Monday, November 3, 2008

Post 100

I can't believe that its been 100 posts already! It seems like yesterday that my first post was making me laugh because my other blog was taken OVER by running and eating. I guess this is fitting that my 100th post since it is National Blog Posting Month meaning and I will be trying to post on one of my blogs every day. I will be trying to post here on heavy running days or on days that have a particularly interesting topic about running. I'll try to leave links here to those posts if I can remember or have time to do that.

Today I feel better. I am sore. I should have stood in the creek (so very very cold) before I left the park but I was in a hurry to get the boys. I am tired, physically and emotionally right now but I'm hoping that changes soon. Its been so hard to be positive, during a run, while thinking about my goals, about my schedule, about eating healthy. I've actually had more bad days then good lately and we are so close to the Marathon... just less than 5 weeks away.

My goal this week is to get back on the horse, run when and how far I'm supposed to, drink lots of water, eat healthy and enough that I don't crash like I did yesterday. I'm going to re-read Performance Nutrition for Runners again and the Paleo Diet for Athletes since I've been fudging on my Non-bread diet a lot lately because I've been so tired of potatoes and rice. Me and wheat? We just don't get along. Its showing.

*** Congratulations to everyone who ran races this weekend! The New York Marathon was Sunday and wahhoooo Paula Radcliff and Marilson Gomes dos Santos for passing the finish lines first in New York. More applause for my running buddy Vicki who took 4th in her age group at our local 10K this weekend AFTER running 10 miles with me. She is a machine! More applause and confetti for those of you who raced! Congratulations everyone***

I guess this is the week for Re-form. Don't forget to get out there and EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE tomorrow. Don't complain about laws or who's representing us if you don't play your part and vote. I hate that, your voice DOES matter.


Julianne said...

Yay for 100 posts!! And hang in there. You've been doing really great in your training so far. Just 5 more weeks to go and you'll have so much to show for.

Marcy said...

HAPPY 100!! Oy, I need to reread Performance Nutrition as well. NONE of it sunk into my head. GAH!