Thursday, October 21, 2010

No more "Next time" for me.

Monday night at softball I hit the ball... twice.

I've started playing last Spring on the co-ed team for NSEngineering and every time I was at bat I struck out. Not for the lack of trying... I just couldn't seem to connect. There were many games that I just felt like I shouldn't be there and I was just dragging them down. I got through every game last season and half the games this season without the ball making contact. Every time I walked off the field Todd (manager) would say, "next time".

Monday night he was in Hawaii with his GF celebrating his birthday. (Tuesday night he proposed and she said YES!) so he wasn't there to see me hit the ball. BUT that's OK because now I have a little sense of "I can do it" because I already did it... twice!

Its kind of like running in the way that you think it looks so easy. Just get out there and run right? But running takes practice, to build miles, to build speed, to hydrate and fuel properly. Sometimes you just have to keep doing something until it clicks. You may go awhile before you have a good run again, or hit the ball again and I'm good with that. I do think that the rest of the team got much more of a kick out of it than me. One of the guys said to FFP that "even if nothing else goes right this game, Tina hitting the ball made it all worth it." :)

Then someone stole me phone. :(


Kirsten said...

What a sweet comment! And you're right. When people have done something and make it look easy, you can easily wonder why *you* can't seem to do it too. And then one day. You have a fabulous run, game, whatever and it makes all the hard work worth it.

Steven Cohen said...

congrats on those hits! It must feel amazing to get that first one after so many "next times!" Keep pushing play and you'll get more.