Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Start Your Engines!

I'm off! Today was the first day officially of Marathon Training Program #3 for me! My whole intent is to mentor the team, hang out on long runs and Tuesday night Speed workouts but not throw myself back into PT w/ overuse injuries.

I ran so stinkin' slow but I got to know a lot of new people and I'm looking forward to being a mentor for this group. Essentially I'm not a coach but someone to bounce questions off of or just to talk to about the program about running and the things that generally go with it like food, recovery, stretching, food, injury prevention, how the programs work, miles and food. I think we talk a lot about food.

Tonight's run:
Asics #1shoes w/ 100 miles on them
Bidwell classic t/shirt run like a mother hat/Nike shorts and features low socks
80degrees and muggy but a slight breeze
0.63 mile warm up 11 :05 average speed
Plyos @ the horseshoe pits
50 minute out and back easy run out and back along the road in lower park 4.6 miles
Then stretches and .63 miles back to the shop for cool down.
Total: 5.86 miles but not sure of the overall pace since I turned off my G before heading back to the shop since it was low on battery.

I did have a strawberry/Watermelon GU recovery drink after the run and a PB frozen yogurt w/ choc granola on it and it totally hit the spot today! I'm off to bed since I have to be up early for the kids to go to school! Yeah! Back to school!!!!


Anonymous said...

how's that GU recov drink??

Julianne said...

What race are you training for???

Good luck! :-)

TinaGirl said...

CIM! This will be my 3rd. Technically I will will be doing the relay in case my injury holds me back, but the group I'm running with is cool with me running along with them for the whole thing if I'd like to!