Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lazy week

Well not really lazy but I'm trying desperately NOT to hurt myself before the Breast Cancer walk with weekend.We will be walking 26.2 miles (is it considered a marathon if you are walking and its not a race? I don't think think so but whatever) day one through a bit of town, the Precidio, across the Golden Gate Bridge, into Sausilito out to Mill Valley, where we will eat lunch, "Mill" about town and acrue some miles, head back through Sausilito cross the bridge again and down the hill to Chrissy Fielf where we will be spending the night.

Day two is through town up MONDO hills and back to speedway meadows for the closing ceremonies. sounds simple but those 13.1 miles are brutal. We have such a great time though and its for a great cause. So if I'm postless this next week you know why.

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