Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well... when I started running last winter Liz told me I may gain a few pounds... you know some of it is muscle. But what the heck. I jumped on the scale this morning and it read 110.6. HUH? When I started the marathon program I was shuffling well... not 110 but pretty standard number on my scale was 107. I mean I didn't budge too far either way. Its been two months since I've seen anything UNDER 110.

Anyway, I went to put my FAVORITE jeans on and pulled them up to my hips... and what? ...they just stopped. No easy slide on over the hips I'm used to. I actually had to muscle them over my hips. GRRRRrrrr...... So first the damn scale now the damn jeans. I can't deny it any more. Its not just muscle. I have an ass. I mean I always thought I wanted an ass. I dreamed about having shape, having a difference between my hips and my waist. I did lunges and squats to aquire AN ASS. Now that apparently my jeans and scale think I have one? I'm not sure what to do with it.

I've always joked that I had ASPRIN ASS. Flat on either side and a line down the middle. There was no difference between my back and my butt but then stupid saggy skin linking my but to my upper thighs. Not cute I swear. It only got worse after each child. Then it was plagued by celulite and stretch marks. I know you're all puking a little right now and I'm sorry. So anyway the asprin ass isn't really GONE just a little more shapely but still realivily flat. The scale doesn't move unless its going up (I've seen a 112 lately too).

I sent the hubby this text message while he's down doing "FILL THE BOOT" for Muscular Distrophy Association (if you're in Vacaville swing on by Nut Tree Rd and give them some dough will ya).

Did u wash my jeans on hot or is all this training giving me a fat ass?

Needless to say that is a loaded question and he laughed ... a lot. But did not actually answer. Smart man I got there hu? I could use a new pair of jeans though.


SuperDave said...

ahahahaha. Sry for the fat ass, but that is funny.

Southbay Girl said...

Are you guys in vacaville? I've been up there twice for sheep herding competitions! Noithing but good memories. My girl, Velcro, has taken 2nd place twice at the trials in Vacaville-so once we're ready to trial again in a new class-I'll be back. How cool!!! I visited Davis as well-LOVED it!

COTY said...

Yeah its probably the guy that helped with the laundry. hehe
I think running makes you hungry. The more I run the hungrier I get.

Willie said...

Ok so I didn't pick a good post to comment on for the first time. I'll stay quiet on the ass thing and just say, nice blog I enjoy reading it.

Steven Cohen said...

Yeah, I don't know what to say about that! Except, maybe, for a guy seeing shape is better than seeing flat. ;)

lailani said...

In honor of your new shape, may I suggest that you pick up a Sir Mixalot album the next time you're out & about?