Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Put it Out There

Maybe if I put it out there I'll be more likely to make it happen. After my long run on Saturday I'm a little worried about getting back out there tomorrow. I need to go to KOR and also run 4 miles tomorrow. My foot hasn't bothered me much today and I'm going to ice it again tonight and give it a real try tomorrow. Maybe adjusting the laces some.

I had a great weekend with my sister and the kids. I can't believe its been 8 months since I've seen them. I got so much love from my niece and nephews. Especially the nephews. Princess Nani plays well with my boys but the two little ones really clung to me this weekend and I loved every moment of it. I loved listening to JJ laugh that deep belly laugh of his. I love that TyTy loves for me to blow on his belly and tickle him. He just asked me over and over. I got such an abundance of hugs and kisses and love from my nephews. It made me miss my boys being so little when I was their whole world. I have to hold onto my boys and that feeling just a little longer when they give out the extra love that came so easy when they were little when I didn't have to beg for a kiss or cuddle time.

 Nani is getting so big. I'm always amazed by her sensitivity and creativity. She hasn't been jaded or built walls around herself in spite of the challenges of changing schools, moving from friends, having her parents split up and all the other changes this year has brought. I know she's scared but when I took her out of the room and talked to her she told me out right that she was scared, that she missed her home and she really missed her daddy. The way she clung to me and cried made me remember the way it used to be when I was little before I was too scared to hold back. She reminds me so much of me and I miss her so much.

I'm going to hold onto those hugs and those kisses and the tears I wiped away this weekend in my heart and the forefront of my thoughts this week when I feel like I can't make it to KOR, when those miles seem like too many or the weather isn't perfect for a good run. I'll hold onto the sound of their laughter when I run in the rain next Saturday for my 20 mile run. Because I got a little time with my favorite people this weekend I'm going to put that out there, into everything I do, into my effort on the pavement, on the trail, working in the classroom. Their weekend with us brought me a little extra umph to get me through my single mama time this week and all of next week when my firefighter provider (FFP) is out of town on hunting and fire business.

I'm thinking that maybe if I clean out the freezer the FFP might actually see and kill some elk this week. Day 2 has come and gone and no animals yet.

Do you "meat eaters" eat game or do you buy from local grocers or farms?

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Kirsten said...

Good luck with your foot. Sucks that it's bothering you. So glad you had a good weekend with your sister and her kids. Fun company is like a breath of fresh air.

We don't do game, but we have friends who have cows and buy a half a cow every fall from them. LOVE having a freezer full of meat.