Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Frontiers

This was a big week for me. I ran my half marathon on Sunday, 5+ miles on Wednesday (after nursing battle wounds... er that would be fun fun fun chaffing in my inner thighs), 3 miles on Thursday, 6 miles on Friday and 18.15 miles today. That Ends up equating to over 45 miles in 7 days and my biggest week yet.
Last night I got a My Space comment to come run with a few of the Marathon Training group Saturday instead of Sunday and I took them up on it. I went 15 miles with NO music and have to say those 3 miles I did, I hardly listened. Its amazing how I can talk to other girls who I'm not particularly close to for 3 1/2 hours straight. Today was my longest run ever and let me tell you, IT WAS GREAT! I felt so good those last few miles I could have easily kept going. I swear it took 15 miles for me to warm up. I wore my green nike capri tights and they were awsome, I wore a campi with a built in bra that fits PERFECT and my pull over green jacket with the long sleeves and the thumb hole. I love it. Not only is it SOO STINKIN' CUTE, it does do its job and keeps me warm against the biting cold wind and wicks the sweat away. They felt so good but I have some issues with the pockets. Obviously since I did my long run today I won't be running tomorrow and giving my body a break. I will be running Monday, Tuesday night for speed work, Wednesday with Good Neighbor, Thursday for hills or more speed and Friday easy 6+ run. I won't be running Saturday because the hubby will be in CO hunting and there won't be child care but after 5 days straight of running and probably 25+ miles without a long run I can afford a day off so I will be in tip top shape for Sundays 20 mile run.
When we got back to the park and did our little loop to make sure we did a full 18 (Thank you Garmin, I bow to you), we stretched then jumped, er... slowly eased is more like it, into the FREEZING COLD CREEK! I was just in there after a long run a few weeks ago and it was not close to that cold. Let me tell you it worked though. I am sore in my hips but not so sore I feel immobile or incompasitated in any way. A little Advil and some more water and I should be fine. It is amazing how good I feel. I have a feeling I am better at the long distances since it really does take my body several miles to warm up.


Steven Cohen said...

Well,that's like the best run ever! A little chafe story ('cause who doesn't love a chafe story?): I marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade in 2006 (director of a band) and it rained—first time in 51 years—like crazy! It was 3-1/2 hours in pouring rain wearing a suit, and by the next day all the staff had chafing on our inner legs so bad it was like scabs! Couldn't walk well for more than a week! I relate to your situation very well.

lizzie lee said...

Congratulations. Great run and amazing week to come. I still haven't been able to run and talk (I run alone, but not sure I'd have energy to do that).

I have a chafe story too, and is the top part of my sport bra... It looks like a cat jumped up to me...

I ran today in the cold too, but fortunately was 100% sunny, strange thing for Seattle....

take care, and congrats again

keep running
lizzie lee