Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you can't run... shop

I've been so on and off the runners bandwagon that I can't even call myself a runner for the month of March. April has got to be better. I demand it. Maybe this run weekend will spruce things up. It did help that I bought really cute running clothes. Yea I did! I support local stores by purchasing clothing from them and I am proud of it. I used my birthday $ and rewards from Fleet Feet Chico to let Stacey totally talk me into a whole Brooks wardrobe, well cute top and shorts that match anyway. Since I had the little mole freak out at the dermatologist I went to Sports LTD and bought a cute Under armour long sleeved heat gear hoody. So when I do run (or do 30day shred in my living room) I look adorable even if I'm not out there running.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The ins and outs

I have hardly run in the last month. I've been plagued with reasons and excuses not to run. Some are valid and some are not. Its been weeks since that abscess started and I've been on high dose antibiotics that are reaking havoc on my body. I went out a few days ago for a run with Ed and Cindi and could hardly keep up. I don't think we even made it three miles. I came home and realized I was covered in a rash, mostly on the areas where I was out in the sunshine but actually all over my body. It took two benadryl tablets to get all the itching under control.

I'm supposed to be doing a trail run next weekend. My first ever. I hope I'm feeling better by then. I'm tired of being sick and tired and can't wait to be running like I was before. I want a good base built up before CIM training begins this summer.

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

Ok, today is a new day. Isn't that what Scarlett said in Gone with the Wind? My birthday overall was a good one. Today the hubby is home and we're going to a Ducks Unlimited dinner tonight.

I might run today. My hair is really cute though and it won't be really cute if I take a run and a shower. You see where my priorities are today? LOL.

All the overwelming feelings I was having yesterday aren't gone, just a little more perspective from a late night of anxiety. Path labs come back positive I'll do what I have to do. I'm already a sun screen fiend so that won't change but I will have to be more diligent about wearing proper clothing. Actually it will make the marathons I have planned for next year more about overcoming these adversaties. It gives me a goal to look forward to.

I am going to do the Hash House run with the Flying Monkeys tomorrow. That will be be fun. Ed (Howler Monkey) will be running in the Paris Marathon in a couple weeks. We're so excited for him. Its amazing how much of a family this running group has become. I actually am having withdrawls. LOL.

Yesterday my sista, niece and nephews called and sang "Happy Birthday" to me first thing. I took the boys to school, came back and cleaned the house up a bit. My MIL dropped a card by for me and it had a $25 gift card to Fleet Feet for me. With the $25 store credit I have that will give me something to shop for this Spring. Right after she left the door bell rang again. It was the flower delivery guy bringing me a half a dozen pink roses from my hubby and the boys. Liz picked me up about noon and took me to this super yummy sushi place. I had never REALLY had sushi before but this was wonderful. I loved it all. I couldn't tell you what I ate though. LOL. We went and had yogurt and snuck it into "He's just not that into you". Cute movie but my dad kept calling! Men. LOL I came home, had the kids work on homework, made them dinner and put them to bed. Good Neighbor brought me by my present its a beautiful necklace from Lia Sophia that I had been eyeing for months. What a great friend! Then the rest of my night just kind of fell apart. But I managed to make it to nearly 10pm before having a birthday break down.

Plan: Hash house run Saturday morning 8:30am

Run when I can as much with the girls as posible.

Do 30 day shred 2 times a week at least.

ok so thats not a plan its more like an outline but I need to keep doing something.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cancer sucks

*** Gray's Anatomy spoilers ahead****

First off I'm really sorry that this post is so negative. I'm just having a really hard time today. Everything is black and white although I know there are so many shades of grey (so to speak).

I'm watching Grey's and its so sad. We all knew what was going to happen to Izzie. She has stage IV metastasised melanoma. Sucks

Today is my birthday. 16 years ago this week I had a mole removed that came back Stage II malignant melanoma. A little surgery and I was all fixed up. I gave up running. I hid inside.

Tuesday I went into the dermatologist about this facial abscess thing and he asks about my moles. I tell him about the mole removed 16 years ago this week and he does a quick scan and asks if there are any new ones or any with dramatic change. I show him one on the inside of my right breast that is not only new but since its showed up its changed from barely noticeable to very dark in just a few months. He removes it. We have a wonderful conversation about how as a 14 year old developing this form of skin cancer is most probably hereditary. Genetically my deck is stacked against me. So when he takes a second one off now its about getting these things early, and how my probability goes up for developing it again.

He reschedules us for April 1st. Group therapy. He wants me to come in and the dermo can show hubby the right way to check my skin and my moles for change. Hubby finds this amusing til I tell him that we'll be checking his skin too.

Genetically. My Uncle Larry is one of my favorite people. He has had several types of skin cancer including Melanoma and last year he had a bout with stomach cancer. he had surgery, he's had chemo, he has had clear scans until now. I got an email that its back and not only on his stomach again but two spots on his liver. Cancer sucks.

I started walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer because my MIL was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on September 18th 2003. We rallied around her. The hubby shaved his head when her hair started falling out. She had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. It was a long journey but she cleared and healthy.

About 4 years ago my Aunt went on a trip with her girlfriends and my uncle was sick. He ended up in the hospital. His white counts were off and it was more than just being sick. In and out of the hospital and from bad to worse. Those two years were a roller coaster of Leukemia and chemo and meds and hospital visits. In August of 2007 I lost my Uncle James to cancer.

I am no stranger to cancer but today its just too much. It has taken SO many people I love and affected even more who are important to me. Today Cancer reared its big ugly head and I'm just mad, sad, scared and driven to find a cure. I'm worried about getting back a clear path result. I'm worried for my family, for my kids and husband. I'm worried that I'll do what I did before if it comes back positive, I'll lock myself in the house again because going out in the sun is just too risky.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shamrock'n (aka Big Fat DNS)

This has been a crazy training season. I swear that anything and everything has told me not to run this race. My Garmin got eaten by my dog after I tried to fix it since I broke it. I lost my ipod that wasn't working anyway. I lost my $20 gloves that I loved, I got an abscess in my cheek that swelled my face to twice the size of normal and have a possible staff infection from it. OK I give up. I did not run today. It was not meant to be and I'm sad but I'm also willing to understand that missing one race is NOT the end of the world. These Crazy antibiotics I'm on are proof that I should wait a bit til I'm better before I do any hard core training.

That didn't stop me from getting up at 3:55am in order to be in Sac on time to support my friends. Vince and Ross ran their FIRST 1/2 marathon today and are feeling the repercussions now. LOL poor guys. Vicki, Liz, Ed and Tracy TD ran of course and all did very well. Some did exceptional! (Vicki's PR was an amazing improvement and Vince had never run a half came in at 1:47:07). Lisa Duke did amazing things today as well as the rest of the FF group! I'm so proud of them!

Today I was Fleet Feet Race Group Photographer. I got our Coach from the marathon program out of the gate and at the finish... the FIRST PLACE FINISH! I got a bunch of other people from the program's pictures too. I was so proud of everyone and it was kind of cool to be behind the camera again. I'm looking for my next race though and I'm thinking I may do a trail run or two before summer. I'm hoping for the Nike Half in October while training for CIM again. I'm planning to do Napa Valley Valley in March and I hope that the 4 months between is enough for me to recoup and keep going. I'd also like to do Chicago next year! Yea I'm a bit crazy. I need to work on core work and strength if I'm planning on undertaking these kind of miles again and again and again. In the next year and a half I have several short races, a couple half marathons and 3 more full marathons.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Relay Report to Report

And the results are in! TTD and I took 2nd place in the women's Bidwell Classic Half Marathon relay team! Alan over at FF said we would place and I waved my hand to shoo him away and said I would just be happy to finish. This gave me the little nudge of confidence I need for next weekends Shamrock'n Half in Sacramento.

I haven't been doing so good on the eating front but this week I'm going to make more of an effort since Sunday really depends on it. I'm taking a little protein at every meal but being good about getting more carbs mostly from fruits and veggies until Thursday when I move into starchy glycemic rich foods to fuel my body for Sundays race. I should have NO problem carbing up on Saturday since it will be my nephew JJ's 1st Birthday party! Birthday cake here I come. I'll just need to remember to drink lots and lots and lots of water and not Over Stuff myself. It will be an early morning the next day and I'll need to have everything ready.

Tonight I had two taquitos (the ones that did not end up on the kids plates) and a baked potato with a half tablespoon of sour cream. I had broccoli salad, cut up half of an apple, dried cranberries, chopped cashews with a teaspoon of honey mustard dressing for lunch and ... no breakfast! I know I'm so bad but we had a yard sale today and it was go go go from the moment I woke up at the new 6am til I took it down at 1pm.

My dinner last night... WOW so super yummy. I had polenta in the fridge so I thought I'd make some polenta pizzas I through some rounds in the oven and started going through the fridge when I realized I really really really wanted huevos rancheros... sort of. I took out eggs and fried too to over hard, I had black beans and some southwest salsa to throw on there and ... what? Where did my cheese go? What the heck? (can you see my frantically searching through my tiny fridge that should take about 2 seconds to scan?) All I had was feta? So feta it was and it did make a pretty dish and it was OH SO YUMMY! I'm starting to feel a bit like Kai Kai and Caitlin getting foody on you and all. I love that they post food pix. I should do it more often but my food never looks as yummy as theirs does.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


TodayI ran the Bidwell Classic Half marathon but I did the relay instead of the full since I'll be doing Shamrock'n next weekend! Remember last year when I ran the half marathon for the first time? This was that same race but I dreaded running around our beloved park TWICE again. So when I was asked to do the relay I jumped at it. TTD was my partner and she did the amazing first leg, so I went out for an easy 3 mile run before my leg of the race. I'm not sure what her time was but after the "exchange" point I turned the corner and headed through the finish line shoot and the time said 57min so I knew I needed to keep the 8:30 pace but I didn't have my Garmin and I didn't have my tunes so I was by myself out there.

Vince ran the first mile and a half with me and we were doing a little over 8 minute pace and I knew that was too fast so when he took the cut off I slowed down a bit and found the zone. Problem was the zone kept getting slower and slower until I realized people would start passing me! I sped up and found a faster happy place and by mile 4 I had caught up with a guy who was doing 7:40! I don't think he was going close to that fast when I was catching him but he didn't want me to beat him so he sped up. Men and their ego's hu? I stayed with him from mile 4-5 and decided I probably wouldn't finish if I kept that speed up. I slowed back down and took it easy mile 5-6. Probably too easy as I took the corner and could see the finish line I kicked it into high gear and sprinted! I practically ran over the gal in front of me to beat her to the mat on that last turn into the shoot.... sorry! Well kind of sorry, she knew I was behind her but stayed right in the middle of the narrow path anyway. I'm not exactly sure of our time but I looked at the clock and it said 01:51: ?? (I have no idea what the seconds were). TTD met me with water and a hug. What a great relay partner hu? I figure I ran about 8:30 pace and know that next weekend won't be that fast but I'm hoping for sub 9s anyhow. WAY TO GO EVERYONE! Both Ed and Susan took some pictures that I will post when I get them.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I did Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred and it kicked my ass. The squats, the lunges, the ab work, the cardio are fine... please Jillian... why do you torture me with upper body work...Why do 3lb weights feel SO heavy? I know I know I need it. But Holly Molly I'm gonna hurt tomorrow. AND I am planning to do Kettle bells tomorrow, I am going for a 5 mile run tomorrow. I'm a glutton for punishment.

I can't wait to go to bed tonight and dream of heavenly things instead of that evil woman. I am going to dream of frosted cupcakes and lazy days by the pool.