Monday, October 18, 2010

I Run to Be:

I run to be:
  • a mom who sets a good example for her boys and their friends by living a healthy lifestyle and getting them out and encouraging them to find exercise they love.
  • a wife and partner who is healthy and fit enough to still go do fun things with her hubby and get the things that need to be done as a stay at home mom done while he's gone.
  • the kind of friend who has learned to listen with intention whether on a long run or a phone conversation and be a true supporter in the things they love
  • a mentor to new runners who are looking for direction and support
    2010 NWM half finishers necklace
  • most of all to be the best possible me I am am capable and intended to be.


Judi said...

I think it does make a very important impression on our children when we strive to be fit and healthy.

Kirsten said...

Hey, Tina! It was good to meet you in SF.