Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Bro-in-law Brian

He's a pretty amazing guy. I mean, he did marry my sista (kidding sandra) so he must have good taste in girls. I have known BIL for practically my whole life. I wish I had the picture of us at my 5th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. He's all smiles and happy and thinks its HIS birthday. Crazy little boy. In second grade he moved to the coast. But then his Uncle Kevin and his family moved in across the street. Every summer when he came to visit we would play cops and robbers in the Myers backyard, we would play hide and go seek in the street til midnight, we would go swimming at the community pool and essentially aggravate each other and try to avoid our little siblings (sista) and cousins (Meagan). LOL. Funny how life works out hu?

So this guy is pretty amazing. He's an army boy. He's been enlisted forever (when he stole my sista away and hijacked her to Savannah Georgia, Kansas and now Washington). He assisted, in the easiest funnest way, my sister in bringing 3 beautiful kids into this world. He fought in Iraq for our country for nearly a year and now he's back. He Renewed his vows with my sista in his commitment to her and his children when he got home from his tour. He's a pretty special, you know in the take the short bus special way (just kidding) kinda guy.

Here is my problem with my BIL. He's been running longer than me. He goes for a run and just runs and runs and runs. He doesn't warm up, he doesn't stretch, he doesn't cool down. He knows nothing about speed work or intervals or hydration methods I've learned in my running groups. He just GOES for a run. He trains for these crazy marathon length marches in all of his gear, he wins or gets close to placing in his age group (usually the old guy group since he's old like me) Jackass. I can't even talk to him about running. His knees hurt. I told him to get fitted for new shoes. He says he likes his Nike's and he'll go to the orthopedic "good feet" place. Those places cost AT LEAST $300 when you might only need $100 shoes. He won't sit and talk about injury prevention but he will take an ice bath and wear panty hose. WTF!?! I know, I can't talk to him because.... HE'S A MAN and apparently me, a girl who has only seriously been running for 8 months since my stint in high school, I know NOTHING!

OK one more thing about my incredibly crazy BIL. He cuts his steak on the BBQ and all the juice just runs out. I know, what a freak. I can't stand it. I actually made him mad two years ago when I was with them in Kansas. I should have just let the damn cook cook. LOL.


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P.O.M. said...

Ha - he sounds like a cool guy. Minus the steak cutting thing. My BIL was all proud to make us steaks one night, but he SMOTHERED them in this creepy ass sauce. Gross.