Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Wee bit of Deja Vu

I finally feel like there is a purpose to my running again. I try to tell myself I am not competitive, that I am not out to train for the whole kitten caboodle. I try to tell myself that slowing down and running for purpose instead over over-dedication is what will get me to that start line in December where I may or may not finish the whole race since I'm signing up for the relay so I can dodge out after my mark.

I had fantastic runs this week.
Tues:  Speed work 5.5 miles. Easy warm up then a 50 minute out and back in the park
Wed: no run since it was the boys first day of school and we had so much to do.
Thursday: 6.34 miles  at a pretty good clip if you include the unexpected speed section to get away from the rattler in my path.
Friday: I ran 3 easy miles without my watch with Vicki and the wein onto make up for missing Monday and Wednesday.
Saturday: I ran 8.6 today w/ strides and warm up and our run to nearly Bear Hole in Upper Park and back this morning. 

The schedule has me at 24 miles this week. I'm only about a half of a mile short. Probably with all the chasing down the boys and running around town I do I'm sure I made that 1/2 mile. So I'm rounding up from 23.44 to 24 miles for the week. Next week I start KOR to work on my core~ and some muscles and some flexibility.

I had a little deja vu running 8 since I haven't run that far since the beginning of December at the Marathon. This is like re-charting territory after a case of amnesia. I kinda remember what it felt like but it almost feels like it was someone else's life. I'm scared to see how I feel after 10... or 20. Don't be surprised to see me cry.

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