Friday, December 12, 2008

Cindi Lu Who

My sweet new running partner. We picked her up at the shelter last night. She was a stray but not anymore. Her new forever home is here with us! I took her (umm... she took me) for a "jog" around the block this morning but when Gma comes to pick up the boys we are off to the park for a proper easy recovery run and to test out her manners. She has never been in a house that we know of. She was brought to the humane society as a young pup and was waiting patiently for a home. She is as sweet as can be took turns sleeping in each of our beds last night. Every time she came in from outside she had to check on us all and give us all kisses. Since she is NOT house trained, and didn't even know sit when she came, mommy has her work cut out for her.But this Aussie mix is a beauty (I think she has some pointer in her too) and a sweetie and her official name is Cinnamon Dulce Latte since she's spicy and sweet with a touch of cream. We call her Cindi Lou Who after the little girl on the Grinch.

I have already taught her consistently how to sit and we are working on lay down, stay, bed and outside. Her table manners are awful and I have to put her out when I'm cooking or the kids are eating for now. She's a pretty mellow pup considering she's only about 5 months old. We are blessed to have found each other. She was a perfect Christmas present.
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the gazelle said...

That is the sweetest little girl! I want a puppy!

Steven Cohen said...

Nice doggy! Have a great time with her!

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice Xmas present! I wish I could have a dog to run with.

SuperDave said...

What a cutie.
Me and the boys got a puppy from the shelter this year and we are very happy with him. Patience it takes!!!

girlrunningaround said...

So stinkin' adorable! Seriously!

And kudos to you for picking up a pet from the Humane Society. There are too many wonderful animals out there that need a home to pay big bucks for one.

This post made me smile.

RBR said...

VERY COOL!! My Lucy is a shelter dog too! Congratulations! She is beautiful!!

I highly recommend puppy class. I took Lucy to five classes (four levels and we repeated level 4 twice) She was already pretty good, but it makes them so much more fun to have out in public and we had a BLAST in puppy class (we went for adult dogs since Lucy was a year and a half old when we adopted her)

Anyhoo.. have fun with your new baby!