Monday, October 13, 2008

No Way Jose

I got no run in today. The biggest little man is sick, fever, chills, cough, stomach ache... etc. That equals at least two days of NO SCHOOL. Bummer for him to be sick. Bummer for me to not get anything I needed to get done done. I could have used a 4 mile run today too. I felt a bit out of sorts myself. I'm a little worried about being a single mommy for 13 days. I hate it when he's gone that long. I don't think I could stand to be away for almost two weeks. Away from him, away from my boys. He is totally digging into my running schedule too. Doesn't he know this Marathon is upon us. It is less than 2 months away and I am going a bit crazy just thinking about it. Of course he doesn't get it. This big prep for me is like waiting on an elk for him. But I have a hell of a lot more work to do first. He realized last weekend that he was a bit out of shape. WHAT? You are going to go traipsing around rugged mountainous terrain and not even be IN SHAPE? Are you trying to kill yourself? Apparently yes. One more reason for me to be all freaked out. I know, I have issues. Issues that I can't seem to get over. Issues that loom in my subconscious waiting to erupt in anxiety and panic over something I have no control over. See didn't I tell you I needed a run?

Tomorrow night is speed work. That should make me hurt... and feel better


Julianne said...

Oh gosh, I hope your little guy feels better soon. And that you can squeeze a run in tomorrow!

MizFit said...

is he better this morning?

are you dreading the speedwork?


that would be ME.

RBR said...

Aww! They are so pathetic when they are sick. I hope he is feeling better soon!

I am in San Jose. Susanville was awesome (well, except for my run :o)) you should really put it on your schedule. It was like a road marathon without the road. Fully stocked aid stations every 2 miles like clockwork mile markers every mile (unheard of in trail running. You are lucky if you get ANY markers) Plus the staff and volunteers are super fun and helpful. The course is EASY PEASY! Great race. Little cold, but great race.

Hope you enjoy your speedwork! You and my desire to have a '4' in my marathon time before I die have inspired me to get serious about speedwork.

Steven Cohen said...

I relate to the extended time away, being in the national guard and having 15 days each summer away from home. Be strong, and find running time!

Kai said...

Aw, hope your boy gets better soon (and not just so you can get running again)! I know what you mean about the hubbie - Fiancee is just lazily waiting for this marathon to be upon us. Meanwhile, I have 10 miles after work, eating everything in sight, obsessively checking the elevation course, and freaking out in general. They have it so easy. =P