Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hot with a Side of Snow

Today in Northern California we will be breaking records with heat. It is supposed to be 112*F with winds out of the North. Bad news... Bad, Bad, Bad news. I look outside and it appears to be overcast. Look closer and it looks like its snowing... sweet little snowflakes falling softly from the sky. But thats not snow being pushed in by the BLOWDRYER hitting our part of the country, its ASH. The air quality in nearby Paradise and Oroville is officially at DANGEROUS. We are so close to the Danergous level that we might as well be classifying it as that anyway.

These fires will have started in our neck of the woods for an increadable 4 weeks tomorrow. 4 weeks of people fearing that they will loose their homes (or actually losing them like our friends). We have been dealing with the smoke and bad air quality for 4 weeks. We have been living inside, not running, not swimming, playing outside for 4 weeks. That is half the summer. It does not look like its going to let up either. Not good, not good at all. I will be thankful for the reprieve this weekend while at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer but I wish the hubby would take the kids to the lake or something since the air might be better up there... oh yea, the roads are ALL CLOSED due to fires.

This is so depressing, so I'll go to the gym today and not do yoga, I'll do my speedwork for the day and hope I can make the meeting tonight on injury prevention. I'll take the kids to the gym so they will at least be doing something different than looking at our same walls all day. We'll make dinner for Chris's Gma and enjoy some time with her and maybe go to the library to get some new reading material.

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Running Knitter said...

Enjoy the walk this weekend. Hoping the air gets better for everyone soon.