Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sometimes its more about the journey

than the destination.

I've been on the lookout for that run that makes it all make sense again. Just a touch of that effortless runners high to keep me motivated and moving forward. Last Tuesday's run was a lot like last Saturdays... hard. It felt like running through quicksand for most of the 3 miles. But I actually felt good at the end and that gave me a glimmer of hope.

Up early with some (yucky) instant oatmeal because we're running out of breakfast food in this house. I headed out the door and off to our meeting place with plenty of time to spare. We had a little pacing workshop and it was a little cooler standing by the creek/pool than it usually is this time of summer. Perfect for running, not perfect for standing around shivering. Soon enough we were off to do a 1/2 mile then a bunch of plyometrics warm ups to get us tuned in for our 3 1/2 mile run today. I haven't run along this stretch of trails in a long time and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. We started at the rocks and I turned on my trusty 405G but didn't focus on it too much during the run. I didn't want to psych myself out or feel disappointed so I didn't really look at my watch unless someone else asked what our pace was then not closely until we finished our run. It didn't seem that long ago that I was easily sustaining 9 minute- 9:30 easy pace and here I was struggling at an11 minute pace. The first mile and a half were kinda brutal, but the last two seem to tune in like an old friend, not all of it easy but it did feel natural. I picked it up and pushed beyond what was in my new comfort level. Our last half mile was a 9:52 pace.It was like a light bulb went off and my different dueling body parts all worked together. A little hint of bliss on my run. That's what I was looking for.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Matter of Life

I had a Green Monster this morning for breakfast. I did not like the addition of cantaloupe to it. May have to eat that on the side from now on. AND I need to eat more than just a GM. I was hungry before we even started! The fabulous sitter got to the house and off I went!

I showed up at the store and my friend Speedy Liz said I look like the girl showing up for the first day at a new school! LOL I did have a bit of a terrified look on my face. We did a little run down on the basics of the program and split into groups, but not before I "borrowed" a cran-apple GU Chomp to get rid of the growl my stomach was making. I went into the "endurance" group which is people OK running 3 comfortably (then there's me). We are the ones building up our miles and not so much working on speed. The "speed" group starts out at 5 miles and has a speed component to each run. I wish I was there but I like my little novice group.

We did a little warm up half mile to the fence in the park where we did our plyos and talked about our scheduled run when one of the Speed group runners came over (they were about 100yds out in a different location) saying they had a medical emergency and looking for medical personnel. Susan took off to take care of things and make the 911 call. It was very shortly after that the ambulance (the same company FFP and I used to work for and the owner of the company is actually in my running group) showed up. Apparently a member of the speed group had a heart attack and lost consciousness. One thing led to another and CPR was preformed. (I didn't know all this until later this afternoon). I said a little prayer as I passed the ambulance that who ever was hurt would be OK. I'm sure his wife and so many others including myself where thankful that he was not out running alone. He is now at the hospital in stable condition waiting on a quadruple bypass. Our coaches and runners were prepared by having CPR training. It literally saved his life.

We went on (and the speed group did too thanks to wonderful leadership) to finish our workout. We did 1.5 miles out then back. They were timing us at the 1 mile mark so we could see what our pace was. Lu and I came in at 9:57pace. The next two miles were not that good. Mile 2= 10:18pace. Mile 3=10:31pace. I was DYING at the end. With a total of 3.5 miles under my belt it was mostly like my brain and my body were at odds the entire time and then it was my legs vs. lungs at the end when it was hard to breath even at that 10:30 pace. I'm hoping that the closet treadmill running I've been doing will keep me moving forward.

Have you ever stumbled on an emergency (or been in one yourself) when out for a run? What do you do? I think I should take my HUGE phone from now on and get to buying a Road ID ASAP.

Back in the Saddle

I've been trying to blog from my phone via email but they are lost out there in the email abyss I guess. LOL Here is my post from earlier:

First things first. Today the FFP and I celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary! It hasn't always been easy but our love and faith for each other have never wavered. He is and always has been my "Knight in Shining Armour" (and my FireFighterProvide).
Now... Today I start my path back to the running me! Summer Sizzler 10k program begins this morning! Nervous and excited feelings may be my downfall at the moment. I put my gear together last night like I was packing for a trip not a 3 mile run in the park. LOL. We're meeting at my most favorite store ever, Fleet Feet Chico, but a little nervous how they are going to fit 130 runners in the store!  I'll let you know how it goes.