Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Treading water

I'm been so inconsistent in my running. FFP's schedule has been difficult and the kids are out of school and I want to spend time with them, not $ on a sitter this summer. So school starts in two weeks and I'm ready to get down and dirty to train for this marathon but until then, I'll keep running, keep doing Kettle bells when I can and Jump back in with two feet after my little hiatus from structure. It feels good to breath a little before that storm called marathon training hits full force!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dead Lift

I haven't been working out as much as I should. I've been doing my long runs (although Vicki and I both cut last weekend short to 7.5m instead of 10) and speed work but my feet have been killing me since the walk in SF. (I promise to do a report on the walk but it will have to wait till the hubby is gone).

Today I went to Kettlebells. We did Dead lifts. I've never in my life done a dead lift before today. I was freakin' scared. The nerves were tumbling around my stomach watching these amazing girls put up numbers like... 260lbs! I might have been able to do more than I did but I was shaky thinking about doing it at all. So I only made it up to 155lb. When I tried to do 160 I just couldn't get a good tight stance. So since this is my first I can only go up right. Today I got a PR!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Best Layed Plans

Okie dokie. Although I write (err... type) things down they don't always happen! I walk 40 miles this weekend in SF for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer BUT I need to still get my runs and KB workouts in.

The plan for tomorrow is to take the kids to camp, do Kettlebell class, go see Uncle Steve, hit Target and FF Pick the kids up from Camp, finish filling out coupons for my checks, go to speed work, home sleep!

Lets see if I can get that all done!

Friday, July 3, 2009

AWBC SF 2009 prewalk update

This video still makes me cry every time I see it! Perfect tribute to why we walk.

It has been an amazing year raising funds for the AWBC again. My MIL and her friend Jewels raised $900 by having a yard sale for this cause and my amazing Aunt and her friends raised an amazing $3700 to split between her friend Carolyn and myself. She raise enough $ in one afternoon bunco game to send both of us to SF this year! With a daunting $1800 minimum looming above us I was so blessed to have wonderful friends and family support us. I raised $3700My goal was to match last years totals at $3600 so $100 is going to Meagan Betts who is walking all 9 walks this year. Meagan is just 18 years old and to walk all 9 is required to raise $16,400. If you want to still donate please go to her page! As much as I 'd like to see my list of donors grow, it all goes to the same place, its the same mission, its the same cause.

I started walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer 5 years ago. I walked with my x-SIL that year in honor of my mother-in-law Karen who had been undergoing treatment for breast cancer diagnosed September 18th 2004. We trained, we raised the minimum $1800 and out motto out there on the hills of SF was you can walk slow (and get picked up) or you can walk fast and make it in time, its all going to hurt so you might as well walk fast. More easily said than done, let me tell you but we did it.

I walked in 4 more AWBC's over the next few years here are some highlights (and perhaps a reason or two you might want to walk next year too):

  • Crossing over the Golden Gate Bridge (x2 on the years when I did 26.2 miles day 1)

  • Walking along the beach in Long Beach on a perfect morning.

  • Sleeping in little blue tents in Chrissy Field next to the ocean.

  • Road trip with my mom and Aunt Sandy to LA for my 2nd AWBC last year.

  • Taking showers in semi trucks (seriously)

  • Signing the Stacks in the morning darkness for the city you are walking in.

  • San Jose Bike police escorting us (day 2 they wore pink polos for us) for the SF walks.

  • Amazing support from "Pretty Woman Guy", "PJ girl" blaring I will survive, "Hookers for Hooters" driving by in their mini van and convertibles cheering us on, and lots lots more.

  • Urban Dog walkers rest stop in the Precidio where you could get your pic taken with a guy dressed like a pink poodle.

  • Walking with my Mom in 2006. My BFF in 2006 a 2007. Walking with good friend/good neighbor Jenni AWBC 2008. Meeting Tobi and Debra day two of AWBC LA Beaches in 2008.

  • Avon Breast Care center walk by on day 2 that will bring tears to your eyes.

  • Walking with Barbara Joe who has raised over $1million dollars for AWBC and Susan G. Komen.

  • Meeting up with my Aunt, sister, mom and Niece in Sausalito day 1 with a Starbucks waiting for us.

  • The gals (and guys) walking by in survivor shirts, some still going through Chemo, Radiation or just having had surgery.

  • The signs that read along the route, "Blisters don't need Chemo", "You are amazing", "Has anyone seen the bathrooms?"

  • Speaking of bathrooms... spending 2 days only using big blue port-o-potties with amazing trivia and quotes inside and outside the doors. I always take pictures.

  • Amazing crew who feed us, keep us safe, fix our feet, keep us hydrated along the route and in the wellness village.

  • walking with my favorite people whether they came with me or I just met them. AWBC walkers are AMAZING. I can't wait to see Gerry, Nan, Martha, Meagan and so many others this year. AWBC has made a FAMILY.
  • Closing ceremonies that no one should ever miss. Bring Kleenex.

  • Raising awareness to find a cure, to help those who need it, to do something bigger than me every year.

I feel so blessed to be apart of this amazing charity. I am not walking just to find a cure for cancer. I'm walking for those who can't walk on their own, or need a hand to hold while they are walking. I'm walking because my MIL is a survivor so many more are not. I walk for the people who cannot afford early diagnostic tools like MRI's or Mammograms, for those who would like wigs to cover their bald heads or scarves instead because it's so darned hot in the summer, for those who can't cook so Helping Hand can bring dinner to their families, for those not diagnosed yet and for a cure to be found for ALL cancers.

In the last year cancer has taken my husbands wonderful grandfather Derril, My uncle Larry and my friend Judy's sister is now taking Hospice after an amazing 3 year battle. I have met so many survivors and so many people who have lost someone they love to cancer. I have endured sadness for loosing my Uncle James almost 3 years ago to Leukemia and no memory of losing my Grandpa Frank before I turned 2 but a sadness for never having had the chance to know him.

So I'm off for another adventure with Jenni this year. 39.3 miles in two days. Not enough walking under our feet but lots of miles in our hearts. Wish us luck.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Green with Envy

I am soo sooo soooooo jealous of Frayed Laces because she got to do to a Brooks Running Camp. She learned so much that she passed onto the blog world that I should just be a good Christian runner and say "Thank You FL, for all your information and help" but truthfully I'm still too hurt that I didn't get invited. I just can't bring myself to preform a full out temper tantrum anymore. Proof that I need to eat better I guess.

One of the seminars while she was there was about Endurance Running and Nutrition/Hydration needs. Good stuff to read. So I'm forwarding on her info so you all can read it too. I was enlightened and I wonder if I can stick to it. Eating gluten free is getting harder and harder rather than easier since I get tired of the same foods. I need a nutrition overhaul. Better yet? A fashion overhaul. Can someone call Stacey and Clinton? This might take a while.