Wednesday, October 22, 2008

P.S. I love you

You on a diet? Here's some fat free calorie free EYE Candy for ya!

Nothin' like sitting around with a girl friend watching a sappy movie, drinking Mike's hard lemonade, swooning over really HOT Irish guys (actually Gerard Butler is Scottish and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was born in Seattle Washington but whatever) to make you wanna "appreciate" your husband...

And where that said husband...?

In another effing state!

and by Friday when he gets home? Yea I'll be over the "appreciation" by then. I'll be wondering if that husband is ever gonna shave again.

Oh I ran over 5 miles with my movie buddy this morning. She's getting quicker and taking less stops to walk and stretch. I'm so proud of her.

Tomorrow. I'm watching Run, Fat boy, Run

I'm off do download some irish pub music then head to bed... by my lonesome... AGAIN! I'll just have to channel that frustration into my speed work out that I SHOULD do tomorrow morning. LOL we'll just see about that.


Marcy said...

Ummmm wha?!? I was too busy drooling LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Gerrard is H-O-T! Loved the character in the movie too, so romantic. I found this cool site where you can do just what his character did in the movie. It's called You can create a profile all about your life, with music and photos and stuff, and even create emails to be sent out to your special guy after you've passed away. Awesome!