Saturday, January 31, 2009


Just put my miles in for today and realize that I hit the 100 mile mark on the dot for this month. YAHOO. My goal is to hit 1000 miles this year. I think I might take a 5K program somewhere in there that will give me a break from the hard long milage but give me a chance to work on some speed.

So for the first Month of this year I hit my 100 miles and I'm stoked. I'm still going to work on those 1 legged squats in Kettlebell class.

In your face!

I love a good meme so I posted the one from my Face Book on over at my regular (not so) everyday going on in my life blog. Check 'em out!

I ran 14 miles today. The first 7 were fine... maybe a little fast but they felt good. On the way back we were supposed to kick it up to race pace for a mile and a half then jog for half of a mile x3. That did not happen. Vic and Liz think I'm going to do 8:30's and I just played along because I thought it sounded good at the time. I have revised that. My Half Mary in October averaged out to be 9 minute miles so I figure if I go for 9 minute miles and if I feel good and want to kick it up a notch here or there and into high speed the last few I will do better than my previous time and that's really all I want. I want to be under 1h56m00s. That's the plan Stan.

Food... I was so bad yesterday... so stinkin' bad. I ate a banana and some coffee in the morning and I didn't eat again til dinner. I had Chinese food which was WONDERFUL but just not enough. Maybe that's why I sucked like a dust buster today. sheesh. I'm self sabotaging myself! I need to get the heck over it!

I really want to go see Liz's husband play in his band tonight but I'm just not sure how that's gonna pan out. hummm..... Have fun at all your SuperBowl parties tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

February Goal:Show your love and one legged squats

I'm not sure if this will be a monthly thing but I thought February would be a good time to set a smaller goal and break down that New Years Resolution into bite size pieces you know? I am also throwing out a February challenge to you so I won't be going at it alone you know...

First things First. Show your love. There are lots of ways I think you could do this. One thing I need to work on is positive reinforcement for the kids, the hubby and myself. We are too hard on each other. Instead of focusing on the things that are wrong at that moment think about speaking up when everything is going well. Congratulate on a 100% spelling test and reward with ice cream or a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. Thank them for using their manners. Cultivate friendships. Have Coffee with a friend you haven't seen in awhile. Don't forget your non-human loves. Rescue a dog from the humane society if you are looking into bringing a pet into your home. Bring home special treat or toy for your cat.

Love the Earth. I'm selling Chico Bags to raise money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. They are pink and brown. So cute! It is so good for the environment to carry your own bags when you are running to the market for something or the farmers market. When you take something from your house to your friends because they are on bed rest, had a baby or just are under the weather? Take the food in a Chico Bag and leave it for them to use again. You are showing your friends and the Earth Love.

Love your heart. It is the Month that women wear Red Dresses to raise awareness for Heart disease. Take care of you. Make a 30 day commitment to eat healthy (maybe less Pizza and more fun foods like stuffed butternut squash! Thanks Vicki!) for you and your family. You will all feel good and maybe the recipes and connection to your own health will become a habit. Exercise. I know most of you who read this do. Some may want to do MORE. set a goal. I had to decide to run a race. I don't particularly like the race part but it motivates me to train so I don't hurt myself or look like a total moron out there.

Love yourself: Tell yourself you are worth it. Take time for YOU, doing something you like even if you have to drag the rest of the family with you on a hike. Take some quiet time for you too. Read a book or an article you have been waiting to read. Read 15 minutes of the Bible every day if you haven't and that interests you. Wow, what a concept that was for me when I had little ones. I felt like all I was doing for 24 hours a day 7 days a week was cooking cleaning and serving nourishment from my TaTa's. I was drained and exhausted and didn't feel like I had anything else to give...but those few minutes a day I found my connection to God more strong then ever. To each their own. I didn't think of doing that til someone brought it to my attention so I'm just putting it out there. Smile when you look in the mirror. I know its hard but don't look for the flaws, look for the things you like, every day and it should get easier (I'm going to work hard on this one, we are all so self critical aren't we?).

This month besides loving someone else, loving my family, my heart, my Faith, myself. My big physical goal this month is to do 10 Kettle bell one legged squats on each leg. Yea I'm a freak and I should have started with 20 push ups or something "normal" but I always wanted to be able to do them so that's what I'm putting on my plate.

blahh ha ha ha ha

You know how I said I was going to kick ass this week with my goals. Well last night the beginning of my evil plan to take over my body again and have a great work out week WORKED! I pushed harder than ever with Liz and Vicki at Kettle bells! I feel sore but good today. Yea, its all falling into place.

It's ALIVE! blah ha ha ha!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

There's no place like home

Today is a day when I wish I had stolen my moms treadmill and set up shop in the living room. The run outside was horrendous. I just could not get and stay focused. I yearned for those easy miles to find me but they never did. OK so I stuck it out and came in at just under 3o minutes even though I was supposed to go out for 30-40 minutes today. Today it wasn't just in my head but my whole body was having a revolution against this new life change of mine. That's fine, I came in my the skin of my teeth but tomorrow I'm going to kick its butt in Kettle bells and take the doggie for a walk. I'm going to make it wish I was running so Tuesday night will kick ass and Wednesday and Thursday's 5 mile runs will be a dream. Friday will be my core/xt day maybe another kettle bell class and Saturday is another LONG run. I'm putting it out there... This will be a great training week.


Week in review

I got absolutely no running in last weekend. I had a great long run (12 miles) with AnnMarie that Thursday before but the streets were not plowed in a way for me to go run in a strange area and feel like I could safely move out of the road if I needed to, that and lots of old people up there driving just don't watch out for little ole' runners like me. So we did a lot of walking and climbing and sledding. We had a nice weekend together and spent genuine quality time with the fam. Love that. we got back into town late on Sunday but Monday flew by before I got a run in. Tuesday night was speed work and I felt pretty good out there but I had a rumbly tummy and felt a bit tired. I pushed through and had a good night of hard running. One of my 1200m intervals was at 7:38m/m pace. That is GREAT for ME. I'm the resident slow poke. I just didn't feel right by the end. I thought I must have been hungry but by the time I got home the stomach flu/food poisoning had set in and I was miserable all night. I will spare you the details but it was not pretty. Exhausted and hurting I stayed in bed ALL DAY on Wednesday and Thursday I went out for a run but the lack of food in my system for 36 hours absolutely played a part in my heading back to the house after a quarter mile. Friday I took up with Laura at the 4 mile mark of her 10 mile run. We did a nice 6 mile run together and missed most of the rain. Saturday was our long run with the FF Training team and little group o' girlz; Liz, Vicki, AnnMarie, Patty and myself had a hard time getting warmed up but after dropping Patty at the 5 mark so she could complete her 10 miles we made it to the 6.5 mark, took some GU and headed back to finish 13 miles. I felt really good from mile 8 to mile 12 then the last mile I wasn't sure if I could finish. I just tried to keep up with the girls. we stretched really really well and headed home.

I had a revelation today though.

Cheeze ITs are so yummy! I love them! Oh yea, I'm not eating wheat products anymore (again). Damn those Cheeze Its! Now I wonder how they found their way into my house? someone is trying to sabotage me. Its my own conspiracy theory. Ohh... and then they went and bought PIZZA! Damn them and their Carbohydrate and Grease loving little bodies. I guess I'll have soup. =(

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shout Out

to all you Rock 'n' Roll marathon and half marathoners out there. Congrats on an awesome run this weekend! All you all at Frost or Fog this weekend? GREAT JOBS to you too! Sarah who is not "running for speed" only finished in 2nd place in the 5K since she's havin' a bebe' and isn't really training. Yea she's that fast crazy one in Chico that EVERYONE feels like they have a better chance if she's out of commission. We love you Sarah. Vicki and Liz ran it this weekend too. Not sure what they came in at but I'm sure it was great since I have to kill myself to keep up with them. LOL.

So my friend Holly, our kids go to school together, ran Rock 'n' Roll this weekend. Her results just came up. I'm hoping that if she wants to run this again I can run with her. How great would that be!?! She came in at 4:33:58. I hope she made it to Smash Mouth for that awesome concert!

So Great job this weekend everyone. I did absolutely nothing running wise but had a great weekend with the hubby and the kids.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Friends

Today I took Cindi with me on my long run. I met up with AnnMarie at the store then headed out for the run in the park. Cindi did really good and AnnMarie and I got to know each other. We ran most of our miles in the high 9's just where we wanted our pace and stopped a few times so Cindi could get a drink. We had a great time and I'm looking forward to running with her more (even though she's faster than I am). We did our long run today, 12 miles, since she works this weekend and I'll be at the lake. Hopefully I can find some time and a trail to get my miles in this weekend.

This running community we have entered is amazing. I have met SO many wonderful people. I have challenged myself in ways unimaginable. So here I am opening up... seeing things in new eyes and running a course that is still being laid before me. I'm looking forward to that journey.

On a personal note. We found out today A new Niece is on her way! June is her due date. Pink Pink Pink...a little pink bundle of joy. I'm excited! (can you tell?)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who am I again

Ahhh.... I thought I would have more time now that the kiddos are back in school. I'm stopping by for a minute to take note of whats going on this week. I took Monday off just doing some ab work since I as sitting for some friends since their daddy was having surgery. Ouch... While he was there his wife saw some other friends who were there having a baby. So that was my day yesterday. The Wilhelm kiddos went home then we ate home made chili. Yum... of course the hubby was at work since OT comes by so rarely these days he went ahead and took it. That put him on three days straight. Nice for the paycheck not so good for Mommy's sanity. Wasn't I just complaining that he was home for 13 days straight and driving me crazy?

I really wanted to do kettle bells last night but that didn't happen so with some ab work at home I hope it will be enough. I wanted to go Wednesday but I babysit so I'm going to call and see if they are doing a noon class. I'm running with Jenni, Gehrig (in the jogger), Cindi on the leash and maybe our friend Kari too. Our own little Wednesday running club. Thursday is rest and abs and I'll have to do my LONG run of 11 miles on Friday since we'll be leaving for the lake that night for the weekend. I hope to get out and run for a little bit on Saturday and take Sunday as a rest day.

Food. I'm so bad. I need to be better. I'm not eating enough, I'm not taking in the calories. I thought that our $300 at Costco would hold out but it all lasted like a week. 24 yogurts devoured by two little boys. I think I've had three... I love the peach ones... so do my boys. They don't like the blueberry and that's all that's left. What the heck. I need to go back to oatmeal in the morning to get me on track and keep me from being STARVING at 10 or 11. I shouldn't be drinking soda at all, I didn't even LIKE the Coke I had last night... why did I drink it? I have no idea. I need to go back to no soda while I'm training (except for when I go to La Comida because the water AND the ice tea tastes like blech!). I need to be consuming more calories and eating more sweet potatoes and potatoes and brown rice and beans. I need to drink more tea and water.

I'm really enjoying this program so far. I like all the plyometric and core work we are doing to enhance our strength. I love doing to kettle bells and the running for time instead of speed or distance. knowing that I need to set aside 45 minutes instead of 4-5 miles just makes more sense.

I've had a few months of emotional turmoil, a lot has come out in whining here and I'm sorry about that. Part of that is that I REALLY need to get my thyroid checked. I guess I should stop typing and call my endocrinologist hu? I also have several moles I need to have removed especially since I had melanoma once and should be SUPER vigilant about that. I kind of bury my head in the sand but it seeps into my dreams and freaks me out so I haven't been sleeping much lately when I should just go take care of it hu? emotionally.... I don't know how I would deal with it so I procrastinate. Mostly I'm afraid the doc will tell me to stop running outside and I don't want to hear that. I already douse myself in sunscreen everyday. What else can I do? especially in the summer... These things have started to consume my thoughts and affect my mood. I'm working hard to remedy that.

Tonight is speed work. Dads coming down to watch the boys. I'm going to go a bit early and warm up. I'm planning a blog about ... my achievements (running and non-running) and my goals for this year. I know none of the other blogs are talking about "That" so by the time you get to mine you will be GOOD and SICK of hearing it. LOL

I really want to talk about Kristin Armstrongs blog but you are all bored so I'm going to sort through my thoughts and feeling and hopefully have a post before the weekend. Read it and let me know what you think.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

such a slacker

I am I am I am. Yes I am a slacker. The hubby was home for 13 days straight from work. CRAZY! and I feel the need to entertain him and clean the whole stinkin' time. No bloggy time for me. BUT I have been out for a few runs and Cindi is much better on the leash, well after about a mile anyway. Our computer died so that's another reason why I haven't been here. We just said OH WELL and replaced the hard drive and it works, but without my itunes library what am I to do? I will be very unhappy to lose it all so I won't even PLUG in my nano for fear that it will all disappear. Not sure yet how to remedy this situation even though I should have backed it up, I'm just glad my pictures are on the external hard drive I got for my b-day.

Yesterday was our first long run of the half marathon program. We did 10 miles and it seems VERY weird that it didn't seem long at all. LOL. A year ago I would have CRIED when they said 10 miles. I did wake up with a headache before hand and forgot to take Advil. By the time I got home and we visited with some friends from out of town I was exhausted and my head was in full blown migraine mode. I could just lay in bed and hope I didn't throw up. Not a good evening at all.

The hubby went to work today and I'm ready for a break from the kiddos all ready. tomorrow I'll run and do kettle bells again. Missed Friday because I was in the bay area visiting with Grandma then checking out a really cute Coach Purse at the Outlet with the BFF and didn't make it back to Chico in time. OOPS.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

and SLOW it GOES

I kept hearing (thanks Liz) that after a marathon you're in that speed zone (10 minute miles) and its hard to get out. Yea, I did my worst 10K time today and I was hurting. We were averaging 9:10 or so not bad but not really good either. My last 10K time was round 56:06 or so. We did the standard park loop and I run that route (generally in reverse though) about once a week so it is not really fun for me anymore. Actually its kinda of dreadful... knowing what we'll be doing. I didn't have an ipod today since Cindi ate my earphones and standard ipod buds don't fit in my ears. I was on my own with some companionship from Patty, Vicki and Liz.

OMG it was SO SO cold that my windshield had about a half inch of ice to defrost this morning and it took water, a scraper and 15 minutes of defrost to leave a little hole to see while driving so I wouldn't be late. I'm from California... AND from the valley, and we're just not used to this. It was easily 25*F or so and we didn't even leave til 8am or so. It never did seem to warm up and I'm hoping this isn't what its supposed to be like all Winter because its going be a long 10 weeks if it is.

This sinus issue was not fun either but at least Liz was not feeling good too. did that sound bad?We stuck together through it all and I skimmed in a whole two seconds in front of her. My hope is to up the mileage and condition my body for those longer hauls and to work in a little more speed work and hills (maybe Thursdays) to get my speed up too. I also need to work on core and building my bone density levels by ugh... using kettle bells, before May when I have my dexascan. Hopefully it will be better than my bone scan two years ago. My IT band didn't hurt so bad today but I will be sure to stretch and roll anyway. I did buy three new pairs of socks since my old ones are finally falling apart (4 years old and all). Jenni calls them cloud socks. I agree.

Oh yea and the hubby and the surgeon killed an ENORMOUS amount of ducks this week. Like so many that its kinda disgusting. Really. He was so excited and giddy to get the text last night inviting him to go on a hunting "date" that I teased the hubby about having a boyfriend. I decided to renam the surgeon, he's now the Bro-Friend.

Here is the tentative plan for the week:

Sunday-FMH3 (Flying Monkeys Hash House Harriers) run in upper park with Cindi (4-5 miles)
Monday-rest day from running but maybe Kettle bells with the girls at 5:30
Tuesday-Speed work that night with FF training
Wednesday-easy run with Jenni and Gehrig (and Cindi) maybe and head to the bay area to see Gma and Aunt and if I'm lucky some old friends.
Thursday-Easy run in my old stopping grounds of MTZ. (4-6miles w/ some hills)
Friday-another easy run down by the bay and maybe Kettle bells that night (4-6miles)
Saturday-long run with FF training.

A year ago

A year ago I headed out to my first run with the fleet feet crew to prepare for the Bidwell Classic Half marathon. A year ago I had NO miles for 2008 and I thought I would die after that first 6. a year ago I didn't know what I could do and now I know it was just the beginning.

Today I start my 4th training program with FF and its for the Shamrock'n half in Sac. Today is the first real run I've been on with the fleet feet crew this calander year and I have a whole 3 miles under my belt already. Today is the day I set new goals. This year I would like to run over a thousand miles and to get their I'm going to do the bump up mileage for the program like I was preparing for a marathon instead of a half because my best times are when I'm in full swing. AND if I want to do a spring marathon I'll be ready. This year is about doing my best, last year was about firsts. I can't wait to see what it holds.

Bye bye... I'm out for a run.