Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bad, Terrible, no good day

I really thought that today would be a good run but I did so many things to sabatage it. I was exhausted because I didn't fall asleep until after 1am (and look its almost 11:30 tonight and I'm still up), I didn't eat well today and hadn't eated at all since 2pm, I'm sure I didn't hydrate well enough either.

We went out for our run and its better than it had been smoke wise. We are in the moderately unhealthy range instead of the "Everyone should remain inside with all windows closed" range we had last week that I ran one day outdoors. But my exhaustion caught up to me. I did my warm up mile but it always takes more than a mile for my body to get ready to run a hard training run. I did my 3 one mile intervals with one minute break and my times went from OK to pot in a matter of one mile. Mile one was 8:50 which isn't wonderful but not awful. Mile 2 is at something crazy like 9:24 then mile 3 was just a depressing 9:36. OMG what is happening to me!?!? I feel like a failure. How could I digress so stinkin fast? I did better after 4 of Deron's awesome 'ritas but I couldn't run a decent time with 1minute breaks between? WTF!!!!!!

Friday at the 4th of July 5k I had better whip some ass. At least my own. I feel like crap-o-la so I'm headed to bed... to think about how I should be feeding and hydrating myself and hopefully implementing these things back into my life. Why does 2300 calories seem so daunting? I'm just a stinkin' mess.....


SuperDave said...

Hey Tina,
Margarita's always help!!

Steven Cohen said...

Don't worry, Tina, hard intervals have to get slower; especially with only 1 minute between them! You're doing great!