Friday, December 12, 2008

Ready to run again

I did a whole half mile today. WAHOO! I was afraid to take Cindi out on the streets so I stuck close to home today to see how it felt and to see how out of control she was, and it was FREAKIN' COLD TODAY! Yea, she's pretty crazy but I've had her on a leash at home so she goes with me everywhere and she's getting used to being on it and sticking close. I think tomorrow I'll take her in the car to the kettle bell information thingy at Fleet Feet and then to the park for a two mile run. See how she really does. My legs are getting itchy for some miles let me tell you. I'm ready and willing. I'm not sure if this will be an especially fast or slow couple of miles but I'll tell you when we get back (and after the hubby heads out hunting without the fat dog). I would invite others to run with us but it may be TOO embarrassing to watch me and Cindi working together for awhile .


Anonymous said...

How fun! Definately let us know how it goes! I've tried to run with our dogs before and it didn't go so well but that's because they're major explorers! I know what you mean about itching to run! It's been since Oct since I've ran! Now it's just too cold for my taste!

Kai said...

I'm just checking in now, and wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS on your marathon! I'm sorry your knee gave you so much trouble in the beginning, but even with it not 100% you kicked ass and finished with a rockin' time! Now...when's the next one? ;)

Your new doggie is ADORABLE. Thank you for adopting! I used to volunteer a lot at the local animal shelter and it breaks my heart knowing those dogs are just waiting for someone to love them - you did an awesome thing. :)

Carly said...

Wow, girl you rock! I am just getting caught up. congratulations on your big race.

Your new pup is adorable! She looks like she will be a great running partner.