Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful and Blessed

Tuesday the Firefighter Provider (FFP) and Hollywood set out to shop the old fashioned way for the perfect Turkey for our at home bird since we were going to my in-laws for Tday and didn't think there would be sufficient left overs for the essentials like Turkey Sandwiches and Turkey Soup.

I took Blondy to see the Harry Potter movie and checked me phone as we were leaving thinking the boys wouldn't even be close to coming home at 3pm. I was wrong! There was a picture of Hollywood with two wild turkeys! FFP breasted out one and gave it to a friend and the other he tediously plucked so I could cook it the old fashioned way. We then soaked it in brine all night and cooked it Wednesday afternoon with wild pig sausage stuffing, yams and roasted veggies. YUMMO!

Thursday I made the clan get up early and head out to the Run For Food our local "turkey trot" 5k to benefit the shelter here in town. There were close to 4000 people at our little local race. I was pretty amazing. Hollywood and I ran ahead (because we had been training) but waited to run with FFP and Blondy the last 1/4 mile so. This is the second year the boys and I have run this and I hope its a tradition we hold onto. We got home and watched a movie before Hollywood and I headed back out for another 3 mile run (him by bike) with Cindi too.

Thanksgiving evening we spent the evening with my in-laws and enjoyed my nephew. He's growing so fast and had a great time making laps around the living room and kitchen the way my kids did when they were so little. I can't believe that went so fast. We had a good time with my nephew, Brother and sister in law, hubby's parents and Grandma Margie.

I had a lot to be thankful for this year but mostly for my amazing family. My boys are pretty amazing.


Steven Cohen said...

What a great day! My wife would soooooo not want to think about where a turkey came from, that we could not get ours that way. (never mind that I don't hunt). But how cool.

There may not be any skill involved in this, but if you brought the hunters here, well, we have whole flocks of turkeys that just get in the way on the roads...

TinaGirl said...

im not sure I should tell him. He'd load up the truck and be on his way back east before I could finish the sentance. Do you have a natural food store nearby? we have an amazing store called S&S that you can buy free grazing local turkeys from too. although we didn't have to do that this year it is on the list in case the boys come up empty handed in the future. :)

Petraruns said...

Love that you shot your own turkeys - we don't even have those things here freerange. Geese, ducks and pheasants aplenty though - you're welcome anytime!

Nice work on the family run.