Friday, August 28, 2009


Champagne in one hand Mojito in the other. Yes that would make me a two fisted drinker.
I have rocked the no soda thing. I haven't really wanted one and I've been OK with making iced tea. But the whole giving up alcohol? Yea, not so good at cutting that out. Apparently all my wonderfully social friends are also social drinkers which makes it easy to have a glass of wine or one or two cocktails for a BBQ or say a super yummy port with my chocolate Espresso torte at Book club. Nights like tonight when the kids are prefectly atrocious, a beer or a wine cooler works well to "defrag" this cluttered and scattered mind. So no soda but cocktails.... I may have to give up one thing at a time. CHEERS!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Muzzle me.

I took Cindi with me on my 4 mile run today. I bought her a thing called a "Halti" since she has been pulling so much she hurts my arm. it slides over her muzzle and over her neck then clips underneath to the D ring on her real collar. She doesn't really like it but we (i mean she wears it and I follow her around making sure she doesn't chew it off) have been wearing it around the house for a few days and I decided to take it for a spin.

Good Neighbor and took off and she was out like a bullet. She bucked like a bronco and she was TICKED OFF! But she wanted to run so she got the idea and didn't pull anymore. She doesn't like that being pulled to the side. The hope is that she gets used to staying by my side and we can go back to the collar and leash later. It worked for those 4 miles though! Wahoo! I got my running buddy back.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The old Switch-a-roo

Instead of doing intervals tonight I chose to stay home with my kiddos. The FFP came home after a 96hour shift and left again for 2 days in the mountains with his papa to go archery hunting. Tonight is speed work. We are supposed to do a 1 mile warm up, 400m at 10k pace x10 with 400m easy recovery jog between. It is 101 degrees out there. It's not going to cool down enough by 7pm. I decided to run this morning AND I didn't want to have to pay a sitter.

FFP called his brother to ask the new papa if we could come see the bebe. David is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. He may be more beautiful than mine. I DID NOT want to let him go today. My hour of baby fix totally interfered in my running plans but I'm OK with that. I'll be hiking up to Feather Falls with the girls tomorrow and doing my speed workout Thursday, a recovery run on Friday, long(er) 10 mile run on Saturday. I bought food to keep me fueled. I'm on track... for this week at least I hope.

Ohhh so David was born on Saturday... and my cousin (actually FFP's cousin but I knew her before I knew him) had a little girl today. She was afraid this day would never come. She had Leukemia when we were 18 and now married and ready to have babies her eggs didn't work. Through at long and heartbreaking few years their prayers have been granted and Danika Lee Wilson was welcomed into this world. With fear of complications for mommy and baby all through the pregnancy it is a true miracle for them both to be healthy today.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What Drives you to run?

Almost two years ago I started on this wonderful journey that changed my life. I decided that I wanted to run. I ran in High School, ran with some of the cross country kids once in awhile, changed schools and gave it up (along with some other reasons). Time went by and I found new hobbies, Journalism and Drama in High School, horse back riding, Jobs daughters, a boyfriend or two (or more). I longed for the feeling I had crossing that finish line, the sound of the gun, but I had no idea how to get there.

Fast Forward. That darn doctor says I have osteoponia (the step before osteoporosis). I'm 29 years old! Gotta get some exercise in there. I decided that I need to go back to running. In January of 2008 I started training for my first half marathon. Although I fought through a terrible bout with Bronchitis I still managed to cross that finish line in 2 hours and 11 minutes. Not bad for only running for 2 full months hu?

But this bug got me. I wanted more. I took the Spring off from races and recouped from being sick and then trained for the 10K during the summer, then a half marathon again in October. I trained hard and it showed taking nearly 14 minutes off my time and coming in at under 2 hours. I had a not so good 20 mile race in November but had my running friends by my side then a terrific finish to the year when I completed my first marathon in 4:26:16.

Along the way I had lots of good and not so good runs. I had ITB issues and child care issues. I had scheduling issues and tummy issues... but I got my runs in. I learned about dips in the creek that were as good as ice baths. I learned about stretching and core muscles and foam rollers. I learned about eating and food... lots and lots of food. I learned to love and hate Dr. John's hands. He would fix me but it hurt like the dickens to have him get me there.

Without those miles listed on my calender I felt like I was floundering. I felt like I was at a standstill. I felt lost and lazy. I have found my way back. I'm looking out for that perfect run. The high that comes with it. The miles it took between the last one and this one. The exact formula of food, of distance, of fuel, of temperature and climate outside and friends by my side. I seek it out with every run. Sometimes I find it sometimes I don't. So when people laugh because I ran 20 miles on Saturday, or say they don't dare drive that far in their car, I smile because I have a secret. It has nothing to do with crossing the finish line first... at least not for me. Its about the achiement and progress of the journey getting there. Its about finding that perfect run and riding it all the way home.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Speedy mcSpeedy

Up at 5:30 with news that we have a new little Nephew, born at 4:47 this morning, 8lbs 11oz and 20.5 inches long! Great job Rachel and B! So happy for you guys!

I dropped the kiddos off at school and went for a run in the park with Liz. We were a bit speedy today and turned our "feels-good-go-a-bit-faster" run into a speedy workout. We pushed it all the way and come in at 4 miles in 36:28. That averages out to be 9:06/mile (ugh... my marathon goal Pace!). It did feel good the whole time but I think I would need to GU every 5 miles if I went that fast. That is A LOT of GU! Long(er) run tomorrow! Supposed to be 7-8 miles but I might try to get there early and sneak a couple extra in there before hand since I'm short one mile from yesterday and 7-8 just doesn't feel like a long run anymore.

Food! Banana this morning and Chai after my run. Yes I know! I need to find something else. I AM going to get the new parents some cookies. Oatmeal (good for milk supply) for Rachel and PB for B.

Still no Garmin band or charger... I'm getting impatient!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The waiting game

Only 3 miles with Laura this morning. I could have gone out for another mile but I was worried that FFP wouldn't get the kids up for school. Good thing too because FFP didn't get the kids up for school LOL. Had a banana on the way home from my run.

Was going to go to Kettlebells but the FFP's big brother and SIL are having a baby today and I can't stand to be out of the know loop so I hung out and had coffee (I had an Earl Grey Latte and a perfect oatmeal with a few teaspoons of half and half, brown sugar, nuts and dried fruit) and cleaned the house some. We're off to drop off cans (and I'm keeping the camera ready). No news right now but if there isn't progress they will break her water at noon. No matter what we're getting a bebe today. Good thing since the hubby will be gone for the next week with work and deer season coming.

Tomorrow: 5 miles, KB and baby pictures if its ok with the new mama and papa.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10K TT

Not so good. Not enough warm up then just too stinkin' hot. Ed gave me water at mile 2.7 because he rocks but then another half mile I was struggling again. I made it to the finish like 5 minutes slower than I had hoped. Even with the heat handicap of a few minutes it was just too slow. Stressed and irritated for a while. Dealt with it. Over it.

Tomorrow 4 miles EARLY. KettleBells at 8:30am.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Love you Tomorrow, you're only a day away!

So I guess I'm going to stop drinking alcohol today. I did only have 2 beverages yesterday when we had a little post 10K (that I didn't participate in) soiree at "chief Howler monkey's" residence to celebrate the end of the 10K training session and his lovely wife's bachelor's degree. What a great host, a bunch of food to enjoy and a bunch of running friends and family to celebrate with us. No pictures yet (as I cringe) but I'm sure there will be some to post soon.

No running today but I did stop by a friends house who will be running Nike Women's half with me in October. Our goals are very different right now, she wants to PR and I'm in it for fun. But so nice to have someone to chat up at school about running. Most of the gals get mad when I post all about how far and how fast I went. Apparently it's rude to remind people that exercise is good. Reminder to self, not so much runner updating on facebook.

I'm so excited about getting back into the groove of things. School starts in two days, Marathon training starts tomorrow! I'm going to train like I'm out there to run a 4 hour marathon and see what happens. That's my pipe dream goal, 4:10:00 is my realistic goal.

Lots and lots and lots of talk about Greece next year. But that's all I'm saying for now. I do have reservation all ready made for an adult vacation to Las Vegas. FFP and I haven't been away for more than 1 night together without the kids since they were born. He is usually gone hunting or at work or I'm off at a race or on a girls trip. This year is going to be different. I want to actually make memories TOGETHER. of course the camera broke so we either get a new one or do without. Memories in our minds might be more realistic this year.

So running tomorrow. Marathon race report in about 18 weeks. The countdown begins.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reach for the Stars

I'm in motion... moving towards the new season, the new dreams, the new reality of running a marathon again. My goal last year... to finish. My goal this year, concentrate on enjoying the ride.

I have made such wonderful friends in our little running community. Those folks down at FF are like my other family. I swear there are some I love as much as my family (sorry family). They help keep me accountable, in control, looking for new dreams, stretching my sights, pushing my limits. This little family is making me stronger, in my muscles, in my heart, in my head.

I am going to log my miles as power miles, no matter how slow, fast, long or short. Time to make Tina Stronger... build her confidence, fuel her drive to make a difference, even if it's just a difference in her time. It's OK to have bad runs but not OK to dwell on them. This marathon program is about the journey to the end, not so much the end result... at least until I get to the end then that will be what matters LOL.

I am not drinking soda. I know it's bad for me. I know it makes my restless leg syndrome act up, which leads to insomia, which leads to tired and cranky Tina who does not want to run. I can practically hear the calcium being sucked from my bones. No more soda. Not too much Alcohol... you know maybe some on Vicki and Liz's birthday and maybe one after the half marathon in October. But this summer was all about me enjoying a few cocktails with friends and boy oh boy did I.

I don't think I'm going to run a half, at least not to the limit. I think I'm going to enjoy the Nike Women's and if another half comes along I really want to run... and there is still room, I might jump in. No pressure. I want this whole experience to be about loving to run, loving to live, loving to be strong and have power here (pointing to my arms, then my legs, then my core, then my head). Its about quality time with my friends and setting a positive example for my kids and husband. This journey will take me to new places with familiar sights along the way.

What does it matter, that finish time, if getting there was a labor of pain instead of a labor of dedication and love? What finish line is it that you passed, succeeded, earned if you did not enjoy that journey to its fullest?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Into High Gear

Today I had a marvelous run. So good that I was on cloud nine all morning. Only 7 miles and the last of our 10k training "long runs" but it was like floating... with effort. It felt so good to push it today. I know I'm not racing next week so I didn't mind pushing the envelope this weekend. Marathon program starts the 11th though so I had better get into this mindset. Love running for running. It's my therapy, its my mommy time, its my friend time, its my sanity when everything gets too complicated or too frustrating. So today I swept the field of hum drums and started looking to the future.

Bring it on.