Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back on Track

That feeling I had at my old school? The one where I felt like I was actually a part of the big picture... where I actually felt a part of something at all? That how I feel running with this group. It's all very natural, the Tuesday night speed runs and the Sunday morning long runs. The "NORM" factor when I walk into the store... an acceptance I have unlike anywhere else. I love running, how it makes me feel, how I've found a community of like minded people, how I'm really sad when a training program is over and look forward to a new one. What am I going to do when this marathon is over? I've found my comfort zone and I'm afraid to lose it again. I guess when its time to move on... or I just sign up for more. LOL.

I wonder if I can drop my half mary time below 1:57?.... I guess I need to think about if this training keeps going or if it slows down or if one marathon and two half marathons is enough for me. Its like a compulsion now though. This need to beat my last time, better myself, push that envelope. That competitive edge I had lost for the last 15 years is back and sort of intimidating. I'm not sure if I'll know when too much is too much.

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