hubby's parents and Grandma Margie.

I had a lot to be thankful for this year but mostly for my amazing family. My boys are pretty amazing.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pain in the Foot

Had to go buy a new pair of kicks, this time in Wide since my feet are swelling during long runs and getting all smooshed together. This causing the nerve that runs down the top of my foot to become inflamed and cranky... to the point that I had to cut way back on my miles but tomorrow is my last "long run" of 3 hours. We'll see how that goes. The plan is to just suck it up. :) I will cut it short if it feels like someone is repeatedly stabbing my in the foot with a dull knife like it did a few weekends ago.

CIM is not very far away... 2 weeks. I do have an "out" but I really don't want to give up on it.

The plan for 2011... I always overbook myself. I learned a lot this year though. Next year I want less speed and more miles for enjoyment. The plan is to train for the Sunsweet 50k in April and Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay in June.

I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not so New to This Running Thing

Sprinting for the finish line of my first 20 mile race 2008
 I've been running full time (except for my injury hiatus where i dreamed day and night about it) for very close to three years. As runners who have run as far as a marathon we have a different perspective on distance and time on our feet. Many people call it dedication (well many people who I run with) but those who don't run for fun sometimes many times call us crazy. Its hard to remember when 3 miles was impossible or before we knew terms like fartlek or tempo. I can see how new runners could be intimidated and a little put off by the lingo and jargon of those of us living the hard core running lifestyles.

As I woke up this morning I had a list in my head of the races I'd like to run in the Winter and Spring next year. All of them lead up to my first 50k trail race in a nearby town. 50k is 31 miles. I'm struggling at the moment with 15miles due to a very sore foot. I have potential to crash and burn on this marathon I'm supposed to do in two short weeks and I pray my  new wider shoes come in ASAP! Even some of my marathon training friends don't see the appeal of an "Ultra" (anything longer than 26.2 miles)is a bit daunting. I look forward to a new challenge even if a marathon still seems a bit overwhelming.

Over at Dimity and Sarah share their wealth of knowledge about running with a family in their book "Run Like a Mother: How to get moving~ and not lose your Family, Job or Sanity". In a recent post the girls ask what works or not on their site, in their book before second publishing comes out, or on their FB page. As I read through the suggestions I noticed a lot of readers/runners who are just starting out are frustrated with the "go big or go home" mentality many of us who have been running longer have. Personally i do not like the run/walk method and feel like I'm half~assing it when I use it... but guess what? I've used it and it worked... I don't like it for me personally but I've also run two marathons and several 10-22 mile runs without stopping so for me its a little like defeat. BUT there was a time when I couldn't run a half a mile. That time was a little more than three year ago. I was there, frustrated, alone and not understanding how anyone could make it to 26.2 when i struggled just past the .2.

Here is the advise I left for some of the girls who voiced their concerns over how they perceived some of the comments in the book referring to how slow a 12minute pace or how short a 3 mile run is. Those miles matter, that speed is amazing because you are trying and we all had to start somewhere.

I’m sorry that you girls feel that way. Much of that is perspective. Many of us have been running for a long time for long distances and its hard to remember (or maybe its easy to forget) how it was when we first started out. BUT We were all there once. We all had to start somewhere and many of us started out after we became parents and had to learn to juggle and balance the family with our running. We were discouraged and felt very alone. No matter what the distance or the pace please know that those of us who talk “big” are very proud of you guys starting out because putting one foot in front of another is an amazing accomplishment in itself. One of the best ways to get faster or run a little farther is to either find a running group or just a friend who is a little faster or runs a little farther than you already do. They will be happy to slow down a bit or use their easy run with you as a warm up. In no time you’ll be doing the same thing for your friends that YOU have encouraged to start running too. This book will not only give you perspective but will also give you to the tools to encourage and inspire others.

I hope that if you haven't read the book and you are new to running you will still pick it up and feel the same vibe I did... that YOU AEE NOT ALONE. If you don't have a running group or spouse or friend to run with you can go to their blog... and to many other mommies blogs just by "following these mothers" on the right hand side of the site. Be kind to yourself and know that you have to start somewhere and that it all matters, no matter the pace or the distance. Those of us with the "go big" mentality just need to be reminded that we all had to start somewhere.... and that was by putting one foot in front of the other.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Baked Apples and a Foot on Ice

Sat on my ass all day with my foot up and an ice pack rotated with an ace bandage for compression. It hurts like the dickens on the top of my foot just below the ankle. The feeling has point tenderness then spreads down my foot. Since we just spend a butt load of money on the same foot for the whole pelvic tilt/hip/leg/foot issue the whole first part of the year I'm a little perturbed that a whole new thing just popped up. :( So if I don't feel better tomorrow another appointment with the podiatrist is in order. Grrrr.... Saturday is supposed to be our first 20 miler.

BUT I made the most yummy baked apples and that makes up for it a little, well at least for today.

  • 2 Granny Smith Apples cored about 3/4 of the way
  • 2 Tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup TJ pecan cluster cereal
  • 1/4 cup walnut pieces
  • a small pad of butter on top of each
  • cinnamon to taste

I put both apples in a glass loaf pan with 1/8 cup water. mixed up the brown sugar, cereal and walnut pieces and fill the apples to the top. place a little tab of butter and put into a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes covered with foil.Take the foil off and cook 5 more minutes until the apples are soft. When you take your apple out sprinkle with cinnamon if you want. I did have a little stuffing left so I added that on top after I put it in my bowl. Yumm-o. I added a side of TJ's pumpkin ice cream and have to say it was the best pumpkin ice cream I've had so far.  I do love me some pumpkin ice cream so I'm sort of an unofficial expert if I do say so myself.

baked stuffed apples w/ TJ's pumpkin ice cream!

This was the perfect  easy fall dessert! I just tossed it into the oven when I was finished baking the chicken for dinner and set the timer. By the time it came out of the oven and cooled it was perfect timing for a warm treat!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Put it Out There

Maybe if I put it out there I'll be more likely to make it happen. After my long run on Saturday I'm a little worried about getting back out there tomorrow. I need to go to KOR and also run 4 miles tomorrow. My foot hasn't bothered me much today and I'm going to ice it again tonight and give it a real try tomorrow. Maybe adjusting the laces some.

I had a great weekend with my sister and the kids. I can't believe its been 8 months since I've seen them. I got so much love from my niece and nephews. Especially the nephews. Princess Nani plays well with my boys but the two little ones really clung to me this weekend and I loved every moment of it. I loved listening to JJ laugh that deep belly laugh of his. I love that TyTy loves for me to blow on his belly and tickle him. He just asked me over and over. I got such an abundance of hugs and kisses and love from my nephews. It made me miss my boys being so little when I was their whole world. I have to hold onto my boys and that feeling just a little longer when they give out the extra love that came so easy when they were little when I didn't have to beg for a kiss or cuddle time.

 Nani is getting so big. I'm always amazed by her sensitivity and creativity. She hasn't been jaded or built walls around herself in spite of the challenges of changing schools, moving from friends, having her parents split up and all the other changes this year has brought. I know she's scared but when I took her out of the room and talked to her she told me out right that she was scared, that she missed her home and she really missed her daddy. The way she clung to me and cried made me remember the way it used to be when I was little before I was too scared to hold back. She reminds me so much of me and I miss her so much.

I'm going to hold onto those hugs and those kisses and the tears I wiped away this weekend in my heart and the forefront of my thoughts this week when I feel like I can't make it to KOR, when those miles seem like too many or the weather isn't perfect for a good run. I'll hold onto the sound of their laughter when I run in the rain next Saturday for my 20 mile run. Because I got a little time with my favorite people this weekend I'm going to put that out there, into everything I do, into my effort on the pavement, on the trail, working in the classroom. Their weekend with us brought me a little extra umph to get me through my single mama time this week and all of next week when my firefighter provider (FFP) is out of town on hunting and fire business.

I'm thinking that maybe if I clean out the freezer the FFP might actually see and kill some elk this week. Day 2 has come and gone and no animals yet.

Do you "meat eaters" eat game or do you buy from local grocers or farms?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

18 Wheeler... keep on Driving

right over me. At least that is how I feel after my long run this morning. My whole body rebelled and decided that today was not a good day to run that far. BUT I got my butt out into the rain and hung on for dear life and ran. Hip and calves hurt at first but by mile 4 they were pretty much warmed up. The rain finally stopped around mile 8 and stayed away until the last mile or so.

I'm worried though... the top of my right foot hurts.. a lot. I don't want it to be anything big and I'm thinking that I'll wake up tomorrow and it will be a bad dream. 6 weeks to CIM and its not a good time for an injury. I'll ice again tonight, I'll ice tomorrow and back to running and KOR on Monday.

So I'm giving that 18 miler (and wheeler) that kicked my ass today, permission to keep on driving because I have too many important things riding on this program and a lot of prep/run time invested. Lets keep our fingers crossed for good news!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for the fall weather. The cooler weather has finally found us after an extended Indian Summer her in Northern California. Tomorrow's high is 60 and its gonna be wet this weekend!

I'm thankful for my boys even though they were total boogers today (actually still are being boogers since they refuse to go to bed). I'm thankful they are happy and healthy boogers.

I'm thankful that my hubby is getting away with his dad, brother and  buddies. He needed it, he works so hard for us and he comes back refreshed and happy (and hopefully brings a whole truckload of Elk meat too).

I'm thankful for my family. My sister, niece and nephews are in town and I'm so glad I'll get to spend some quality time with them this weekend. I missed them so much!!!

I'm thankful for my friends. Some of them are going through some really hard life changing things and some of them are all consumed with new and wonderful adventures but they still check in and support me as I try and support them. I'm so blessed to have them in my life.

I'm thankful that I have a strong body even if I keep getting sick. In general I can still do all the things I need to do but I know that there are moms out there fighting debilitating diseases like breast cancer and depression but still get up and do what they need to get done to be a mom and a wife every day.

No more "Next time" for me.

Monday night at softball I hit the ball... twice.

I've started playing last Spring on the co-ed team for NSEngineering and every time I was at bat I struck out. Not for the lack of trying... I just couldn't seem to connect. There were many games that I just felt like I shouldn't be there and I was just dragging them down. I got through every game last season and half the games this season without the ball making contact. Every time I walked off the field Todd (manager) would say, "next time".

Monday night he was in Hawaii with his GF celebrating his birthday. (Tuesday night he proposed and she said YES!) so he wasn't there to see me hit the ball. BUT that's OK because now I have a little sense of "I can do it" because I already did it... twice!

Its kind of like running in the way that you think it looks so easy. Just get out there and run right? But running takes practice, to build miles, to build speed, to hydrate and fuel properly. Sometimes you just have to keep doing something until it clicks. You may go awhile before you have a good run again, or hit the ball again and I'm good with that. I do think that the rest of the team got much more of a kick out of it than me. One of the guys said to FFP that "even if nothing else goes right this game, Tina hitting the ball made it all worth it." :)

Then someone stole me phone. :(

Three Things Thursday

1. My hubby left today with his brother, dad and buddies for a 10 day camping/hunting trip out of state for Elk. I hope he brings something back because my freezer is empty and I haven't bought meat in so long I wouldn't even know where to start! We generally eat elk and venison for red meat and wild pig for our pork. I have been buying chicken from the local farm but its coming into duck season (and turkey season I think) so we'll have some foul in our futures soon.

2. I was dreading 10 days alone with the boys until my sister called and said that she was going to drive down from Washington this weekend with my niece and nephews! That totally made up for it! I miss them all so much (and I have very cool gifts for the kids that I collect but always forget to mail).

3. That race on Sunday was harder on my body than I thought. I ended up with a cold on top of it. I had a really easy run yesterday and have missed KOR all week. I'm feeling like such a flake.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NWM 2010 Half marathon report

Dimity (tallest) and Sarah (next tallest) in back and me in the middle of it all
I went into the training program with little expectations. I just wanted to cross the finish line in December, actually I just wanted to do an entire leg of the CIM relay in December and do it with a smile on my face.

The highlight of my weekend was actually to meet Dimity and Sarah who wrote RUN LIKE A MOTHER: and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity  for their presentation on Saturday morning then again in the afternoon for a little pre-race RLAM chit chat. Their voices resonate so loudly through the pages in the book and are just as witty and down to Earth as the essays in their book.

Race morning: Got up with Tracy and Teri and headed to the start line about 5 blocks away. It was warmer than I thought and by the time we got to Union Square the buzz and the energy was through the roof! We used the little-blue-rooms then headed to the line up. It went all the way around the block and we didn't even get close to where we were last year. We started so far back that it took 7 minutes before we could even move forward at a slow walk, almost 15 to reach the start line a few more before our feet moved in a motion that almost resembled a shuffle more than a walk. That was a really slow start but my whole view this year was to have fun.

me running w/ GG Bridge in the back ground

We kept an easy pace those first few miles to warm up then just took the hills easy and the downhill and flats at a harder pace. We sang and took some pictures along the route, we have high 5's and checked out everyone else's running gear. I took some GU chomps at mile 4 and mile 8. Mile 6 was the start of the first long hill and I just put my head down and put one foot in front of the other and cruised up the endless hill. I smiled to myself and repeated the mantra of the race: I run to be... and I filled in the blanks. I don't think i had one negative self talk moment for the whole race. After each hill was a huge smile and a little "wahoo!"  I started picking up the pace after the last long hill at about mile 8 and slowly push the pace. I did wonder where the heck the turn was into the park for the last two miles but all along I kept wondering what was so awful last year? The smile stayed plastered on my face even when the sprinkles came at mile 9 and continued to get a little more wet as we went along. It was still "sprinkles" until the end and it started to rain for real!

Me and Tracy at the end before it rained too hard!
Tracy and I played leapfrog along the whole race and we talked little but cheered each other and pushed each other along as we went. I pulled ahead that last half mile and pushed the envelope even farther... I crossed the line with a huge smile on my face and my arms in the air!!! Tracy was just behind me and so was Bernie. We got pictures with the firefighters decked out in Tuxedos handing out Tiffany & Co. necklaces instead of finishers medals. We stayed to the left so Teri could find us and walked through the finisher chutes and were corralled to the end. I felt like my throat and tummy were full of ice cubes and the rain got more and more heavy. I went off one direction to find Dimity and Sarah but found hot chocolate and hot soup instead, found the girls and headed for the long hike back to the car.  Even if it wasn't my fastest it was the most fun I've had running since the CIM last year. I'm looking for a fun race in December too!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Run to Be:

I run to be:
  • a mom who sets a good example for her boys and their friends by living a healthy lifestyle and getting them out and encouraging them to find exercise they love.
  • a wife and partner who is healthy and fit enough to still go do fun things with her hubby and get the things that need to be done as a stay at home mom done while he's gone.
  • the kind of friend who has learned to listen with intention whether on a long run or a phone conversation and be a true supporter in the things they love
  • a mentor to new runners who are looking for direction and support
    2010 NWM half finishers necklace
  • most of all to be the best possible me I am am capable and intended to be.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I totally Rocked this Weekend

I suffered from a terrible ear infection all week (and refused to see the dr.). I lived on ibuprofen for a few days I think. But I felt better on Saturday and met the marathon training group at 1mile for our 16 mile run. The great thing about meeting here is that the city turned the creek into a pool perfect for post run "ice baths".

Since the 10mile and Half Marry programs are over we got Ramon back to help coach! We took off and I got to chit chat with the girls at the back of the group since I'm to slow to keep up with the faster runners.  We headed up the park, took the levy around, then headed up Upper Park road all the way to B trail. 8 miles! It was pretty slow going since it was a decent climb all the way to our turn around on a rocky unsurfaced fire road. We did take an extra long rest at the top, ate some GU chomps and i really needed to stretch my hip flexors (ouchy!!!) and headed back down the trail. We chatted away and the miles seemed fly by. When we got to the aid station with 5 to go with picked up the effort to marathon pace then the last mile was supposed to be 10k effort to simulate the "race to the finish kick" we should all have at the end of the Marathon in 8 weeks. We finished strong. I still felt good enough to bring home a 9:08 the last mile! I'm starting to feel my legs, brain and lungs falling back into sync. Not as fast as I have gone in the past but definitely seeing improvements. You can see my Garmin Connect info
Got back to 1mile and stretched good before literally jumping into the creek for the "ice bath". This is so much easier than going home, filling up the bath tub with cold water, getting in then adding ice. 15 minute soak then got out and dried off as Ramon was talking to Tara about ultra running. Now this has been sitting in the back of my mind for a long time. I even gave a little hint a few months ago on FB about wanting to try my hand at an Ultra some day. We talked ourselves into doing the Sunsweet 50k next Spring. HOLY CRAPPOLA I'm even more crazy than I thought.!

bib for 1/4 marry and cute long sleeve tech shirt!
Good Neighbor and I had our Bunco for Boobies night last night so I was on my feet getting stuff done all day then headed to packet pick up to sign up last minute for the HOT Half in the quarter marathon. Got my bib, my shirt and I was off to convince a bunch of ladies to spend a bunch of $ for a good cause... and it worked! We raised $915 last night!!!

I got up this morning and handed the kids to the sitter and headed to Hooker Oak park for the Hot Half and quarter marathon. I met up with a friend TD and we headed out on a warm up run. She was treating this run like her last long run before Nike Womens next week and needed to get 9 in total. Since we were both doing the 1/4 we headed out a mile and a quarter and back to get the difference and did some planning for next weekends race in the city. We shared some GU chomps drank some water and lined up.

 I'm not much of a trail runner but I was excited to try something new and work into more trail runs since I got my cool nifty trail shoes too! I also wore the cutest outfit possible to distract other runners and hopefully disorient them long enough to let me pass and then they can't catch up. That was the plan anyway.

TD and I post race
Me and Shannon post race
The race started and immediately hit some tough terrain. It was fun though. I can't believe I actually enjoyed crashing through brush, up embankments, around boulders, through creek beds, along rocky or very narrow paths and sometimes down steep lose graveled trails. Many of these trails are ones we run on every week... and some were definitely harder and less run paths. But it was fun and I didn't fall and hurt myself or anyone else even once. We had water/electrolyte stations at mile 2 and 4.5. I walked through those but none of the hills or especially technical areas. I'm pretty darn happy with myself. I ran most of the first 5 miles with Shannon who was in our training group last year and we did some catching up when the path was a little wider and we didn't have to concentrate too much. When we hit the fire road I took off and caught up to TD who had been ahead of us all along and we just tried to keep her in our sights. We worked hard to keep the pace up that last mile and a half (.83 is more like it). I crossed the line in about 1h10min. That brought my grand total today to 9.23 miles with our warm up. Here's my GC for the race sans warm-up.

I met up with Shannon, TD and Jed from our training group was there too. It was a pretty awesome day. Chico Running Club did a pretty good job of organizing and getting us out there today. Instead of a medal we got pint glasses! Aren't these cute!

I did need a nap today but over all I felt great for the whole race. Came home and did some laundry (fun fun fun I know!) and re-organized bunco stuff for future games. I finally settled down tonight and tried out the new glass... with my favorite beer of course!

I do need to give a special shout out to SBS who ran Portland Marathon today and brought home a BQ coming in at under the 4 hour mark. I hear it was a soggy race!! And also to Anthony Villasana and Holly Nevarez who both ran a very hot Chicago Marathon today. You guys rocked it in spite of the weather. I'm not sure I could have said the same. All of our local runners doing the Healdsburg Half (my hats off to you!) but especially to Ed Hudson who ran an amazing 50mile race yesterday. You are truly an inspiration.You are all my heroes!!!  I think 10-10-10 will go down in history as a day of extremes.

I'll raise my pint glass to those extreme runners!!! Cheers!

Monday, October 4, 2010

New local Long Run and Livestrong Yellow Day 5K 2010

Saturday our coach took us to Riverbend Park in Oroville to start our run there. We had an amazing run along the Feather River to the damn, past the fish hatchery and through lots of trails. From the park to the aid station just below the damn was 7 miles of paved trail, dirt trail and rocky trail, so it was 14 mile round trip technical, hilly but fun course. I had the FFP come along as an aid station since our coach Paul was going to have to carry all the water for us via bike. We did a little 10 minute warm up, some active stretching and headed out.

I was running with 3 other girls on the way out there. Karen, Ellen and Kim. We had to run through a creepy tunnel and got turned around twice but made it there safe and sound. Got some electrolyte replacement drink from the hubby and headed back. It was so beautiful! I'm glad we didn't see the snakes that the fast runners saw. Sometimes its a blessing to be in the back. Karen and I stuck together and sped up a little in front of the big group of gals. We haven't really ran together alone before so it was nice to talk to someone new.  We did end up being stopped by a train. It turned out to be a good place to stretch. Although we both felt tight running back, we stretched again well and headed back to Chico in one piece. Thank you Hubby for manning the station. I guess he saw 5 jake turkeys, 150 or so Canadian Honkers and some deer out there. Its a great place to run and I hope he lets us do it again. I love Chico but it was nice to run something new for a change.

We headed to Paradise to pick up the kiddos then home to veg. Well I vegged and ate and did dishes and laundry and ran to Fleet Feet to get the hubby some socks and us all Livestrong yellow bracelets for the race we were volunteering for later. Not a lot of rest and probably not enough to eat.

turn at the 1 mile race in Bidwell Park
I've been dreaming about helping out since last year when Sean Murphy started a local Livestrong group in our community. Being a survivor of 17 years isn't something that I need everyone to know. I don't keep it a secret but participating in this is all about me, for me in my heart and in my head. I made the boys and the hubby (FFP) help because all of us have been touched by cancer. FFP lost his Grandfather and Great Grandfather these last few years to cancer. His mother is a Breast Cancer survivor. I have lost my Grandfather, my uncle James, my uncle Larry and there are many other friends and family including my mom and my uncle Jerry who are survivors or angels on our list of those cancer has reached. The boys learned very young what cancer was and that it doesn't discriminate. It could hit anyone at anytime.That fear lives in my heart always. I hope I didn't pass that to them.
my boys at the 5k turn around point near the Manzanita Bridge

The boys and I drew signs in yellow chalk on the ground along the course at the 1 mile and the 5k turns on the footbridges. We cheered people on at the first bridge then headed to the other end of the park for the second round of cheering. Although it was almost a mile and a half those kids were troopers. We drew more signs with the limited amount of chalk left and yelled and cheered and sent them over the bridge and back down the park telling them how thankful we were they were there to run/walk for such a wonderful cause, how this survivor thanks them, how they are making a difference literally one step at a time.

We cleaned up and headed back. I was looking forward to finishing up with the last people and celebrating with the group. Unfortunately one runner at the finish line reported to one of our volunteers that a little boy said he had lost his mom at the last foot bridge where I was and they asked me to go back and check. I was already almost 3/4 of a mile back and in frustration I sent the kids together back to the start/finish line I headed back the way I came from. I would not be able to live with myself if I hadn't checked but I was tired and cranky and pretty sure that I did a good check of the area on both sides of the creek before I left.

Although I had no reason to be upset with that volunteer I was a little. She didn't ask or have the hubby (who has little knowledge of the layout of the park)  ask how far away I was, she just assumed I was "closer than she was". I had already run 15 miles that morning and being a part of the finish and the festivities meant a lot to me. I didn't need anyone else to know that before we set out on our assignments but in my heart that was what I was looking forward to most. I cried for the 2 miles back to the bridge then back to the finish line where I got a hug and a cookie for being the nice one who did what needed to be done. I was mad at myself for feeling so selfish and sad for me for having missed out.

The "lost" boy had obviously been running with his mom but had probably run up ahead and turned around and not seen her. She probably made it around the corner and caught up with him and they had likely finished the race together since no one reported a missing child. There was no lost little boy when two of the runners re-ran and checked the course. No one called me to tell me that the course had been cleared. It would have taken a volunteer from the finish line 5 minutes to drive to the bridge that it took me 15 minutes to walk back to bridge and looking everywhere in case I missed something before turning around and walking all the way back 30 minutes to Sycamore Glenn.  I was really mad at the lady who ran another 20 minutes to the finish line before reporting a boy who was "lost" to a volunteer when I was standing 20 yards away from where she had seen him with a telephone in my hand when she crossed the bridge. She didn't send the boy to me or even try to help him. She left him to finish this "important" race in spite of someone being in trouble. That really hurt my heart. We headed home. Off and on for the rest of the night was a battle against crying and feeling angry.

I know that the people who were in charge of the race did a great job and I'm looking forward to working with them again. I actually can't wait. This was an event I was excited about working on all year. I'm sad it didn't turn out for me the way I had hoped but I also understand that things happen... I just wish it didn't feel like they always have to happen to me. That was more than just a celebration of my survivorship and a way to raise awareness  for a wonderful charity that brings funds to the research for a cure. For me it was more than the anniversary of the day Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer that lead us to this point with an amazing charity and local chapter. That day was the also the celebration of life of Vicki Gelletti, one of my Aunt Sandy's best friends. She was an amazing women and she fought so hard against cancer for so long. I'm thankful she's at peace and free from pain but this world will miss the angel that walked among us.

I love and miss you Grandpa Derril, Grandpa Dave, Uncle James and Uncle Larry and Vicki too. There are so many more angels up there who have been taken by cancer and so many survivors who endured and overcame cancer still with us on Earth but  no matter where you are, you are all in my heart.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a weekend!

This was a great weekend! The FFP (Firefighter Provider AKA Hubby) came home Friday after being gone to a class in the Bay Area all week. We left the kiddos with the sitter and headed off for his softball game. His team won 16-10 and I got to chat with the girls. Nice hu? We then wen't straight for Tres Hombres which is probably the most popular restaurant in town and for good reason. Last year a fire in the Mr. Pickles next door (same building) spread into Tres and destroyed the whole kitchen area. It's been remodeled and I'd have to say better than ever. They just opened Thursday although the Simmons and I got a "taste" last Sunday during Taste of Chico. We met there Friday night for two of my besties birthdays, had some dinner, had one big ass pineapple and 2 smaller regular on the rocks margaritas and headed out a little early since the kids were with a new sitter. The fish tacos were yumm-o but not so good the night before a long run. Everyone else headed out for some more bar hopping. We might as well take advantage of the bar scene in college town right? I posted pics of 3 of my favorite girls since I wasn't there to watch them (or take part) but it is awfully cute.
Laura, Vicki (bday girl) and Liz (Bday girl)

My intention of getting up Saturday morning and running 10 with Liz was good. But the combination of the irritating headache that started BEFORE the 'ritas  kept me in bed with a hangover my hubby since I hadn't seen him all week so I choose cuddle time over miles. We got stuff done during the day and then took the kids to my parental units for the night so hubby could go to work and I could go to Whiskeytown Relays with Liz and the Simmons on Sunday (this also being Vicki's big 29th Bday!!!).

I didn't run as many miles as were on the schedule but I got my butt kicked at KOR twice and I'm sore in places that I didn't even know I had muscles this week. Proof of an awesome workout from K.C., Robin and Lisa. Thanks guys for tutoring and pulling me through those workouts... those bear crawls were murder.

Ok so next post I swear will be Chocolate #9 review, Nathan speedbelt and Whiskeytown Relays race recap.

Do you guys splurge and drink the night before a long run if its a special occasion or just get an out and say you'll be DD?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Things Thursday 9/16

Ancient Buster (13 1/2 yrs old) 

1. I had to pay for the dog licensing fees for the city today. They are astronomical for dogs who hardly leave the yard. AND the vet only mailed us one of the dogs rabies vaccination notifications so I had to drive over to the vets office to get the other dogs paperwork before I went to the city. Seriously? They should pay me for gas. He's so cute he's worth it though I guess.

2. I stopped by Starbucks and grabbed a new drink but I can't even remember what it was called. It wasn't that good. My regular this time of year is a Grande Pumpkin Spice and the rest of the year is a Grande Earl Grey Latte w/ 2 honeys. I'm going back to my favorites. I saw one of my besties there though and her daughter Alivia. She is so stinkin' cute!

3. I bought new kicks today. I love my trail shoes! Last year my regular running shoes took a beating on the trails so I invested (with the hubby's OT check) in a pair. I also needed a new pair of regular running shoes AND a couple pairs of socks and a bag of GU chomps watermelon flavor! Dropped a butt load of $ and if I can run enough trails I'll be able to make my second pair of Asics last all the way through marathon #3.

Be Afraid

Be very afraid... then do it anyway. I've always been a cautious person, sometimes to a fault. Especially being a parent. I hate to see my children hurt. I hate to imagine the circumstances that may have been within my control but happened because I didn't say no, or didn't put the right tools in place for them to take care of themselves. I got that from my Grandma Reba. She worried over everything.

I'm a little naive too. I want to always see the best in others while at the same time fearing that their best is no where near good enough. I'm a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend full of contradictions and perhaps that makes me a hypocrite.

Running has brought me farther than I ever thought possible but in so many ways. My feet have carried me over 2000 miles in the last 2 years 9 months. Those miles have brought me a perspective few others have (i.e. 20 mile long run seems long to me. 2 miles seems long to my husband). I took on a cross training regimen to keep my core strong and to build strength to counteract  osteoporosis that plagues the women in my family. It also makes me feel stronger and more in control but who the heck thought I would be swinging around an 18lb weight with a handle? Not me, and no, its really not safe for me to be doing this. I'm the biggest klutz you have ever met but I do it anyway.

Running for 26.2 miles makes me smile. Makes climbing the rope less scary and I climbed farther than I ever have before. It made me believe that I could go back to school and start from scratch to take on crazy hard classes because it took me 17 weeks to train for a marathon i can pass one basic algebra class for sure then chem, stats, anatomy, physiology and two microbiology classes before I even transfer. I'm scared to do all these things but I ran a marathon so don't tell me I can't. I got in a kayak and paddled across a lake, I can do more than I ever believed. I just need to do it. I may be afraid but now that isn't a reason to stop is it? So be afraid and let your fears guide you to new and marvelous adventures you always believed were too far to reach.

Totally Freaking Out

Blogger totally freaked out on me and all the posts I had been working on that it wouldn't let me post just disappeared! bummer. So heres a slight recap.

Two Saturdays ago I missed my 12 mile long run due to the stomach flu. I was supposed to run on Friday and go camping for labor day weekend. Needless to say I just scrapped it and started from scratch on Wednesday when I felt like jolting my system wasn't going to cause any adverse effects. I did 2 so slow on the dreadmill that I felt like a brisk walk would have been faster. BUT I felt so good on Thursday that I rocked the 7 mile run w/ 3 at Marathon (actually faster) pace. I ran 3 on Friday and 14 on Saturday.

Saturdays 14 miles long run needs its very own post since I'm going to review Chocolate #9 that I won from Momma of 3 on the Run and my new hydration belt that I paid for myself but love love love.

After I rocked my run on Saturday I took Sunday off, ran a short run Monday, ran hill repeats on Tuesday (totally rocked those too!) did KOR yesterday and I think my arms should have fallen off and ran around like a mad parson today getting things done but not getting an actual run in. Tomorrow is KOR and an easy run and Saturday is 10m "speed trial" that I'm running easy and Sunday is Whiskeytown Relay.Whew!

FOOD! has been a nightmare. I should be shopping now, there is nothing in this house. its so sad!!! I'm so hungry for food that isn't instant that I don't even care that half my sentences start with lower case letters and that usually dries me crazy! OK, now I have to go back and fix them. Thank goodness there is enough $ on the kiddos hot lunch tickets to get lunch at school tomorrow and the in-laws took the kiddos to dinner and yogurt tonight. Tomorrow I must shop!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

But it's so SAFE Here

I'm a total chicken. When it comes to new things I'm afraid that I'll fail so why start. What if I try something I've never done and I totally bomb and all my worst fears come true? I do a lot of negative self talk and Ive been working on overcoming these conversations with my self that only stop me from doing what I really want to do. Running has given me confidence to at least try things I never would have done before. I mean what normal person, who runs2-3 miles on the treadmill and does a few weights and the occasional cardio class would wake up one morning and want to run a marathon? Not only that but go out and DO IT? I mean the training has always been the funnest part for me, you  know other than the whole getting injured part. I have worked for the last 3 years to build not only miles to the marathon but also the confidence needed to get me there. That confidence has led me to try other new things like Kayaking and getting in the lake where I can't touch without a life vest. I'm thinking of going back to school and pushing my photography stuff a little more this fall. I'm looking forward to trying new things like how to really swim instead of half assing it. I'm thinking of going longer distances and not so much on speed work. I'd like to run more trails and maybe run from the "green gate" on HWY 32 down to one mile. If I went up and back it would be about 18 miles. I'm ready to tackle these things slowely but I'm ready.

I used to use fear as an excuse to keep from getting hurt. Now I use it as a tool to stretch my limits a little past their comfort zone. At kettlebells I climbed the rope, not all the way to the top but farther than I've ever climbed before. I'm not afraid to try things that I refused to try before. I'm ready to hurdle these obstacles and have fun doing it too.

Running this week
Monday I ran 3 easy and Day 1 of KOR (he went easy on me though)
Tuesday Ran w/ group from the park to upper Park trails to the "Z trail" which is not fun. Its up up up along the hillside to upper trail. we did repeats. one of our runners fell and sprained his ankle. Not fun. at all. I got to direct the ambulance to where the coach and our down runner was. I did total about 6 miles though.
Wednesday: KOR and 3 miles
Thursday: 3 miles (was going to do more but Blondy ended up with a migraine at school)
Friday: I got the migraine... how did that happen?
Saturday: 10 miles total on the books w/ warm up and cool down.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Double UP

Today I started back at KOR Fitness, the Kettlebell class I took last year where I made so much improvement in my marathon times. This year I'm a little more worried about other things like my bone density not increasing despite all the things I had been doing to move it in the right direction. SO off I went this morning, dropping the enormous amount of $ to swing a kettlebell around and try and not hit anyone, including me.

In the end I ended up doing the warm up of 20 halos, 3 wall squats (remind me to do more of these), 3 single bell squats (ouch), climbed up the rope more than half way (wahoo!!!), 5 sets of sprints, swings w/ the baby~bell, snatches, pistol squats... yea right that was funny, and 10 TGU's. I think I'm going to hurt tomorrow.

I stretched and headed to Costco to pick up pictures of the 50 yr. class reunion I took the other night. I headed straight to the park where I was supposed to run 4 today but figured the workout had to count for at least one of those miles. I actually had to walk some since I didn't fuel properly... oops. I did do 20 walking lunges at the 1 mile, 2 mile and 3 mile spots so a total of 60 on top of my earlier workout. But I forgot my watch and looked at the time I got out of the car and got back in to figure my time. With the walking breaks and the lunges it took me 37 minutes from turning the key off to back on again. Not as shabby as I thought it was going to be. I stretched really good this time and headed home. Hubby took me to his favorite place EVER for lunch then I headed out to deliver pictures this afternoon.

I do notice that I'm not eating enough breakfast. I did pick up that protein powder that I said I was going to use every day but I'm having problems remembering to use it. Do I just add water? Maybe almond milk? Ugh! I'm so lost!

Do you guys do double workout days? 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

CEP Compression Sock Giveaway

OMG these are so stinkin' cute I could DIE! I have been looking for a cute pair of compression socks to wear on long runs and after that didn't make me look like an old lady. I think I'm golden. And how cute would I look in these during a race. Just saying. So if you want to see if you can win a super cute pair head on over to Momma of 3 on the Run and start the process!
totally my color! I know. I so deserve these
and even cuter on Momma of 3!

A Wee bit of Deja Vu

I finally feel like there is a purpose to my running again. I try to tell myself I am not competitive, that I am not out to train for the whole kitten caboodle. I try to tell myself that slowing down and running for purpose instead over over-dedication is what will get me to that start line in December where I may or may not finish the whole race since I'm signing up for the relay so I can dodge out after my mark.

I had fantastic runs this week.
Tues:  Speed work 5.5 miles. Easy warm up then a 50 minute out and back in the park
Wed: no run since it was the boys first day of school and we had so much to do.
Thursday: 6.34 miles  at a pretty good clip if you include the unexpected speed section to get away from the rattler in my path.
Friday: I ran 3 easy miles without my watch with Vicki and the wein onto make up for missing Monday and Wednesday.
Saturday: I ran 8.6 today w/ strides and warm up and our run to nearly Bear Hole in Upper Park and back this morning. 

The schedule has me at 24 miles this week. I'm only about a half of a mile short. Probably with all the chasing down the boys and running around town I do I'm sure I made that 1/2 mile. So I'm rounding up from 23.44 to 24 miles for the week. Next week I start KOR to work on my core~ and some muscles and some flexibility.

I had a little deja vu running 8 since I haven't run that far since the beginning of December at the Marathon. This is like re-charting territory after a case of amnesia. I kinda remember what it felt like but it almost feels like it was someone else's life. I'm scared to see how I feel after 10... or 20. Don't be surprised to see me cry.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buzz Buzz Zap Zap 6 mile Re-Cap

I had a 5 mile run scheduled for today but decided since I didn't run on Monday since I was busy unloading stuff from camping and didn't run Wednesday because it was the first day of school for the boys I had better add a mile on today. After looking over the training schedule I would also exchange my rest day on Friday for a 3 mile run only putting me behind by less than 2 miles this week. I can't believe how OK I am with that. I'm usually such a stick to the #'s person.

I didn't feel good this morning so I piddled around the house, drank some Chai, did some laundry and housekeeping until I couldn't stand it anymore, changed and ran right out the door. I thought about what my route was going to be and thought I'd run to 5 mile (about 2.5 miles away from my house if I took the levy, then took the road up another half mile before turning around. Miles 1.5-2.5 would be full blown sun along the levy then the same stretch on the way back but there are at least three water fountain stops in parks along the route and various friends in that subdivision by the levy so I thought I would be fine. I got out of my neighborhood and tagged along side another runner for a few blocks before we waved our goodbyes and headed into different directions. I took the levy. I know my friends dog had been bitten by a "buzz-worm" (rattlesnake) along this levy last month so I was very cautious and slowed my running down and removed my earphones so I could listen better. Sure enough at the 2 mile mark up ahead I heard the distinctive rattle so I turned around and high tailed it out of there!

I went back to the neighborhood the other runner was running through then down to the main street and back towards the park to get water. I did a small loop there that was about a 1/4 mile then headed back. I knew I'd be over a little and as I dropped into my neighborhood my watch beeped the 6 mile mark at me. I did keep going to the house giving me a little added .34 miles to my total.

I was amazed at how good I felt. Although it was high 80's when I left and low 90's when I returned I felt good all along. I couldn't believe that most of my miles were faster than 10:30 except the mile where I stopped at the rest room and the mile I stopped at the water fountain. Those were closer to 11 minute miles.

I am just glad I didn't make it any closer to that BUZZ WORM! I did not want to get Zapped! No one else was out there and no one really knew where I was going although I did carry my phone with me today.

When I got home I had 16oz of the strawberry/watermelon recovery GU then took a shower. I did eat something but can't remember what it was. Isn't that awful???  I do remember eating some of Hollywood's buffalo jerky from Trader Joes... super yum. Apparently whatever it was that I ate before picking up the boys from school wasn't that memorable but I did have spaghetti squash, feta cheese with grilled onions, zucchini and bell peppers along with half of a Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat beer for dinner. That was yummy.

2 questions today. Do you ever forget what you ate during the day? AND Do you modify your route to avoid things like traffic at 5pm or around schools at drop off or pick up, or no trails due to snake activity? Where do you live and how do you adjust your favorite running routes when things are out of your control?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Start Your Engines!

I'm off! Today was the first day officially of Marathon Training Program #3 for me! My whole intent is to mentor the team, hang out on long runs and Tuesday night Speed workouts but not throw myself back into PT w/ overuse injuries.

I ran so stinkin' slow but I got to know a lot of new people and I'm looking forward to being a mentor for this group. Essentially I'm not a coach but someone to bounce questions off of or just to talk to about the program about running and the things that generally go with it like food, recovery, stretching, food, injury prevention, how the programs work, miles and food. I think we talk a lot about food.

Tonight's run:
Asics #1shoes w/ 100 miles on them
Bidwell classic t/shirt run like a mother hat/Nike shorts and features low socks
80degrees and muggy but a slight breeze
0.63 mile warm up 11 :05 average speed
Plyos @ the horseshoe pits
50 minute out and back easy run out and back along the road in lower park 4.6 miles
Then stretches and .63 miles back to the shop for cool down.
Total: 5.86 miles but not sure of the overall pace since I turned off my G before heading back to the shop since it was low on battery.

I did have a strawberry/Watermelon GU recovery drink after the run and a PB frozen yogurt w/ choc granola on it and it totally hit the spot today! I'm off to bed since I have to be up early for the kids to go to school! Yeah! Back to school!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Putting the PLAN into Action

I'm not sure what our marathon coach has lined up for us as far as workouts but sometimes I need to adjust to make time for family time and efficient cross training too. I'm signing up for KOR (Kettlebell class) in a few weeks and for the cost that is usually out of my budget range I had better use it wisely in combination with my running routine. Kettlebell class is all about the functional and flexibility strength of your body starting in your core and the muscles are the great icing on the cake! I definitely say results last time I did my 6 month term there and I'm looking forward to doing it again. Balancing KOR and running isn't easy w/ two little boys and a husband who will be gone from September to November this year.I have to start planning now.

 The fist thing is that I always know there is my speed work on Tuesday evenings and long runs on Saturday mornings. Since I'll be doing KOR too I need to adjust my miles so I don't run myself back into the ground like I did in January. Most important to me is getting my glutes back into shape so other muscles aren't compensating for them. My favorite all over body move is the TGU. You go from laying down to standing up then back down again all w/ the bell over your head. Not easy and I was using the baby bell (18lb) before moving up to the 23lb when I felt stronger. I'm excited to get back out there though. So here is the tentative plan.

Kettlebell move: (TGU) Turkish Get-Up
Saturday: long run
Sunday: rest
Monday: KOR + easy run
Tuesday: speed work
Wednesday: KOR + easy run
Thursday: Longer run
Friday: KOR

I have a few weeks of workouts with the 10k program then onto the big M program. I do have a few ideas for some other blogs in the works too. We'll be talking about skin protection with sun screen in one post and Vitamin D deficiency, calcium absorption (or lack of) and bone mass in another! I can't wait to share them with you and get your input!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun new stuff!

Got so little sleep! The dogs were not happy with the party in the neighborhood so they were in and out patrolling the yard like the guard dogs I wish they were all freakin' night! I'm so glad to have them for protection but sheesh! I figured out that I probably got roughly 4 hours when it was all said and done. I'm so glad its Saturday night and there won't be anything on TV so I can SLEEP!

Run: Well its Saturday. You know what that means! Long run w/ FF group. Today we had on schedule 6miles. Of course we met at the store where Ed did the schpeel on safety, especially given the circumstances this week. We then did an easy jog over to the park where we did plyos and got our route. I tagged along w/ Sarah V. today and I hope I didn't slow her down. I had fun just going at a comfy pace and talking about lots of fun things. The park was already hot and humid this morning and many of us had our minds on Carrie, the woman killed out in Durham. Before we knew it we were to the rocks w/ the "dam bridge" right in front of us.  I picked it up that last little bit catching up w/ the guy who drank too much beer and still kicked our butts this week. Logging in at 6.55 miles @ 11minutes a mile. We stretched good and walked the half mile back to the store. While stretching I had one of these Honey Stingers. I had the Gold flavor today that I assume is original. I really enjoy the flavor (I love straight honey anyway) and the chocolate flavor too. The consistency is a little less runny than GU but w/ more consistency than the Powerbar gels. I do like certain flavors in GU and PB and have used them all and probably will again. Honey Stinger is just my flavor of the moment! I also had some of the chews and I really like them too. The flavors were less "made in a lab" and more natural than some other chews I've had. I think this company struck gold!

I'm trying something new. Since I've started losing weight again I'm cutting back on bread products, even the ones that don't seem to bother me and drinking a protein shake every day. My muscle mass isn't coming back the way it should and I think that is the underlying problem. So its a few weeks before I start back at KOR and I'm doing a slight over haul on my nutritional practices. I'll do a little review in a few weeks to let you know how its going. I got the Orange 50/50 flavor and I really like it!

Since I got so little sleep I decided to stop by the DB and get the boys sitter and myself a little "Kicker" in my new 20oz insulated Kleen Kanteen! Matt, the manager set me up w/ some stickers to decorate my Kanteen with some official Dutch Love! Thanks Matt! I don't drink caffeine much but today was a must!  This Kleen Kanteen literally kept my ice like ice for 6 hours after drinking my coffee out of it. It is pretty darn amazing!

I've done little since getting home. I'm planning on some laundry and dishes before turning in tonight and maybe even feeding the monkeys.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Safe Place to Run?

Tragedy touched our small community...

Yesterday we got a disturbing call. One of the local firefighters called after a local runner was hit by a car and killed near our friends house, we held our breaths and waited to see if it was her or not. My heart immediately sank. My stomach turned in those moments until we found out it was wasn't her. But truth be told she could have very well been a member of one of our training groups through Fleet Feet. She probably was a customer of theirs. She was a mother, a grandmother and a teacher to 5th graders in a local community. She wasn't wearing any ID at the time of the accident which is why they thought it might be my friend. I might not have known her personally but we have this amazing running community in common. She might as well have been running beside me or past me on the trails to Durham and back.

This is a reminder to my running and cycling friends to please take your ID with you. Had things been different and she just been injured they wouldn't have her name, or what allergies she had or what meds she might be allergic too. Had she been just knocked unconscious they might need to know if she was diabetic or had a heart condition. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the impact took her life instantaneously.

From what the paper described and the bits and pieces from various other sources it sounds like she was wearing earphones listening to music and running with traffic. All things that are not necessarily safe. We encourage our runners to run against traffic, off the road if possible and with only one earphone in if using music at all. That keeps us all accountable for ourselves and helps us keep an eye on each other.

I recently purchased a "Road ID" w/ my name, hubby's name and phone number and my moms too. It's pink (shocker, I know you are all surprised) and wraps around my ankle so it doesn't get tangled up in all my other running paraphernalia like my watch and my iPod. I love it, I wear it, it works. For an amazingly small amount of cash you and those at home waiting for you to come home from your run, can have some peace of mind.

I just hope that this serves as a reminder to please be aware of your surroundings and to wear sufficient ID on us when running as a group or alone. This is the second incident of a runner in trouble in our community  this summer. Thankfully the first one turned out to be OK. He is actually on his way to a full recovery thanks to a few fellow runners who knew just what to do.

How do you carry a form of ID when running or cycling? Do you just carry your Drivers License or use some other form such as a Road ID?

Run the Baby Fever away!

Tuesday: 1000m warm up + plyometrics. 8x 400's at 10k pace w/ 200easy jog between

I have had so much fun running this week. The speed work out on Tuesday was rough on me and I probably shouldn't be pushing myself that hard but I hate "slow-as-molasses" me almost as much as "6-miles-is-my-longest-run" me. But when we got to the 7th 400 segment my right hip tightened up and I knew I had better slow it down and stretch it out. I really only missed one so I'm good with that. I have to say that I love how the speed work challenges my mind. I'm not the kinda girl who likes to count her laps or what interval she's on but I love to say the # I'm on and the pace I was at after every speed segment. I then give myself a little pep talk or mantra at the very end of my rest segment to pump me up for the next speed part. I'm such a nerd. I sometimes say them out loud... you know, when I hope that no one is listening to me. LOL

Wednesday: 2.3 miles on the dreadmill so slow it was almost sickening

Guess what? Now that I'm running what is comfortable and not kicking myself for the super s-l-o-w speeds I'm enjoying my running. I ran while watching TV shows that should never be on television. It was great! I'm all caught up on Bethenny Getting Married? and all I want is to be pregnant and have a baby girl now. Very crazy and I think that's why I signed up for the Marathon Program again. Marathon or drive the FFP crazy because I want another baby that we can't have. Yea, I'd choose the marathon too. I love and adore my boys and it is WAY too late to start over now.

Thursday 1.2 miles walk w/ Laura then 1.8 mile jog w/ her. Dropped her off and Ran 2.36m on my own.

Laura met me w/ Laila (Cindi's BFF) at one mile and we walked for a mile or so to warm up since her knee has been bothering her and I really wanted to warm up my hip first. We got to talk about girly stuff! I have known Laura since high school and she is one of those constant things that holds me down to earth when things get crazy. We got just past the one mile marker and decided to pick it up. We jogged along chatting and visiting and gossiping as usual and the 3 miles went by entirely too fast. We stretched and I looked for someone else to jog my last 2 miles with but no one was available. So I cranked up my "Eclipse" sound track and got to it! The park was so pretty and there were tons of people out. I just smiled and waved and said good morning to every one along the way. I really truly enjoyed my run. I didn't even look at Big G until I ran past the boulders that mark our trail runs. I felt so amazing. I looked at my crazy slow speed and smiled. I just missed running so much that a run like that couldn't make the smile disappear.

Do you run to make up for something you feel is missing in your life? I am totally trying to out run my biological clock. The only thing that seems to work is Marathon Training.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Check in

Checking in on me, on my friends, my mom, aunt and best running buddies. I've been doing a lot of it these last few weeks. A friend told the hubby that she was jealous of my social life. It only took me 32 years to get one so I'm going to live it up.

I have been indulging in too much fun this Summer! Oh my goodness! Last weekend my friend Good Neighbor and I were scheduled to crew at the AWBC SF. This is my 7th walk participation and her 3rd. You could call us veterans! My friend V had told me at softball a few weeks before that Paul McCartney was going to be at AT&T Park the weekend that we were going. I not only jumped at it, adding her too but asked Mom and Aunt Sandy to join us. They saw the Beatles in '65! Then we added going to see Wicked to already exhausting weekend too! It was definitely a whirl wind weekend, literally no sleep and no running but I made up for it with all the heavy lifting (cross training right?) of boxes of food and moving tables and such. We ate the most amazing food including rabbit! That was an amazing weekend!

I jumped right back on the horse though and headed to speed training on Tuesday. Thankfully it was only in the 90's and not in the triple digits like originally forcasted. We jogged over to the HS track and did another 1/2 mile warm up (about 1.1miles total). We always do plyometrics with group training. I moan and grown but I see how it works and I do them. Staying healthy and injury free means a lot more to me now. We did intervals of 3 min hard 2 easy x5 for a good 25 minute workout. I made it through 1 and 2 too fast and bailed 2 minutes into the 3rd set. Grrr... I looked at my times during the 2 easy and realized that although they looked slow on the screen my body was not ready for that type of speed so I adjusted for the last two sets. Cooled down back to the shop for a total of 4.25 miles

I did 2 easy on the dreadmill Wednesday
I did 3.6 miles walking briskly Thursday with a 1/2 mile jog warm up (my hips felt especially tight so I walked and stretched well instead of running)
I did 3 easy on Friday on the dreadmill again

Saturday is group run day again and we were scheduled for 5.5miles. I took off and did warm up and plyos with the group. When I headed out on our trail run my watch wouldn't start. I let everyone go by then headed out after them with a working watch. My plan was to go out easy and say hello or hang out and talk with each runner or group until I hit my comfortable pace (found Sarah V), chill there for a while then push the last mile back. It was so nice to say hello or talk to everyone. I got to meet some new people and reconnected with others. It was the farthest I had been since I started running again. I felt good the entire way. Looking back at my ridiculously slow (for me) paces I can understand why but I had such an amazing time. This is what running in a group is supposed to be like, this is why it makes me happy.

Do you pull energy from friends and fellow runners when you feel uninspired? Or do you prefer to find it out alone on the trail or the road?