Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its not just me

No its not. Everyone tonight was like... when the heck is this OVER! I'm so freakin' done. I'm not really. I'm actually scared. Scared that this thing I found that I'm good at will be over, that these friends that I've made will disappear and this routine I've found to make me a healthier, happier person will come undone. I'm not ready to lose those things.

The eating. ugh. I'm tired of eating all the same things over and over. I'm tired of the time lines and the pressure. I lied, I love the pressure. I hate the pressure I put on my kids and the sitters. I'm not so worried about the hubby, he gets hunting... I get running. So there.

So I'm conflicted but so is everyone else. That makes me feel better, I'm not alone. Lets celebrate! Who's making mimosas tomorrow? anyone? ... hu?

Tonight was speed work. We ran to the track but the lights were off so we ran in the dark like we did in January and February in the Half Marathon Program. It was cold, dark and wet. Totally brought back memories. So we had a two mile warm up, the loop was almost exactly 2/3 of a mile so we did threshold pace around then a one minute rest then again then a one minute rest then again. We did 2 miles back. We totaled 6 miles even tonight. Everything has felt so good for so long I'm getting worried but my hamstrings are so tight. I'm off to shower and to roll out the hams.

Later gaters.

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Julianne said...

Great job running in the dark! I hate it when the track lights are off. Totally puts a damper in the plans!