Friday, July 18, 2008

Sunday: The last 13.1 miles

I woke up feeling pretty good. Good Neighbor on the other hand was hurting... EVERYWHERE, especially the side of her foot. We had both escaped any blisters (thank you BodyGlide) but just the fact that we were on our feet, mostly on concrete, the day before had took its tole on our muscles. We got up, packed up our tent, ate breakfast, took down our tent and were waiting for them to open the gates at 7:10am. Our shoes were a bit more lose to accommodate our slightly swollen feet but moving actually felt better.

7:30 the gates opened and off we went. I can't give you too many specifics because I have no idea where we went this day. I just put my head down and walked. I know that at the first rest stop today the Lt. from the SJ bike crew thought it was funny (like he does EVERY year) to bang on all the port-o-potty doors and literally scare the crap out of the girls. I have to say it was funny from the outside but I would have not been happy had I been on the other side of that door. We didn't have as many big hills this year. Good Neighbor kept begging for them. It did feel better to go UP then it did to go DOWN or even flat.

I try every year to get a picture in the Fort archway. Last year we didn't pass by it, so this year I had to get a pic. Good Neighbor took it and we were off. We were downtown for much of the walk, through the financial district, then our by the AT&T Stadium. We had very few hills. They started pretty tame then got pretty steep near the top. Our favorite was up Connecticut then over to 20th St.. At the top was an amazing view and of course a quick stop to fill up your water. I don't possibly know how anyone could drink while concentrating on making it up that hill (and I had an easier time this year then I ever have). By now our feet are screaming and we still have 6 miles to go. Over the hill we take Vermont street (windy) down to SF General Hospital where the Avon Foundation as sponsored the Beast Care Center. It was amazing and emotional to see so many women out there to thank us for raising $$$ and awareness that is the reason they are still here today. That was a powerful mile let me tell you.

Again our heads were down and off to Lunch. Today, due to hills and sore feet was a much longer journey through those miles. We hit more hills and had lunch sitting on cardboard again and checking over our feet. Of course I lost my Body Glide down town while running across the street when the Moto crew dinosaur was giving us kisses. (shoulda got a pic of that). Next year I'll put that on my list. Two little blisters were trying to make their appearance. I re-socked and we headed out. Just 3 miles left. We took a detour and found a Starbucks

(against our moto crews orders) along the way. We were being "RULE BREAKERS". The kind we were commenting on about everyone else all weekend long. But when its 2 more miles to a rest stop and nature calls, Starbucks answers! Those last three miles we talked very little and even cried some. Of course when we realized this we broke into uncontainable laughter. I'm still not sure if it was just the pain of walking or the emotion of finishing such an emotional weekend. We had amazing people out waving to us. Little girls out shaking our hands and waving our windows with pink balloons. We had young families out cheering us on, thanking us for making a difference. We had families out cheering on everyone not just their mommies and daddies and Gma's for walking but yelling "Go Walkers" everywhere we went.

We had Boobie Super Hero's with signs that said "Holy Tits Walkers - Its a HILL" LOL. Flashback to those Batman and Robin Saturday morning cartoons with a twist. We had Phil the Pretty Woman Guy who is with team "DUDES 4 BOOBS" out cheering us on blaring music and giving out high 5's. I cannot tell you how loved we felt this weekend. It was all these guys and gals that got us through those last couple of miles. We followed some young gals who were dancing and laughing and bouncy... too damn bouncy. Good Neighbor is sure that they didn't do the entire 39.3 miles because they were just too damn perky. lol. That last mile... so sad it was over, so excited to just sit down. We cried when we entered the park... cried when we hit every one's hands as we walked through the tunnel of people to the finish line.

We found a spot to sit... and sat and stretched for an hour til closing ceremonies began. If I can get the video to load of the grants that were given out I will post it here too. So neat.

Signs we saw:

Blisters do not need Chemo
Gotta Go, Gotta go, Gotta go right now!
(no where near the port o potties)
The cure is just around the corner (just before we turn a corner lol)
These streets were made for walkin' (lol, must have been from the Hookers for Hooters)
and many more I can't remember right now but they kept us moving let me tell you.

Again, this weekend SF Avon Walk for Beast Cancer broke records. We had over 3,000 walkers, made more than $7.5 million (2million more than last year) but we won't forget that every three minutes another person (man or women) is diagnosed with Breast Cancer in this country. Every 13 minutes someone loses their battle with BC. One in 8 women will be diagnosed with BC during their lifetimes. If caught in Stage I or II your chances of survival are more than 95%. Isn't that amazing! I'm so blessed to be apart of an organization that gives so much directly to those who need it.

BC Survivors:
Karen Mickelson
Margie Cash
WhyMommy (Susan at Toddler Planet)
Nan Kitchen

Cancer Survivors:
Uncle Larry (fighting)
Uncle Larry
Vicki (fighting)

BC Angels:
Monica Cooper

Cancer Angels:
Uncle James
Kelli's Gpa
Gpa Frank
Gpa Derril

I know there are tons of peole I haven't even listed here but I think this is a list I'm going to post on the side of my blog eventually so you can see the reasons why I walk... with the each new name on my list is new motivation to raise more awareness, more $$$ and more passion for this crusade.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Tina! What a great cause and HOLY CRAP, lookit those runner's legs, missy! =O

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on your awesome achievement!! I actually find walking long distances considerably harder than running (get much more sore/swollen feet and hands and my hips will hurt). You and your friend are really hardcore!

P.O.M. said...

That sounds like an awesome day. I am going to remember the saying "Blisters do not need chemo." Helps put things in perspective!