Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a weekend!

This was a great weekend! The FFP (Firefighter Provider AKA Hubby) came home Friday after being gone to a class in the Bay Area all week. We left the kiddos with the sitter and headed off for his softball game. His team won 16-10 and I got to chat with the girls. Nice hu? We then wen't straight for Tres Hombres which is probably the most popular restaurant in town and for good reason. Last year a fire in the Mr. Pickles next door (same building) spread into Tres and destroyed the whole kitchen area. It's been remodeled and I'd have to say better than ever. They just opened Thursday although the Simmons and I got a "taste" last Sunday during Taste of Chico. We met there Friday night for two of my besties birthdays, had some dinner, had one big ass pineapple and 2 smaller regular on the rocks margaritas and headed out a little early since the kids were with a new sitter. The fish tacos were yumm-o but not so good the night before a long run. Everyone else headed out for some more bar hopping. We might as well take advantage of the bar scene in college town right? I posted pics of 3 of my favorite girls since I wasn't there to watch them (or take part) but it is awfully cute.
Laura, Vicki (bday girl) and Liz (Bday girl)

My intention of getting up Saturday morning and running 10 with Liz was good. But the combination of the irritating headache that started BEFORE the 'ritas  kept me in bed with a hangover my hubby since I hadn't seen him all week so I choose cuddle time over miles. We got stuff done during the day and then took the kids to my parental units for the night so hubby could go to work and I could go to Whiskeytown Relays with Liz and the Simmons on Sunday (this also being Vicki's big 29th Bday!!!).

I didn't run as many miles as were on the schedule but I got my butt kicked at KOR twice and I'm sore in places that I didn't even know I had muscles this week. Proof of an awesome workout from K.C., Robin and Lisa. Thanks guys for tutoring and pulling me through those workouts... those bear crawls were murder.

Ok so next post I swear will be Chocolate #9 review, Nathan speedbelt and Whiskeytown Relays race recap.

Do you guys splurge and drink the night before a long run if its a special occasion or just get an out and say you'll be DD?

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