Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not Knocked Up

No I'm not preggo but the symptoms I think are worse than they were when I was. This marathon training is doing a number on my body. Let me tell you I weighed exactly 106.4lbs when I started running January 5th of this year. Lately I've been hovering around 110lbs consistently. I know I went up to 107.5 in just a few weeks and haven't fallen under that line yet. I attribute this to muscle gain at that first half marathon kick my butt into gear program.

These last 8 weeks though. PHEWWW... I swear its kinda scary. If I don't eat about every 2-3 hours I'm GRUMPY like stay outta my way cranky. Not good. I'm actually hungry which I have only ever felt as an adult when I was pregnant with the boys. I crave beer. I know weird cause I don't even LIKE BEER! But let me tell you I loved the smell of it when I was preggo with Blondy and if I had one handed to me after a run I would SO DRINK IT! I'm eating like a maniac. Seriously, I eat all the time. I am eating healthy for the most part. I ate salad two nights in a row for dinner but of course I finished Hollywood's half of a Chicken Parmesan sandwich after I ate my family size Greek Salad... and could have still eaten more if I hadn't stopped myself. I am hungry all the freakin time... you know like you are when you have "the dreaded PENIS POISONING!(que girls horror scream)".

OK so it also makes me tired (or that was the yummy huge glass of Cab I had after dinner tonight). Whatever I'm hitting the hay so I can have the energy to get my ass up and go running in the morning. Later gaters... Hey good luck to all you who are running the Amazing Nike Women's Marathon in SF this weekend (I wonder if Paul on of the coaches from our group will be wearing a skirt? I'll post embarrassing pix of my coach and you know that will score big points). You will be in my thoughts and prayers! I know you will all do great things out there.

Speaking of the Nike! Liz and Linda will be down there this weekend while Vicki and I are up here peddling our way through 20 miles on Sunday. I did start a blog for the thought we had to start a Runners Book club. Its called 10 minute miles (that's about all of our pace). We would spend one Saturday or Sunday a month doing our long run and talking about the book of our choice. Haven't yet got feedback from the other three but we will see!


MizFit said...


that is all.

have a great weekend!

SuperDave said...

Penis - Poisoning.. ROFL!!!
Good luck on the new 20 miler , this weekend..
Penis - Poisoning - hahahahahahahaha