Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've got the fever

Three years ago I started on this journey... first by half marathon then on to run the full. I logged so many miles and bought so many shoes and gels and socks and running clothes that my wardrobe looked more like I lived at my local running store. Since then I've run several half marathons, a 20 mile race, 10k's, quarter marathons, a few 5k's and one more marathon until Sunday when I run my 3rd. My plans include harder races for the Winter and Spring and the RTO for early Summer.

I can't count how much running is like being pregnant. The starvation, the cravings, the eating everything in site, the exhaustion, the vivid dreams, going pee every half hour because I drank so much water and the falling asleep at parties or going home early and not drinking during training. Of course I don't blow up like a balloon and if I do my core work, cross training and go to KOR I get a rock hard body instead of gaining 50lbs like I did with my first pregnancy. But sometimes the running is not even enough to starve off that baby fever.

I run because it makes me feel good.... but I also run because I want a baby and we are SO done having babies. I need an extreme outlet to get me through... training for a marathon does that for me, or at least it helps.

My name is Tina Mickelson,  I have baby fever... so I run .