Friday, October 31, 2008

6th pic

Posted by PicasaI stole this TAG from Jessica, find the 6th pic in the 6th picture folder and post it! and thought, "What a great idea". This pic was taken out at the Grant where the Hubby, his cousins, Dad, uncles, Brother used to go fishing with Gpa Derril. There were very few people allowed to fish on the Grant but Gpa Derril had a lifetime pass and was eager to share with his family. These pics were taken when the hubby, his brother and the boys went to go get the boat about a month after Gpa Derril passed away from Cancer. I personally have never been out to the grant and I'm sad about that. What a beautiful piece of land with wonderful lifelong memories for my husband, his family and my boys to have.
RAIN TODAY and not feeling well. Its halloween though so I will brave the weather to take the kiddos trick or treating this afternoon downtown then through the neighborhood tonight. Tomorrow I should get 4 miles in if I get a break in the rain and 18 miles scheduled for Sunday. Vicki and I are going to try for 10 early break for PB&J's then 6 for the Almond bowl 10K then 2 cool down.

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Julianne said...

Good luck with your 18 miler on Sunday! I'm shooting 16 to 18 tomorrow, myself.