Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today will change history. Get out there and vote... your voice counts.

I just had lunch (cashew chicken, pork fried rice, chow mien that I didn't eat, an egg roll and yummy soup) with Good Neighbor who is pretty Liberal... I'm pretty heavy Conservative. Glad to say that most things we talked about were pretty spot on the same. OK, not who we voted for president but all the California ballot measures anyway. Funny thing is the things we agree on are for different reasons. LOL~ It was nice to get a different perspective though. No going back now... my ballot went out in the mail over two weeks ago.

I'm off for a run although I would much rather be shopping. Mervyn's is going out of business and they are having a huge sale. I don't want to take the kiddos so I guess I'll have to go through whatever is still there tomorrow.


MizFit said...

I'm off for a run although I would much rather be shopping.
although I 99.9% of the time end up shopping.

thank you thank you for your kind comment today as well.


SuperDave said...

There definitely wasn't any blondes like that girl helping me to vote, just some old ladies..

Steven Cohen said...

Ditto the old ladies, but maybe they looked like that during WWII! They're sweet, and very helpful. No waiting where I live, but very busy!