Wednesday, October 8, 2008

NO Time Like the Present

Its Wednesday, you know, run with Good Neighbor Day. She and I met at one mile (the spot everyone starts at) and did the dreaded loop. I swear, I could run those 5.2 miles in my sleep forward and backwards. But its so nice to not have to think about if you turned left or right here, if the bridge you took actually looped back where you wanted, that you won't get lost, that I can talk to GN to my hearts content. We talk a lot about parenting and the difference between her girls and my boys who are the same age. We talk about our other friends and our goals; hers is to run the Almond Bowl 5K in a few weeks! YEAH!. We talk about getting together to do girly things like watch chick flicks and drink margaritas or Mikes Hard Lemonade (yumm-o). 5 miles sure does go by quick. Before you know it we're at the kiddie park and its time to part ways. But there is always next Wednesday, Bidwell Park and a running partner waiting.

Yea, I didn't run yesterdays speed work out. The hubby was gone for 3 days and I was gone ALL day at a field trip and didn't think it was right for me to be home for 3 hours then leave again. He had to go to bed early anyway so he could leave the house by 5am to get to work early. So the tentative plan is to do that work out tomorrow morning after I drop the kids. Now I just have to let Laura in on that little jem because I know she's gonna love the plans... not.

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Julianne said...

Awww... sounds like you have a great running buddy! And I hope you enjoyed your time with your hubby yesterday! I'm sure it was a well deserved rest day.