Monday, October 6, 2008

sweet as pie

I didn't run today after that crazy half mary I did yesterday... phew! Rest days are GOOD. I am still so surprised at myself. Not sure if I'm proud yet but surprised is enough for now. I did get a good belly laugh in today. That's exercise right? Of course I did it in my room with the door closed on the phone with my friend Tiff over a conversation OUR ELDEST children had at school in line today...
Apparently this is what happened (T-Rex is her 8yr old, Hollywood is mine)
T-Rex- You are a big trash can full of CR-@-P
Hollywood- Well you're a big swimming pool full of SH*T
Nice hu? Then do they keep it to themselves? NO! They tell K, then swear her to secrecy. YEA RIGHT! K tells Mrs. N and then they get a nice long conversation about what happened, about not telling the truth, about using that kind of language and how they get to tell their parents what really happened. If the truth does not come out... pink slip home.
I'm not proud of him. I'm really irritated at him at the moment. But, there is my son having to bring out the bigger badder words to not be outdone. How much is he like his father? WAY TOO MUCH! its kinda scary. What scares Hollywood the most? His Daddy knowing and even worse, Hollywood gets to tell him.

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