Saturday, October 4, 2008

From the mouth of Babes

I dropped the boys at my parents so I can leave at 5am to make it to my Cowtown Half Marathon in Sacramento on time. I'm about to leave tonight so I do the Mommy thing and I give them kisses and tell them to be good for their Grandparents. My mom reminds them to tell me "Good Luck" on my race tomorrow.

Blondy, the younger one, yells from the floor where he is consumed with the TV already,
"Good luck Mommy!"

My older son, well he is his fathers son.
He said, "Good luck Mom, Break a Leg!"
then he falls over laughing.
Ha Ha Ha.


RBR said...

Good luck!! I am so jealous! I wanted to do the Cowtown Full this year. The logo is too freaking cute!

I will be at CIM though and I saw that you are doing it!

Good luck tomorrow! I am sure you will have a great race!

SuperDave said...

LOL! I just love kids.

lizzie lee said...

How cute the kids...

As your older son said: Break a leg!!


CewTwo said...

Congrats on the half! Looking forward to a race report. Oh... A picture of the cow bell. How cool is that?