Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First 18 miler this Marathon Session

Dr. John left bruises on me last week from working out my IT band issues. They were still there when I went in this morning. I think I need more iron. Anyhow, he worked over my leg again today so I need to remember to ice it so I can run 8 tomorrow.

This has been an awesome week though. I know I've been feeling "Blue" but my running has been really good. Sunday, Vicki rode her bike along with Ross, Katie, Matt and I on our 18 mile run from 1mile to the end of the fire road 9 miles away and back. Lots of elevation change and technical running on the trail since its so rocky but I really did feel good the whole way. Vicki parked the bike at Horseshoe Lake then ran the hardest 8 miles in the middle with us. Matt turned around at mile 6.5 and headed back to his car so he got a total of about 8 in. Katie always talks about how much slower she is (trying to avoid injury) but she's faster that what she thinks. Ross totally underestimates himself too. I guess I do too. I'm so worried about being sabotaged that I sabotage myself.

So it was a really good 18 miles. Had good friends, beautiful things to look at in upper park and some good tunes on the ipod. I was tired but happy at the end. I even came in at a pace of 9:06 the last 1.7 miles of the run. I'd say that was a success.

Monday I ran with Liz for my 8 miles after Cindi had her shots so I couldn't take her with me. We started by warming up around the loops at Wildwood park then heading up towards upper park again. We came back along the back side of the creek, up through 5 mile, across the bridge again then along the trail back to the park when we ran into a snake on the path. It wasn't a rattler (I'm sure... well I'm pretty sure) but I didn't want to take any chances and Liz and I backtracked. We were still a little short so we had to do more laps at Wildwood but I didn't mind. Those 8 miles were much better than running alone.

Last night we ran hills in California Park and Canyon Oaks. Some of those hills go on forever! Its crazy! But I did it. I didn't stop to walk once, even if I was having SF flashbacks. I did positive affirmations and talked to my buddies along the way. I haven't run with Ed in so long it was nice to keep up this time. LOL.

I only ran two with Jenni today since I'm running 8 tomorrow and thought I'd just get my legs loosened up for John to work on. I wish I had him on retainer to help me all the time. LOL.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Blues

Grrrr.... I'm going through a funk. Little things happen and it ruins my day. Not like me at all. I'm the queen of shake it off and find something positive. Not lately. Heart hurts, tears come too easily, patience is thin, fuse is short. Sad is a word at the front of my thoughts... always. I'm not sure why. I love the fall, I love being a part of the kids schools. I love that for the first time in my life I have a huge support system from not only family but MANY amazing friends.
I'm sad for one friend who is going through some pretty life changing stuff and I wish I could take that painful part away from her. I've been in her shoes. Maybe I haven't dealt with my sadness in that regard. Maybe that's why I'm so opt to take her place if I could. I can't though. Its her burden to bear and I'm here as support or an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on.
I'm missing those family members who aren't with us any more. I saw a picture of poppies today and it made me miss my Gpa and Gma. Then I start to miss my Aunt DiDi when I heard the boys talking about black powder rifles, Uncle James when someone sang a song and played the guitar on TV and Uncle Larry when a man took his kids on a long dirt bike ride into the dessert. Lately everything reminds me of someone to miss. One thing leads to another and tears spring to my eyes. I really really don't like that.
I wish running helped. It usually does. Not lately though. If anything the pressure has stressed me out that much more. I'm looking for that break after the CIM. Half marys only. Enjoy running again. Enjoy my friends. Spend time with my family. Cuddle with my kids. Find my holiday spirit. I wish I could find my smile now. Its buried somewhere... hopefully not too deep. Come out, Come out, where ever you are.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nike Recap

You know when you run a good race and you can't wait to get home and post a report to all your running buddies while its fresh in your mind. You want to list all the things you did right so you can remember to do those things again. We form little pre-run rituals, chants in our heads to repeat on hard parts of the course, only wear certain socks or a certain outfit to guarantee success. All those things have been thrown out the window for me this year.
I got a bad strep infection on my skin in March throwing me out running the Shamrockin' in Sacramento. Heavy and long term antibiotics stripped my strength and my speed and its been a long time coming to get it back. Whiskeytown Relay last month was hard and I didn't realize I had some sort of virus when I ran it. I was in bed for the next 3 days.
Nike was something I was so looking forward to. The hills were going to be my weak point but if I slowed down on them and kept a good steady pace the rest I would be OK. That didn't happen. The start line was warm. 30,000 or so people (mostly women) crammed into Union Sq early Sunday morning was a telling tale from the beginning. Although it only took us just over 4 minutes to cross the start line it was pretty crowded. I got hot fast and my long sleeve shirt came off before mile two. I was running in my tights, compression socks, sports bra with my other shirt around my waist. That shirt was SOAKED and my pants were so sweaty that my waist belt kept moving around. We hit the first big hill by Chrissy Field up to the Presidio and the wind started blowing. It was really cold and the fog was hanging around. All of the sudden I was freezing. At mile 6.4 I put my long sleeve shirt back on on the way up the first long hill. It was still damp and made me colder. I started to shake and just wanted to be done.
At mile 6.7 my stomach started knotting and I got sick on the side of the road. Not a pretty site I tell you. I had a really hard time getting my legs moving again. Everything was cramping up. On the way down the hill (that same hill we walk up the first day of the Avon Walk before the rest stop at the Presidio for those of you who have walked it before) I thought I could get my legs motivated but found that my regular low 8's were no where to be found. I had a hard time maintaining 9:30's. We came out back into the city and it warmed up some but another hill was in front of us and more cold wind. I had to stop and walk a few times here and was nauseous every time I drank any water. My tummy had had enough and revolted against me again but this time just puking water was easier than the first time. I was cold again and at the next aid station I found someone with a space blanket. I sat down for a few minutes and waited for my lips not to be so blue.
I struggled here. I can't lie and tell you that I just got up and ran for the finish. I really balanced my idea on whether I should quit right there or not. I cried a little and it felt like a hundred years when looking back it was under 4 minutes of contemplation. I really didn't want to leave my friends behind. I really didn't want to get a DNF. I already have a DNS on my record from March. I really really really wanted that Tiffany Necklace from the hot Firefighters in tuxedo's at the finish line but that was still 5 miles away. For two miles I walk/jogged with the space blanket around my body. I stopped and took pictures, I motivated another lady to keep going by walking/jogging with her until she could go off on her own. I enjoyed the rest of the run... or tried to. Those last three miles were the longest ever. I don't even hardly remember them. I just thought about being done. I was crying when I crossed the line... by then it was out of disappointment and just thankful I was done. I caught up with the girls and cried a little more then. We had to round up our clothes which ended up not being so easy but we got back to the hotel, showered, packed and ate lunch at this cute little bistro/cafe downstairs. I got my necklace and I finished the race but it wasn't pretty.
I love my friends. They say that I more than EARNED that Tiffany Necklace after the race I had. I don't believe that so much since they ROCKED it but I do believe that I am super lucky to have friends who try so hard to make this race easier to swallow. CIM better rock.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Personal Worst is not a DNF

Amazing thing is that my legs held up. It was the rest of my body that revolted. Time for the half was somewhere around 2 hours 17 minutes. Although I've looked at the results several times I have not been able to commit to memory the exact time out of disappointment. BUT I'm getting over it a little at a time. Other things came up this weekend that made the trip so worth it. Spending quality time with my friends more than made up for that race. I'll post a real Nike Women's recap later.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Talk with the Doc

OK, I was all freaked out but I'm better now. Dr. John said that of course my shins were sore. He was pretty invasive on Tuesday getting that all loosened up and even though I iced it takes a couple days to recover. He worked on them, my piriformis muscle and my my hip today so make sure I was a go on Saturday. My run today was much better. 4 miles without pain. We leave Saturday morning, EARLY to go to Nike Women's expo and I'm really excited to meet Sarah Bown Shae if I can manage to make it to the expo when she's there. We are in SF so we are also going to see the King Tut exhibit at the De Young museum in GG Park. Sunday is race day! Wahoo!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm scared I have shin splints. Especially after Dr. John worked on my on Tuesday. I'll see him tomorrow and see what he says. Ugh. Nike Womens half is on Sunday. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sweet 16

Getting faster and hitting my miles have been hard. We ran 16 last Saturday out to the river, around the loop along the river then back. It was beautiful and I made a new friend. Before I knew it 12 miles were done but the blisters were killing me. Apparently my Mizuno Inspires (less than 100 miles on them) were a bit too narrow for my feet. As soon as my feet swelled the tiniest bit blisters popped up. Darn. So I went down to Fleet Feet and tried on every different shoe I could think of. My feet have a tendency to roll out instead of in so I needed some motion stability. My inspires aren't actually meant for my type of foot but with the SuperFeet inserts they have worked great for me for the last year and a half so I really didn't want to change. I had tried a pair of Nike's last Winter before the marathon and had instant ITband issues. Not good either. When they brought out boxes and boxes of my size shoe they could think of I was hesitant to try Nike again but out of all of them the Zoom Structures felt so good on my feet. After my run today NO BLISTERS well no new ones and the ones that have been there for weeks are getting better. I also picked up a new fuel belt by Nathan and a pair or CWX compression socks that I love. (plug: Fleet Feet has a rewards program, if you spend $250, based on points per $ spent, you get $25 store credit for that specific store). I've spent a lot of money in that store. In the last 6 weeks I have spent over $250 on shoes and another $100 on various other things. Bad, bad, bad... I know. But I love them. I love supporting Alan and Susan and the local business. I can't help it!
Did I say getting faster is hard. It is but I can see it. I feel good doing 9min/miles. I'm not sure how far I can go but I can do several miles of it at least. To break a 4 hour marathon I need to hit those 9 minute miles. I noticed that on several of the blogs I read and my FB friends from both running and everyday life, a common name popped up. I emailed this amazing gal and asked if all these names converged how could we not know each other? I started reading her blog and was so inspired. Today I came across her posts "How I Got Faster Part I'' and ''How I Got Faster Part II'' . The guy she talks about "Jack or Alberto'' is my running coach now with the FF program. I should probably utilize him more hu? Also need to figure out this Daniels' Running Formula and stick to it. That's my plan anyway.
So my run today to Durham and back, 16 miles, was amazing. I hope we run back out there on November 7th which is our next 16 mile run. I came back picking up the pace and hitting my goal M pace or better for 5 miles straight, although I was supposed to do 8 miles but I really didn't want to run back into town by myself so I waited for my friends then came in at 30-45 seconds a mile slower with them. I felt tired but good and my feet felt great with the compression socks and new shoes. So today I finished my sweet 16 and I'm a happy girl.