Monday, December 1, 2008

Tale of the Cursed Nikes

Ya'll know I run with the Fleet Feet Marathon Training group right? Well let me tell you that the owners of this fine establishment ROCK! Not only are they the ONLY running store locally but they have the BEST business practices around.

My Nikes are cursed... I discussed this with you guys on my last post and may of you (thanks guys) gave your input and were pretty spot on. Since I've bought the Nikes (like 3 weeks or so ago) my foot tends to roll out on any uneven and even some even surfaces. Its been doing that so much that ***ding ding ding*** my ITBand got a bit pissed and started acting up.It went from acting up to hurting like hell. I have been icing and rolling like crazy and my 10 mile run yesterday was almost perfect. I went back to my trusty Brooks (that are OK but not great) since they only have 200 or so miles on them and put my new Super Feet in them. I used the ITBand wrap that really seems to work and then jumped into the FREEZING COLD CREEK but that only lasted about two minutes before we couldn't stand it any more.

I got an email from Alan at Fleet feet (he's also our lead coach for the marathon program) and he asked me to stop by and bring in my shoes. He also said if I didn't feel up to it I should pass on the CIM and try the Redding marathon in January. That really disappointed me... it made me think I shouldn't even try this weekend. But since I'm feeling so much better...! I will keep icing. I will see my chiropractor to see if an adjustment is in order before the race. I will continue to ice and roll on the trusty foam roller.

I headed to Fleet feet with the hubby and kids in tow and talked to Alan. He checked out the shoes and we talked about them. He offered to trade them out for equivalent (not Nikes) shoes but I passed. I said I would use these for everyday run around town shoes and get some new ones after the marathon since it was too late to brake new ones in anyway. But the offer was great and Alan and Susan are Great and I'm so glad I'm part of this running community, on line and in this wonderful little town. How lucky am I? Well I guess we'll see on Sunday when I finish my race. I did change my goal from 4:20 to just finishing. Hard to change that in my head though you know?


girlrunningaround said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and offering words of encouragement. I'm glad that others aren't as unprofessional as these people. It really is heartbreaking.

Willie said...

Good for you! You sound so much happier today. I'm very impressed with your shoe store. That's great of them to offer. Another reason to buy local.

Good luck this weekend, can't wait to hear all about it.

ShirleyPerly said...

That is, indeed, a very nice offer Alan made. Glad the 10-miler went well. Sound like the marathon is at least worth a try to me now. Best of luck!!

SuperDave said...

I love Fleet Fleet. They are top notch business. Get healed before your big race. I think you are going to do great this weekend!

*aron* said...

thanks for all the comments!!!

hope the ITB feels better asap and the shoes work out! good luck at CIM!!!! 5 days to go :)