Thursday, September 16, 2010

Totally Freaking Out

Blogger totally freaked out on me and all the posts I had been working on that it wouldn't let me post just disappeared! bummer. So heres a slight recap.

Two Saturdays ago I missed my 12 mile long run due to the stomach flu. I was supposed to run on Friday and go camping for labor day weekend. Needless to say I just scrapped it and started from scratch on Wednesday when I felt like jolting my system wasn't going to cause any adverse effects. I did 2 so slow on the dreadmill that I felt like a brisk walk would have been faster. BUT I felt so good on Thursday that I rocked the 7 mile run w/ 3 at Marathon (actually faster) pace. I ran 3 on Friday and 14 on Saturday.

Saturdays 14 miles long run needs its very own post since I'm going to review Chocolate #9 that I won from Momma of 3 on the Run and my new hydration belt that I paid for myself but love love love.

After I rocked my run on Saturday I took Sunday off, ran a short run Monday, ran hill repeats on Tuesday (totally rocked those too!) did KOR yesterday and I think my arms should have fallen off and ran around like a mad parson today getting things done but not getting an actual run in. Tomorrow is KOR and an easy run and Saturday is 10m "speed trial" that I'm running easy and Sunday is Whiskeytown Relay.Whew!

FOOD! has been a nightmare. I should be shopping now, there is nothing in this house. its so sad!!! I'm so hungry for food that isn't instant that I don't even care that half my sentences start with lower case letters and that usually dries me crazy! OK, now I have to go back and fix them. Thank goodness there is enough $ on the kiddos hot lunch tickets to get lunch at school tomorrow and the in-laws took the kiddos to dinner and yogurt tonight. Tomorrow I must shop!

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