Thursday, July 31, 2008


I signed up for the Summer Sizzler 10k here in town this weekend. I had signed up for the training so I get into the race for free but that day is my oldest sons 8th birthday and I'm photographing a wedding 40 minutes away that I have to be ready for at 10am. I couldn't decide but I think I'm ready, even if I just use it for my 8 mile run and do two miles before the race to warm up then do the 10 miles then head home to shower and go. I guess if I have everything together it won't be that big of a deal.
I am fighting off an injury though. I'm sore and tight from my neck down to my toes including my shoulder and my arm. There is obviously some nerve issues going on so I went to the chiropractor and he used Active Release Technique on me. I felt so much better... than I ran 4.5 miles that night and was sore again yesterday. But I do feel better overall. Not well enough to do weights but running actually felt REALLY GOOD as long as I didn't push it too hard.
I'm not after PR's Saturday morning. I mean, it would be a PR no matter what since I'll be running a 10K for the first time but I'm not going to worry about my timing. I'll be tired and I don't want to hurt myself more before going to Seattle next week.
Today Good Neighbor ran with me. She hasn't run since High School (a few decades ago) so I started her out slow. We walked 5 minutes then ran one minute walked one minute for a while. Then we jogged 2 minutes and walked one minute for about 35 minutes then walked 5 minutes back. Not too bad for a girl who said she'd never run. I've hooked another one. LOL.

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Kai said...

Good luck on your 10K! Soon, you'll have your own team in training, if you keep recruiting people like that. =D