Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meme: 6 random facts about me!

I have never personally been tagged for a meme. Isn't that crazy? I was always jealous of those bloggers who tagged each other because they really wanted to know more about each other and they cared about them as friends. I lurked and rarely left messages but here, on these running blogs I've felt like I have a niche. I love my frequent visits to various blogs and I'm worried if they go too long and excited every time they leave a new post. Yea, I'm weird.

Kai tagged me for a meme to share with ya'll 6 things you probably don't know about me. Some of you who read this are my nearest and dearest friends and know these things but those running buds online will probably roll your eyes and wonder why I lead such a boring life.

1) I just read: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch about following your childhood dreams. It is amazing and although there are many of the same things as the book to watch Randy speak and give his last speech is even more magical and I hope that not only did I learn something but that there are a list of things I will never forget from this book. You can catch his speech (1hour 16 minutes long) on you tube: and its so worth the time.

2) I don't really like to eat. I know I'm weird. My best friend would say, "I have issues". LOL. There are very few foods that really make me want to eat but right now I'm on a Thai food kick and lovin the curry. Of course no one in my family likes it but me so I rarely get it. there are some people in my life who give me a bad time about my 105-112lb frame and 7lb fluctuation... I am actually one of those people who forgets to eat. CRAZY TINA I know. I heard that will change when I'm in full blown marathon training this fall and that I will gain some LBs from the non-stop eating and hunger.

3)I have a huge crush on ... Lance Armstrong. Yes I think he is incredibly hot. (hold on a sec... I'm fanning myself... OK I'm back) He may be an ego maniac but those elite athletes really need to always put themselves first to achieve those insane goals. I don't know what it does for his Karma or mine for having a crush on him, but I will dream from afar (hubby knows all about my slight obsession and I'm OK with his obsession with Angelina Jolie and I can't blame him) because that is definitely enough for me.... well maybe.

4) I moved from a small Bay Area town where I had spent my whole education career to a smaller foothills town my Sophomore year and hated it. The clicks were already formed, I didn't fit in. They ran on asphalt and cement. I thought they were living in the dark ages (and I was recovering emotionally from a diagnosis of Melanoma) so I hung up my running shoes and put on my writing shoes and was the sports editor for the school news paper my Sophomore year. I loved it and sometime I'll figure out if writing was something I want to pursue farther. It's on my childhood dreams list.

5) I want to be apart of building a Habitat for Humanity House. I hadn't ever even said it out loud but its been in my heart as long as I can remember, but my FIL just applied for a management job with them and I hope that it leads to a wonderful job for him and maybe an opportunity to fulfil another dream for me.

6) I wish my husband would run with me. I really do. I live having this time for me but it would be so nice to run together. He is not a patient person so I don't think it will be something I get but I'll keep asking and he'll probably smile and say no... and the cycle will continue.I tag Nancy, Carly, P.O.M. and Shirley and anyone else who might want to do it. Don't forget to link back so we can see what you wrote, especially if you did the meme and but I didn't get a chance to tag you personally.


ShirleyPerly said...

I'm with ya on #6. Maybe try finding something else you guys can do together? A couple years ago, my hubby and I got into road cycling, which has been a lot of fun to do together. Actually, he used to be a very good cyclist and just had to regain his endurance. I'm the one who had to struggle learning to ride a bike with skinny tires on roads, with shoes attached to the pedals, etc. It's been well worth it, though!!

Thanks for tagging me. Will let you know when I post my meme. Am thinking of doing the running one, though, since I've not yet done that.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading those things about you! I LOVE Thai food (although obviously, I never forget to eat!). Fiancee runs a little bit on the treadmill, but has no interest in being a "runner" and hitting the roads.

(And btw, way to go on your mini-swimmers and keeping your kids active!)

Jade Lady said...

thanks for sharing! What small bay area town? I'm from richmond, ca...

And Lance Armstrong? Well, the guy has a lot of testosterone - that's for sure! He's such a major figure here in Austin, TX, where I'm at - anything Lance says goes - including a billion$ bill passing in TX most recently. Can't say I got the hots for him though - I'm more into Texas like Mcconaughey myself :-).