Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jack Frost 10K race (and a week in) review

Tomorrow will be two weeks after the marathon and I got in three short runs before today. All of them hard. Apparently i didn't go far enough because by the 5 mile mark today I felt great. I also got two strength training sessions (and a couple blisters on my hands to match the blisters on my feet!) at KOR that rocked my world. Not sure if it was in a good way or not. I still have trouble sitting down to go pee and then getting up again. LOL

This week in review~
I managed to get all those workouts in despite working in the classrooms this week, endless loads of laundry to wash and fold, doing dishes that refuse to do themselves, going out to eat because I'm too lazy too cook and Christmas shopping but I still don't know where I found the time. I did manage to address and mail out Christmas cards and I'll post a pic of that on here too. Yes the picture was taken in March of this year, yes the children look like it was 5 years ago instead of 8 months ago. They grew a ton while I was out training for a marathon and didn't take any good pictures during that time. I did manage to help out during the Blondy's pizza party on Thursday and Nurse Tammy brought her daughter (who is gluten free [GF] ) a pizza from the local pizza joint and it was super yummy... most important, I could eat it and not pay the ultimate price. Win win for me! I also made a not GF baked french toast casserole for Hollywood's class. I didn't eat it because Nurse Tammy's other daughter is in this class and she is GF too so she made a yummy egg casserole with potatoes and cheese. I feel spoiled. Can I request that these girls are always in my boys classes???? I did hear that the casserole was pretty darn tasty though.

Jack Frost 10k today~
I had an easy run today right around 10 minute miles I think. I ran with my friend Patty who right after CIM with me last year was diagnosed with RA. Its affecting her hip joints a lot and running far doesn't feel the best but she trained for this race and by golly she was going to do it. We both forgot our music so we chit chatted and caught up. I also ran with Teri who was supposed to run with us at CIM but she was hurt. I felt so blessed to get to catch up with them both! The miles and the mud from the trail portion flew by, we had to modify the course a little because the creek was up and the trails were slick and before we knew it we were at the 5 mile mark. I finally felt like I had gotten warmed up and I sped up a little to run Patty in strong for her target race. Although we came in at just over 1 hour I know I could have pushed it harder but wouldn't have had nearly as much fun. I love our little running community and I was so glad I got a little time with my old training buddies.

Jack Frost Rocked... and we got jingle bells and a cute t shirt too! Fleet Feet Chico did it again.

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Hi Tina-- I am leaning towards wildflower.. I'm sure i'll see you there.

Cool trail runs website is

Hope we meet soon!