Saturday, October 18, 2008

Into the Wild Wild West

Tomorrow I run 20 miles.

I've never run 20 miles in one day before. I thought I would be nervous but really? I'm just excited to see what my body can do. How it holds up. how much GU and Luna Moons I'll need to consume to make it. How I feel tomorrow and the next day. How I feel when I look at my Garmin and it says 20 miles, am I beat? Can I go on?

Next week is a 13.1 time trial and since I already did mine (Cowtown Half Mary) I'm going to shoot for what I think I want my marathon pace to be. I'm hoping for around 9:30-9:45 minute miles for the marathon. That Marathon is just 7 weeks from today.


The hubby and his Big Brother B killed an Elk today. I'm happy they killed something opening day but not quite sure where they are going to put it all when they drive back. Guess what? That's not MY problem.... LOL.

I guess I need to clean out the freezer before they get home too. That, my friends, IS my problem.


SuperDave said...

An Elk? During my run in the Smokies yesterday, I got to see an elk up close - maybe 100 feet. They are freakin huge!!! I was intimidated by being near. How the heck is he going to haul that "beast" back! Good luck on your 20 today!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope your 20-miler went well. I too thought elk were quite big. Maybe you'll need a new freezer?

TinaGirl said...

They are FREAKING HUGE! I don't know if I'll have enough space with them just bringing ONE back. What happens if they get a second one this week and the 3 deer they are hunting for too?

20 miles when GREAT! I'm feeling tired but good.