Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clarksburg 20 mile race

This weekend many of us from the Marathon Training program ran in the Paul Reese Memorial Country Run. Some of us ran 20 miles, some ran 30k, some ran the half marathon. We all had a pretty good time. Clarksburg is a beautiful little town on the delta near Sacramento. There are lots of winerys and agricultural along the route.

The first 10 miles when off pretty good. My feet kind of hurt from the new shoes and figuring out the lacing situation. I had a GU 15 minutes before start, Cliff Shots at mile 6, GU at mile 10 and Luna Miles at 15 miles. I made too many potty breaks, perhaps because I took two waters at each stop or one water one Power aide. I had stomach cramping from about mile 12 on. Not a good feeling to have, let me tell you. All in all I was sore but about to keep moving. The last mile we were moving at close to 8:30/mile and the last 100 yards Vicki, myself and Liz kicked it into gear and pushed that finish line hard. I held back for just a moment so the photographer could actually get my picture instead of completely missing it like at Cowtown where I have NO pics to choose from.

I had a pretty good day all in all, 6am pick up at Vickis, picking Liz up along the way, 3 1/2 to run and talk, lunch with the girls, shopping at Fleet Feet in Sacrmento and a drive home to my boys who I missed ALL DAY! It was a pretty good day. My youngest really loved my finishers medal and when I get the chance I'll get a pic of it to post.

I do have questions for you though. Do you think I should forgo the drink of choice at the CIM, just drink water and perhaps use sodium caplets or will GU, Shot Blocks or Luna Moons be enough? Your input would be greatly appreciated!


Julianne said...

wow, you ran 20 miles this weekend, too?? i feel a little left out. i only ran 12! i'm supposed to run 20 next week, though... hmmm...

as for the "drink of choice"... what have you been training on? you should probably stick to the same routine. you don't want any surprises during the marathon!

Steven Cohen said...

Congratulations on your race! You really had a nice pace going at the end!

Regarding fuel, use what your training plan is, and if you're eating fuel do you need the power drink? Too much sugar might upset your stomach. Caveat: I read about it, but have never done the big miles, so grain of salt!

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on your 20-miler!

I've run some races drinking only water and supplementing carbs/electrolytes using other means (gels, salt caps). If you are not familiar with the sports drink CIM is serving and don't have time to find out if it works for you, I'd suggest going with just water and the things you know your stomach can handle, assuming you've done this in training and know you can go the distance this way. Personally, I can only handle gels during the run. Bloks, moons, jelly beans and anything that requires chewing are out.

P.O.M. said...

I always say not to try anything NEW or different during the big race. You don't want to risk the cramping or other issues that might come up.

Good luck. I can't believe how quick this race came up.

SuperDave said...

Ran 20, what's another 10K right? Like I know..
It seems like most people that have stomach issues get it with the sugar. If you are getting too much sugar your body will not digest it until the blood gets back to your digestive system(after the run). maybe back off on the moons or bloks? or less of it?