Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun new stuff!

Got so little sleep! The dogs were not happy with the party in the neighborhood so they were in and out patrolling the yard like the guard dogs I wish they were all freakin' night! I'm so glad to have them for protection but sheesh! I figured out that I probably got roughly 4 hours when it was all said and done. I'm so glad its Saturday night and there won't be anything on TV so I can SLEEP!

Run: Well its Saturday. You know what that means! Long run w/ FF group. Today we had on schedule 6miles. Of course we met at the store where Ed did the schpeel on safety, especially given the circumstances this week. We then did an easy jog over to the park where we did plyos and got our route. I tagged along w/ Sarah V. today and I hope I didn't slow her down. I had fun just going at a comfy pace and talking about lots of fun things. The park was already hot and humid this morning and many of us had our minds on Carrie, the woman killed out in Durham. Before we knew it we were to the rocks w/ the "dam bridge" right in front of us.  I picked it up that last little bit catching up w/ the guy who drank too much beer and still kicked our butts this week. Logging in at 6.55 miles @ 11minutes a mile. We stretched good and walked the half mile back to the store. While stretching I had one of these Honey Stingers. I had the Gold flavor today that I assume is original. I really enjoy the flavor (I love straight honey anyway) and the chocolate flavor too. The consistency is a little less runny than GU but w/ more consistency than the Powerbar gels. I do like certain flavors in GU and PB and have used them all and probably will again. Honey Stinger is just my flavor of the moment! I also had some of the chews and I really like them too. The flavors were less "made in a lab" and more natural than some other chews I've had. I think this company struck gold!

I'm trying something new. Since I've started losing weight again I'm cutting back on bread products, even the ones that don't seem to bother me and drinking a protein shake every day. My muscle mass isn't coming back the way it should and I think that is the underlying problem. So its a few weeks before I start back at KOR and I'm doing a slight over haul on my nutritional practices. I'll do a little review in a few weeks to let you know how its going. I got the Orange 50/50 flavor and I really like it!

Since I got so little sleep I decided to stop by the DB and get the boys sitter and myself a little "Kicker" in my new 20oz insulated Kleen Kanteen! Matt, the manager set me up w/ some stickers to decorate my Kanteen with some official Dutch Love! Thanks Matt! I don't drink caffeine much but today was a must!  This Kleen Kanteen literally kept my ice like ice for 6 hours after drinking my coffee out of it. It is pretty darn amazing!

I've done little since getting home. I'm planning on some laundry and dishes before turning in tonight and maybe even feeding the monkeys.

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