Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Things Thursday 9/16

Ancient Buster (13 1/2 yrs old) 

1. I had to pay for the dog licensing fees for the city today. They are astronomical for dogs who hardly leave the yard. AND the vet only mailed us one of the dogs rabies vaccination notifications so I had to drive over to the vets office to get the other dogs paperwork before I went to the city. Seriously? They should pay me for gas. He's so cute he's worth it though I guess.

2. I stopped by Starbucks and grabbed a new drink but I can't even remember what it was called. It wasn't that good. My regular this time of year is a Grande Pumpkin Spice and the rest of the year is a Grande Earl Grey Latte w/ 2 honeys. I'm going back to my favorites. I saw one of my besties there though and her daughter Alivia. She is so stinkin' cute!

3. I bought new kicks today. I love my trail shoes! Last year my regular running shoes took a beating on the trails so I invested (with the hubby's OT check) in a pair. I also needed a new pair of regular running shoes AND a couple pairs of socks and a bag of GU chomps watermelon flavor! Dropped a butt load of $ and if I can run enough trails I'll be able to make my second pair of Asics last all the way through marathon #3.

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